"And that students, is why we canceled both chemistry and technological advancements. There are to be no escape attempts from anyone. Anyone caught trying to escape will be severely punished. This is not a threat, it's a promise," Principal Wilson stopped to glare at his students, then fake smiled brightly, "And on that happy note, let the mingle-and-mixer of students began!" He slowly faded off the stage and into the shadows.

Dick Grayson scowled and lagged behind his popular friends. He had no idea why he had been included in that popular crowd, because for his whole first year he had not talked to anyone except for Victor Stone, his first friend and roommate. Of course just being friends with popular people doesn't make you popular, but when he had asked Vic's girlfriend Karen, she had just said "Most girls around here think you're mysterious."

Dick would roll his eyes whenever he heard that, because he was probably the least mysterious person he knew and just didn't really like other human company—a habit from his adoptive father. He only knew a few people well: Jason Todd (Who wasn't in the "In" crowd), Gar Logan, Vic Stone, and that one gothic chick, Rachel from his history class. He had no idea why he was so close to her, but they both had a tragic past behind them—and a bleak future ahead.

He looked around for Rachel, knowing that she would be leading around a new roommate since her old one had been rescued by her rich daddy. Dick knew how bad it was to be a newbie and how hard it would be for the new girl to prove herself. He searched the slowly moving and nervous students, whom were "mixing" by order of Principal Wilson, for the blue clad girl. He finally found her trying to tug a girl away from a conversation with Grant Wilson. Both of the Wilson kids went to the school—Rose and Grant—and both were relative brats in their home territory, Grant however was a real creep. He waved to Rachel and waded through the crowd towards her to help get mystery girl away. But by the time he had made it over, though, Grant had disappeared. Rachel silently lifted her hand and nodded, while trying to turn her friend around.

"Kory, meet the infamous Dick Grayson. Dick, meet my new roommate, Kory Anders."

Kory turned and he was struck by her beauty. She wasn't like the other girls who slathered on make up to look cute, but she was naturally pretty. She was obviously foreign, and since he had traveled the world, he was guessing somewhere in east Europe. He could feel her eyes on me and immediately wished he had worn something better than a ratty tee and jeans. She looked exactly opposite of Rachel. Kory was tall and elegant. Kory stood straight while Rachel slumped; Kory was a fiery redhead while Rachel was an average brunette; Kory was confident yet engrossed in everything, but Rachel was shy and had an "I'm above this" attitude.

Dick took Kory's hand and shook it uncertainly. How did a nice girl like this get into a school like this? Then again, he'd seen some pretty nice people go crazy. That one chick, Kitten, looked sweet and stuff but she had been at the school for assaulting her boyfriend and almost killing him with bug spray—however the heck that worked.

"Well, very nice to meet you, Kory." He managed to say even with his shaken thoughts.

"And it is nice to meet you as well, Mister Grayson."

"No, no," Dick laughed, "Just call me Dick. Everyone around here does."

Dick rolled his eyes as Rachel suppressed giggles but Kory just smiled and nodded enthusiastically. Yep, he thought, she's defiantly not American.

And with that, he bid them farewell and left off to follow Principal Wilson as he slowly exited the room.

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