Chapter 21:

Renesmee's POV

"Expecting us?" Carlisle raised his eyebrows.

"We have a new member in our family, Abigail, who, like Alice, can see the future." The man said with a grin. He was very suspicious, I couldn't tell if I liked him or not. A girl who looked about my age walked out and stood next to Aro. She had blonde hair and like the man with black hair, she had piercing red eyes. "I see you have a new one with you as well. Who are you, may I ask?" The man asked me.

"Aro, I would like you to meet Renesmee. We brought her here because we have a few questions and we need your help." Carlisle answered for me.

"Ah! Renesmee, daughter of Edward and Bella, half-human, half- vampire hybrid am I correct?" Aro said with a smile. Everyone was taken back, my entire family was positive the Voulturi didn't know that I even existed.

"H-How did you know that?" Alice asked.

"Very good question, Alice! You see we actually have another new member in our family," Aro turned to the blonde girl, "Jane, would you please bring her out?"

Who else knows about me other than my family and Jacob's pack and family? I couldn't think of anyone. I already had a bad feeling about this trip. Why did I have to get sick? I felt my dad take my hand and give me a gentle squeeze. I looked up at him and gave him a small smile.

Jane was back with a girl wearing a dark hood over her head so you couldn't see her face and her hands were tied behind her. Aro looked at us then looked back at the girl, removing her hood. My heart stopped. I felt like I was kicked in the stomach. I heard gasps all around me from my family.

My mother was standing right in front of me. All words were taken from my mouth I could not speak. It felt like time was in slow motion. How was this even possible? My mom died six years ago! But here she was, standing in front of me and my family, except she looked different, she looked skinnier and her eyes were bright red. None of this was even making sense to me. Every fiber of my body wanted to run up to her and give her the biggest hug but I couldn't move, I was too shocked to even blink.

"Bella" My dad croaked. He started to move towards her but instantly stopped and dropped to the floor in pain. I jumped. My dad looked like he was being tortured, I whimpered. What was going on?

"Jane! Please! Stop!" My mom spoke. Her voice still sounded beautiful even though she sounded scared. I looked at her, she looked like she would be crying if she could. "I'm begging you! Please don't hurt him!"

Aro spoke, "Alright Jane, that's enough. Let's let Bella get a chance to say hello to her family. If I'm not mistaken, its been six years since they last saw her." Aro moved behind Bella and removed the rope that tied her hands together.

She looked at me first. My heart fluttered. She walked over and touched my arm, "Renesmee," she whispered.

"Mom," I flung my arms around her. Tears fell from my eyes. Her arms held me close to her and we hugged for a few moments. Hugging my mother was something I never thought I could do. We all thought my mom died after giving birth to me. She pulled away to look at me. She gently placed both her hands on my face, "You're so beautiful."

My dad walked up to her and kissed her, they both had their hands wrapped around each other. The broke their kiss and my dad was the first to ask the question we've all been wondering, "Bella, we thought you were dead, how is this possible?"

Bella gave a sad smile, "After I gave birth, my heart stopped like Carlisle predicted, but you still injected your venom into my heart. Even though I appeared to be dead my body was in transition. It was a very slow transition though because of all that had to be repaired from my pregnancy. I woke up underground where you buried me and dug myself out. I was on my way back to the house to tell you guys that I was alive but Aro caught me. They were coming to check to see if I was a vampire and saw Renesmee. They were going to try and take her because she was a threat; they thought she was a vampire child instead of a half vampire. I told them to take me instead of Renesmee. I told them they can keep me and if Renesmee hurt anyone or anything they could kill me. I've been here ever since. The Voulturi send someone to check on Renesmee every year to make sure she wasn't dangerous. I'm so sorry I had to leave you all."

"Why did you keep her here after you saw Renesmee was not dangerous?" My dad asked Aro. "After the first year you should have saw Renesmee is harmless."

"We do not know that for sure. Part of the deal was in order for Renesmee to stay alive, Bella was to stay here with us." Aro answered. "The deal has not changed."

"Aro, this is unnecessary, Renesmee has been living a normal life for six years now. She has not hurt a single human. She missed her mother every single day of her life. We all missed Bella more than words could explain. We all thought she died. Please, I'm asking as a friend, please give Bella back to us." Carlisle begged.

"Let me see the girl," Aro held out his hand to me. I looked at my dad to see if it was safe, he nodded. I stepped forward to Aro and gave him my hand. He held my hand for a while closing his eyes. "Ah, I see you are sick. Is that the reason you came to visit us, for help?" He said still gripping my hand. "I see you just met your father too! What a surprise!"

"What do you mean?" Bella scrunched her eyebrows together.

"Bella, I made a mistake, I'll explain later. Aro, can you help her? She is sick." Edward asked.

"I don't know much about hybrids but I can tell she is not drinking enough blood. How often do you drink blood, my dear?" Aro asked.

"Uh.. Usually once every month." I answered in a shaky voice.

"That's it! You should be drinking blood once a week or you will start to get weaker."

Are you kidding, the whole reason why I felt like crap lately was because I haven't been drinking blood? I am so dumb.

My grandpa stood next to me and put his arm around me, "Thank you, Aro. I'm sure Renesmee knows now how important it is to drink blood. Right, Ness?"

"Yup." I said, I could feel my face blushing. Then I blurted out, "Aro, now can I please have my mom back?"

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