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What I've Been Denied

by: Chasing Yuffentine

The setting sun was thing of beauty to most. To Noel, it symbolized true terror. He came from a time—after all—in which the sun was eternally frozen in a state of setting. That was why he only made love to Serah when the sun was about to rise. The sunrise was full of new promises, full of hope ... and that was beautiful to him.

The night symbolized absolute defeat and darkness. To a degree, Noel feared the coming of the night. He always let out a shaky sigh of relief when he saw that the world around him hadn't disappeared into nothingness after the moon had risen.

In his time, however, the arrival of night's darkness would mean just that...

In any case, he refused to take Serah while the sky was that dreadful, all-consuming black.

Sometimes, he would take her while the sun shone bright above the world, but he was more often than not somewhat hesitant to. The daylight ever so slowly slipped through their fingers and soon enough became sunset, then quickly night.

And it was when Noel made love to her that Serah realized just how possessive Noel was with her, and rightly so—he had lost everything he held dear, and had to watch it all happen from the time he was a small child.

Noel wasn't possessive in a way that he wouldn't let Serah have time to herself or with others; no. His possessiveness took the form of whispered claims of "Mine..." as he touched her, made her moan her pleasure without inhibition, and then made both himself and her whole, thrusting inside her as though each movement—as though even the slightest twitch—expressed the entirety of his love for her, his want and need for her... and it did.

Finally, at the very end, when both had reached their completion, Noel would always remain inside of Serah, hold her so close to his own body, and cry softly, tell her that she was his only remaining treasure.

That she was the only one keeping the sun in his world from setting...

And it was the truth.