Once upon a time… Long, long ago in a land far, far awa-

Wait, wrong book.

A few years ago in a coast town in Upper California, there was this school for troubled teens. All the teens there were labeled "Troubled" because of their "Criminal" run-ins with the police, parents, other kids, and teachers.

One of these troubled youths was a beautiful, young, Russian named Kory Anders. Kory didn't really do anything wrong, but had been blamed for the criminal acts of her older sister. But here she was, on her way to Jump Boarding School, where she would spend the next nine months without leaving. She grabbed her two bags and looked around at the families sending their children off. She had no one to send her off and tell her that it would be alright. Whatever, she thought; I'll get back at Kom.

Kori slowly made her way to the dorm area, looking for room 14B. She turned the bland gray key in the bland gray keyhole, and pushed her bags through the door.

"…Hello, I was not informed we had 'the roommate'. I am Kori Anders. What is your name being?"

A pale girl with dark, almost purple hair, wearing all blue clothing, turned towards Kory and scowled at her bright apparel.

"My name is Rachel Roth."

"It is nice to be meeting you, Rachel." Beamed Kory

"Whatever" mumbled Rachel, turning back around.

Kory looked around the room and walked over to the other, empty, small twin bed across the room. She had just finished unpacking when a deep voice came over the intercom.

"All students to the auditorium. Immediately."

Rachel got up and slowly walked towards the door, pausing to look back at her strange roommate.

"Are you coming, Kory? Principal Wilson has his cronies check every room for straggling students."

Kory looked at Rachel as if she had just come out of a trance, and shook her head, "I fear America is the crazy, roommate, for the voices of grown men come out of the rooftops here!"

Rachel sighed heavily led the befuddled girl out of her room. She pointed out "important" people around the school as the passed them.

"Over there with the black hair and red shirt is the 'aloof and mysterious' Dick Grayson. I would call him anti-social and OCD." Commented Rachel

"And in front of him, the tall African-American guy, is Vic Stone. He is captain of the Football, Soccer, and Basketball teams. And beside him is his on and off girlfriend Karen Beecher." Rachel pointed out the pair to her foreign companion.

"In front of them is Wally West, captain of the track team, following after the always stylish Jinx—no last name apparently."

This was when Kory interrupted, "How is it possible to not be having a last name? America is the crazy!"

Rachel rolled her eyes as they walked into the auditorium. She thought she was done until she was knocked over by short blonde boy.

"Kory," started Rachel in an annoyed voice, "This is—"

"Garfield Logan, but you can call me Gar! Nice to meet you, miss Kory." Said the young man as he kissed Kory's hand with a flourish.

Kory blushed and quickly thanked him right as another girl started storming towards them.

"Kory, that chick angrily storming towards us is Gar's 'all-American' girlfriend, Princess Tara Marov. Quickly walk away from Gar so she doesn't think you're flirting with him," Quickly blurted Rachel, while backing away from a scared looking Gar.

"GA-ARR! I was ah-viously saving seats next two Karen and Vic's, Jinx and Wally's, and Dick's normal seats! Now I bet some loser first year took them." Tara eyed Kory like she was a threat, and then probably just listed her off as a "loser first year".

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