I'm not quite sure where to start from so I guess obviously from the beginning. When we moved, I thought it was for the best, I thought "What a great way to start new!" and when I realized we would only be moving to another county, I thought it was even better. Keep my friends and boyfriend? It was just fantastic… How wrong could I have been…

Chapter 1- Moving Day

I'd just finished packing. The final accessories of my bedroom had been neatly stacked in to a cardboard box labeled: Danny's Bedroom Stuff

I ran the duct tape over the lid of the box and sighed. Done. I thought.

I then remembered I'd need to pick this giant thing up, lug it down stairs, and then pile it in to the moving truck.

I wouldn't say I'm weak… but, I'm definitely not the kind of girl who can do monkey-bars. I'm skinny, but not anorexic. I'm healthy. My hair is a red-auburn color and my eyes are hazel, even though everyone tells me their green. I'm near-sighted so during class, if I'm at the back, I wear my favorite giant black glasses.

Today, I choose the perfect outfit. A grey beanie over my flat-ironed hair, a black graphic tee, bleached blue jeans, and a pair of pink-black checkered vans. I'm comfortable and the outfit isn't in danger of being damaged. If it is, they can easily be replaced or re-worn.

As I'm about to lift that enormous box, my boyfriend Erick comes in. Erick has light blue eyes and light brown hair. He's not exactly built, but he's stronger then me. He grins and lifts the giant box off the ground like it's a freaking feather… maybe he's stronger then I thought. He shakes his head at my surprised face.

"Happy to help, babe." He laughs.

"Screw you. I could have done that." I mumble.

He nods, "Oh yeah. That's my big, bad girl."

I giggle and shove him slightly out my door. As I find I'm alone in my room, I feel the emotion I'd been tucking away until this moment. Shortest way of putting it is, I'm sad. I grew up here. This has been my room since I came home from the hospital. Who knew sixteen years later, I'd be moving?

I hug myself and sit in the middle of the room. The silky maroon carpet still had dark stains from different spills and the cream pink walls had paint cracks. The popcorn ceiling was already crumbling. The tiny specks were all over the carpet.

No matter how many times I complained about the room being too small, I love it. The windows were giant and every sunny morning was beautiful. My room always was lit and had a feeling of content stirring all around.

The entire house has always felt like home and it still did. That's what making it so hard to leave right now. I sniffled and squeezed my eyes. I had to remind myself of how much nicer the new house would be and we were moving so Erick could stay.

"It's for the better." I sigh.

Erick's parents decided to go to Europe and he needs to finish his high school year. Also he has a bunch of colleges here begging him to join because of all of his extra-curricular activities and sports he plays. My mom wanted to take him instantly where my dad was edgy.

I assured him Erick and I weren't going to do anything. I promised anything that happens between us will be discussed in a family meeting. If he ever feels uncomfortable about something we're doing to tell me. I made the situation very mature and clear that sex wouldn't be happening anytime soon.

Although my parents were ecstatic about that, Erick seemed a little let down. I smiled. Erick knew my limits and he wouldn't push them or me. A moment later, Erick was sitting next to me. His arms were around me and he pressed his lips to my temple.

"I know you're going to miss the house." He whispers in to my ear.

"I grew up here. I love it here." I sigh.

"I know, but imagine how much more you'll love the new house." He smiled.

"You know what, Your right." I laugh.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

We start the drive to the new house an hour after stuffing everything in to a moving truck. My parents left this morning with their cars stuffed with house stuff. Erick and I decided to drive the moving truck full of furniture.

"Make a left at the next intersection then keep going straight for two miles." I say reading the map.

"Got it. So, We're just going to be listening to your Taylor Swift CD and drive? The entire way?" He asks, keeping his eyes on the road.

"Coarse. This song coming up is about-"

"A guy who broke her heart or a guy she's still in love with but doesn't love her, right?" He grins as her turns the truck.

"No, Its about her and her boyfriend driving in a car or whatever until she asks him why they don't have a song and then he tells her their song is the slam of screen doors, sneaking out late; tapping on her window, when their on the phone and she talks real slow cause it's late and her mama don't know. Their song is the way she laughs, the first statement he didn't kiss her when should have and when he got home, before he said amen, asking god if he could play it again." I smirk as if it's obvious.

He purses his lips and nods. "That's… the chorus." He laughs as he listens to the song as it plays.

"But that's what the song is about." I say.

He looks both ways, then pulls over in to a gas station. He parks and turns to me.

"Do we have a song?" He smirks.

"I think this one works." I shrug.

"But I always kiss you when I should." He says.

"Oh really?" I ask.

"Really." He laughs.

He takes me by surprise and kisses me right then. The cab of this tuck isn't small and the bench is long and wide. He leans over more until he's on top of me. His mouth moves with mine in perfect sync. His tongue trails my bottom lip. I smirk against his lips and pull back.

"We have somewhere to go." I whisper.

"It can wait." He smirks and presses his lips back to mine.

As if on cue, my cell phone starts to ring out with a picture of my dad. I immediately push Erick off me and quickly answer my phone.

"Hey, daddy." I say cheerfully, but Erick is snickering from his seat.

"Hey, sweetie. Where are you?" He asks concerned.

"Oh. The truck needed some gas, so we just finished up at the gas station. It's a Hess." I say.

"Great your only five to ten minutes away. Take a right of the gas station. Keep going straight until you hit Burgs road then turn left in to 'Cleo's River' and make the first left until you reach the end of the road then make a right and you'll see a two story house with a sold sign in the front." He explains.

"Okay, thanks dad. See you in a bit." I smile.

"Your welcome. Love you, bye." He concludes.

"Love you too, bye." I laugh and hang up.

Erick is in his seat rubbing my lip gloss off his lower lip with a grin.

"My dad's looking for us. I'm driving now." I say.

"Why of course." He nods.

I reach for the door handle, but Erick tugs my hand back. "Just climb, Danny." He smirks.

I roll my eyes and climb over Erick. He poked my sides and made me almost die laughing, but I made it to the driver seat. I start to back the truck up slowly, using both rearview mirrors. We got back on to the road and I start to follow my dad's directions.

As soon as we pull in to the drive way, I had an eerie feeling. The house was certainly big. It was a two story house with two garages and a circular driveway. Driving by this house, I'd think it was pretty nice and assume tons of money would be spent on it.

I look around the house for a flaw, but there's not a single one. Yet, I feel it. I feel uncomfortable and that as if I'm being watched from somewhere…

"Nice house, huh?" Erick says.

I jump, but quickly recover. "I don't know. Seems too big." I reply.

"Nah… Just bigger then your used to, but at least I don't have to move." He smirks.

"Yep. That's the only reason I'm doing this. Now, lets get a look inside." I laugh.

As soon as we race through the door, I want to leave. My stomach churned and I instantly got a horrible migraine. Something was off about this house. I knew it.

"Hey, A re you okay? Danny?" Erick asks worriedly.

"Yeah, my… Uh, I just have a headache." I smile sheepishly.

"Awe, It's okay. Let's find your room and then I'll unpack everything." He says.

The second floor hits my like a wave during a horrible storm. I didn't want to be here anymore. I felt depressed, lonely, hurt, estranged. Any feeling you can think of on a dreary day, I was feeling it. I did my best to hide it.

Erick and I came to the hallway at the top of the stairs. There were three bedroom and two bathroom doors. My dad told me he and mom were taking the master bedroom downstairs. Apparently, there was a master bedroom upstairs as well at the end of the hallway.

As soon as I looked up at the door, I saw something. A shadow or something breezed by it and then under it. I saw it though and whatever it was, wanted me too. I had only one thought in my mind.

Stay out of that bedroom.

"So which room do you want?" Erick asked.

"Uh… This one." I say pointing to the room closest to the stairs.

After I walked in the room, I felt my composure return. This room seemed brighter then the whole house, even though there's enormous windows everywhere. I didn't feel entirely comfortable, but something was safe about this room.

Erick looked around the room, checked the closet, and even unlocked the door to the bathroom.

"Oh." He says.

"What?" I ask going to where he is.

"There's a doorway to the master bedroom down the hall. This door leads to the bedroom directly. Pretty cool." He smiles.

I have the strongest urge to pull him back, slam the door, and lock it. Instead, I shrug.

"I'll keep it closed and locked. Come on, what room do you want?" I ask.

"The one through this doorway. I can sneak in your room at night without your dad knowing." He smirks, hugging me by my waist.

"No. He'd know." I laugh.

"Nah…" He smirks before he starts to tenderly plant kisses along my neck.

"Danny." A voice whispers. I ignore at first, but then its screamed.

I look up and as soon as I did, I wish I didn't. The door to the master bedroom is still open. Inside, by the wall stands a large dark figure. It's studying me with dark maroon orbs. I feel myself gasp.

Erick's kisses stop and he pulls away. "What's wrong?" He asks.

I can't force words out. I'm frozen, eyes glued on this thing staring at me. I'm wondering how I can see it. It's so far away and I'm near-sighted, it's impossible which only made it that much scarier.

"I want to go home." I whisper.

"We are home." Erick laughs.

I pull away harshly. "No. No its not. I don't want to be here." I yell.

"What's gotten in to you?" He asks.

"Nothing. I just… this isn't the house. My parents aren't even-"

"Hey, Danny and Erick. We were outback. It's a really nice house isn't it?" My mom smiles.

"It's beautiful." Erick agrees.

"I think we should keep looking." I say.

Mom laughs, but I stare at her and she eventually catches on. "Sweetie, we already bought it. It was very cheap too. An offer we simply couldn't resist." She explains.

"How much?" I ask.

"Well, Your father almost fainted it was so cheap. Don't worry about our expenses, dear." Mom chuckled.

"Do you know the history? That could be the reason its so cheap and no one want to live here." I reply.

"Something about being built in nineteen something. The real-estate agent will be here in half an hour. Ask her then." She smiles.

"I will." I say.

Mom shook her head. "Well then, Time to move everything in to the house. We have twenty-five movers not counting Erick and your father so lets move everything in! This is your room dear?" Mom asks me.

"Uh… yeah." I shrug.

As mom promised half an hour later, The real-estate women pulls up in her silver Buick. I can tell she isn't comfortable being here either. I get up from the steps to the door and stomp over to her. Her expression goes from uncomfortable to utter fear.

"Hello, dear. Your parents didn't mention they had children." She said with a sad smile.

"Yeah. I'm Daniela. I want to know the history of this place." I say.

"Well, it was built in the nineteenth century and has been restored over four times. Quite remarkable." She says.

"Sure, but I mean who lived here? How long? What happened to them?" I snap.

She stiffened and crossed her arms. "You shouldn't use that tone with strangers." Her voice is shaky.

"You know there's something wrong with this house and I know too. I've seen it and I want to know what it is. I also want to know if it's dangerous. If you don't I'll sue." I hiss.

"What would a child know about suing someone." She scoffed.

"I'm sixteen tomorrow. I know that if you don't disclose all information on this residents I can mention it to your boss and threaten to sue. You'll lose your job. I don't want to waste my time like that, but if my family is danger, I will." I say.

"I'll tell you what I know and its that no one but you is in danger." She whispers.


"When this house was built, the man who built it was seventeen. His family all died from a deathly disease at fourteen. He worked his time away by building this house and after he finished it, he too got sick. He had a simple head cold, but assuming the worst, he shot himself in the head," She sighed.

She reached in to the car and pulled out a large, salmonella file that was organized by color tabs. She handed it to me then reached in and pulled out a thick binder.

"In that folder is the information on the man and the house. There's pictures and different information on the builder. In this binder, is all the people who lived here and their experiences. I can't let out this information, but keep quiet,"

"This boy had a girlfriend who he was engaged to, the picture is in the file, and they were madly in love. After he killed himself, she moved out of town and started a life somewhere else. As for him, he became an entity living in the house." She told me.

"Okay?" I say.

"Only a few families I have on record have moved in. One had a daughter who was fourteen. She had auburn hair and blue eyes, just like this guys fiancé. She claims she felt drawn to the house and she had a romantic relationship with this guy. She stole her mom's wedding dress and claimed to 'marry' the entity. After her seventeenth birthday, she'd had three years of therapy and the family moved when she started talking about how her husband wanted her to join him on the other side,"

"Was she telling the truth?" I ask completely fascinated.

"Yes. Their relationship may seem completely crazy, but she'd never had sex yet she was pregnant when they moved. About,"

She checked the binder.

"Four months. Every time she left the house, she would become deathly ill, but perfectly healthy at home. After they moved, she had to be put in a hospital where she died two hours after having a sudden miscarriage. Since then, I haven't allowed anyone with children to buy the house. Everyone who has lived in this house has had horrible experiences. A man saw shadows, a women felt like someone was watching her, someone else came home to a wrecked house, but after calling the cops, the house was spotless."

"Well, that's not entirely horrible." I sigh.

"No, but one women said that the shadows got more detailed until an actual teenager was in her home. He didn't dissapear. He was always there and she could feel him. He was horrible though. He would ask her what she did with his wife and child. He would tear her house apart and tried to kill her, but she moved out. That was the last person to live in the house, but with all these logs, the ghost seems to reboot and restart every time a new family moves in. I don't know how to tell your parents, but just try to get out as much as you can. I dropped that file. Read over it and then call me. I'd love to help you and I'll try, but I'm not a physic. I have to go talk with your parents." She rubbed my shoulder and sighed, before walking in to the house.

I glanced down at the file, then to the house. I froze. I saw the shadow looking down at me with those glowing eyes. He was upstairs in Erick's bedroom. I blinked a few times, but he was still there. I realize I was holding my breath and let go.

I look back up and the shadow has leaned more as if to get a better look at me. I feel my breathing catch and my heart race with fear. The window flies open and I wish it was just Erick playing around, but then the shadow becomes more and more detailed until I see a really cute guy.

His hair is similar to Erick's only slightly shorter. His eyes are dark brown like his hair. His body structure is built, like Jacob Black from new moon. He smiles at me, even though it's a beautiful smile, I feel terrified. He takes notice at my widened eyes. He looks sad and disappears.

I sigh and open the folder. I begin to flip through it as I head in to the house, I almost trip as I see the picture of the guy that built the house. The one that… killed himself.

I snap the file shut and race back outside. I stand on the sidewalk and stare up at the house, but after ten minutes of nothing happening, I sit on the sidewalk and open the file.

Three hours of reading later, I find out that this shadow guy has scared away everyone who has lived here, the house is older then dirt, his bedroom was the room Erick wants, and my room was his fiancé's.

Some say she returned as an angel to protect the room, knowing her love was longing for her. By protecting that room, she was protecting whoever was in there. I also read that unless the person who stays in that room chooses that room by their selves, they are in danger of falling in love with the guy.

A psychic who investigated the house claims he is longing for love and is charming. He is only kind to young girls who remind him of his fiancé. I close the file as the movers wave and leave. I see the real-estate agent come out smiling and laughing with my mother.

After my mom runs back in, I race up to the women.

"Oh, hello." She smiles.

I hand her back her file. She seems surprised. "You've been here for three hours and I'm a fast reader, I don't know what to do. I look a lot like his fiance." I cry.

"I know, but there's not much you can do." She sighs.

"What about Erick? Is he in danger?" I ask.

"Your brother? He seems nice. I don't think so." She raises her eyebrows.

"He's my- Oh god." I gasp.

"What is it dear?" She asks.

"He's watching us." I whisper staring back at his eyes.

"Who?" She asks following my eyes.

"The guy. He's watching us." I whisper.

"No one's there, honey." She says quietly.

Her phone beeps loudly and after she checks it, she jumps in her car. "Maybe you should see a doctor as well." She says before driving away.

I'm frozen, staring at the guy. He smiles and gestures me to come in to the house. I squeak, before he disappears. I'm terrified. He wants me to come in to the house, but I want to stay out here.

"Danny? Come see your room! Put your things away too!" My dad yells from the front door.

I sigh. I can't very well tell my parents I'm afraid of the house, so I take a deep breath and pray to God the ghost doesn't pop out.

After I come in to my room, everything is organized, except for my clothes and box of personal items. I decide to leave the furniture in their places. They seem to give me a lot of room in here anyways. I hear the front door open and close before I see my mom get in her car.

Then I watch my dad and Erick head over to the truck. They all pull away and my phone vibrates with a text.

No. I think.


Hey Daises. We're dropping the truck off and your mom is gonna give us a ride back. Get your stuff put away and then you and I have plans tonight. ;)

I squeeze my eyes shut and let go of a breath. I instantly decide its way too quiet in the house. I find my Ipod and attach it to the speakers. I press play and low music fills the emptiness of the room. After twenty minutes, all my stuff is organized, put away, and my bed is made.

I pull a magazine out of my backpack and I almost entirely forget about the ghost. Almost.

I start to read the last article of the magazine when my speakers shut off. I sigh, thinking I need to charge it, but then it turns on again. Then off, then on, then off. Then the songs start to change. I groan thinking I bought another dud, but when I look up, I see him.

I gasp and he turns around.

"Sorry. I've never seen this before." He shrugs with a sad smile.

I can't believe how real he looks. His whole body looks whole and his hair looks freshly washed. He talks like a normal person. I feel my heart thud harder. This isn't happening.

"Are you alright?" He asks concerned.

"W-wha- who are you? Why are you in my room?" I gape.

"I'm Dylan Saunders. I heard something coming from inside here and I wanted to know what it is, but this isn't your room. This is my house, so the question that truly remains, is why are you in my room of my house?" He asks cocking his head to the side with a smile.

"Um… your dead." I whisper.

He laughs and nods. "I know, but please, answer my question." He smirks.

"I moved here. With my family." I say slowly.

"Your very welcome here. Any beautiful girl is. Your the famous Danny, are you not?" He asks.

"Dan- Daniella or everyone calls me Danny." I whisper.

"Beautiful name. My last love was Elizabeth Conner. Her parents ran away with her, stealing my child. I haven't heard from her since. She just reminded me so much of Molly." He sighed.

"Oh." I whisper silently.

"I'd feel horrible if either of them could hear me, but your much more beautiful then either of them." He smiles sitting next to me on the bed.

I feel my breathing hitch and my eyes water. I squeeze them shut and I want to scream for help, instead…

"Thanks." I sigh.

"What's wrong? Do you not like true compliments?" He asked.

"Why are you still here? Shouldn't you pass on or something?" I ask; suddenly feeling bold.

"I will. I need to marry, have a child, then have them join me. I wasn't suppose to end up like this." He replied sadly.

"Why would you want to take more people with you? They have lives to lead too." I say.

"Yes, but her life is with me. We were meant to be together you and I. That's why fate brought you here." He smiles.

"No. No, I have a boyfriend." I say scooting back.

"You don't love him. I can see it." He smirks.

"I'm too young to be in much more then a high school romance. Yes, I may not be in love with him, but I do love him. He's been my best friend forever and I love him there so I'm sure that love could grow in-"

"NO! YOUR MINE! NOT HIS! I will make sure of it!" He hisses.

The room darkens and his eyes brighten from a soft brown to deep red. I feel my heart pick up pace and my head is spinning. I feel like I'm coming close to the end.

Tell him that you can't love someone who scares you. A soft voice whispers.

I don't know where it comes from, but I know I should trust it.

"I- I can't love someone who s-scares me." I whisper.

His eyes widen and his eyes return to normal. He looks in to my eyes deeply before muttering things incoherent before looking at me.

"I'm terribly sorry." He whispers before swiping a kiss on my cheek and disappearing.

Long, but that's the first part to the story. They won't be immensely long like this. Thanks for reading!