Told you as soon as I got an idea I would post :D this one was inspired by… a show. Hope
you enjoy!

"You okay Jules?" Shawn looked at his wife.

"I'm sleep deprived Shawn. With a 6th month old you don't get much sleep." She rubbed her eyes.

"I know Jules. I am there." He smiled and she glared at him. They walked into the interrogation room. Carlton, and Gus were sitting at the cool metal table in the middle of the room. A couple was on the other side. A man who had brown hair, hazel eyes and a goatee. The woman had long brown hair and blue eyes. The man was standing up rocking a baby slowly in his arms.

"So Mrs. Tristan you had your purse stolen?" Carlton asked the girl.

"Yes." She answered.

"You had your purse stolen Chris? Way to go!" he yelled.

"Damien shut up before you wake the baby!" she hissed at her husband before turning to Carlton. "Yes it was." She answered. Carlton nodded and wrote on his piece of paper. Juliet took Gus's seat as Gus went and stood next to Shawn.

"You didn't report it?" Juliet confirmed Chris nodded.

"Chris why in the world-" Damien started but was cut off by Gus.

"Shush before you wake the baby." Gus whispered.

"I found it on top of my car a few days later. Everything was in it, money, credit cards, and pictures. It was all there." Chris assured.

"This woman…" Juliet took out a picture of a girl who looked a lot like Chris "Had your ID." Juliet showed Chris the picture.

"I've never seen her before in my life." Chris said.

"Whoop de do. Why didn't you tell me about the purse?" Damien all but yelled.

"Dude if you don't shut up I will have Lassie arrest you for baby waking." Shawn threated his arms crossed. Damien glared at his wife before glaring at Shawn.

"It wasn't a big deal. For all I knew I could have dropped it somewhere." Chris told them.

"I believe you." Juliet assured with a smile.

"This girl Bella Perry was found dead in the dumpster behind the local K-Mart." Carlton said taking out pictures.

"Eww!" Damien yelled. The baby began to wail in his arms and Chris sighed. Chris stood up and just about snatched the baby gently away from Damien.

"That's it Lassie! Arrest him." Shawn pointed at Damien.

"What? Are you an idiot?" Damien spat at Shawn.

"He is. But you get used to it." Carlton had a smug look on his face.