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Kim's P.O.V.

Oh. My. Gosh. I can't believe that we're getting an all expense trip to Hawaii. Bobby Wasabi said that we had earned it from the last tournament that we had won. Wow Hawaii... For a whole week! I get to be with Jack for a whole week! Maybe I'll get to room with him... Well now off to packing…

Since we were going to Hawaii for a week first I looked up the weather. It was supposed to be sunny and in the 80s. So I packed five pairs of shorts, six really super cute flowy tank tops, four t-shirts, four pairs of running shorts, a skirt, a Hollister floral dress, a formal dress (just in case we went somewhere fancy), two cardigans, two bikinis, a pair of beach sandals, a pair of strappy sandals, tennis shoes, my pair of sparkly Vans, and a pair of heels. I also grabbed my bag of make-up just in case and all the other necessary items like toiletries and undergarments. I know, I know, I over packed but you never know…We could go hiking one day, the beach the other, or even go to a mall. I would always be prepared. I sat on my suitcase and zipped it up. And stacked my duffel bag on top. I started to text Jack and asked him to meet me outside my house, and before I could even send the text I heard the doorbell. I ran downstairs to open the door.

I opened the door to see Jack. He had all his bags. I quickly squeezed in a hug.

"Hey, do you want to walk to the dojo and help Rudy pack the van?" I asked.

"Ya sure, let me help you with your bags." Help replied like a gentleman.

He took one of my bags along with the rest of his and re walked to the dojo. Like usual, we were the first two there. Rudy had about six bazillion bags (exaggerating of course. We helped him so that we had enough room for the rest of our bags. Milton, Eddie, and Jerry finally showed up arguing about whether Falafel Phil's falafel balls were 80% grease or 90% grease. We loaded all the bags into the van and we could barely fit all the bags in the van. I thought that I over-packed… Oh I thought wrong… Each of the guys (excluding Jack) had at least two each. The van was so packed that I was basically sitting on Jack's lap… it was awkward, but nice at the same time. What? Never mind… I DO NOT like Jack. He's just my friend, best friend. We got to the airport and when the door opened I literally flew out of the van… seriously, I was pushed out by Milton, Eddie, and Jerry while jack was right behind me being thrown out of the van. If you ask me it should be them we were throwing out of the van because it's their fault we were crammed in there in the first place!

Rudy handed us our tickets. We were flying first-class! Man I love Bobby Wasabi... I looked at my seat number which was A12. Whoever had A11 is who I would be sitting next to. I started comparing tickets with the guys. Jerry had A9; Eddie had A10 so those two would be sitting together. Milton had A13; Rudy had A14 so they would be sitting together. That means one thing... I was going to sit with Jack! Inside I was jumping for joy, but I stayed calm, cool, and collected and walked over to Jack.

"What seat number do you have?" I casually asked.

"I have A11... What about you?" he answered.

"I have A12! I guess we'll be sitting together…" I said over-excitedly.

"Okay, cool!" he said.

"C 'mon, let's go get Starbucks!" I said while pulling him over with me. Why did I do that? Wait do I like Jack? Maybe I do... After the whole Ricky Weaver thing happened I've grown so much closer to Jack and my feelings for him had grown stronger... We got to Starbucks and I ordered a Double Chocolaty Frappachino (that's what I get when I go to Starbucks). Jack ordered a Vanilla Latte. We sat down in one of the more secluded booths and started talking about Hawaii and what we were going to do until Rudy came and got us and told us that it was almost time to load the plane. Jack got out of the booth first and offered his hand for me. Why does he have to be so dang charming? Our bags were already checked in so we just grabbed our carryon bag. Mine held my iPod, phone, and a notebook for doodling. As I was mentally checking off my list of what was in my carry on I realized that I had forgotten a sweater. I was quickly snapped out of my mental checklist when I heard the overhead speaker come on, "We will begin loading now."

We got on the plane first since we were first class. It was amazing! The seats were so plush and comfy and you could order practically any food in the world! After we took off I ordered some Nerds, I know that I could've ordered like some exotic food but nerds were my favorite candy. After I got my Nerds I put on my earphones.

Jack's P.O.V.

The plane was awesome! I've never been first class, even though my Grandpa trained Bobby Wasabi he didn't like to spend money on frivolous things. Unfortunately the seats were so big that there was no was that Kim would fall asleep on my shoulder... My train of thought was stopped because I heard... Teeth chattering? I looked over at her to see her shivering. I noticed that she didn't have a jacket. I took of mine and put it on her shoulders and gave her a reassuring smile. She smiled back at me, her beautiful smile. Huh? I don't like Kim… What am I saying? I suddenly felt a weight drop on my shoulder. It was Kim's head. Somehow she figured out a way to lower the arm rest that separated us so that she could lean on something other than the hard plastic of the arm rest, sure it was first class, but I would take a person over plastic any day. I slowly felt myself drifting off to sleep. I let myself fall into a deep dreamless sleep.

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