Jace doesn't have a car so he walked me home. Of course, we were a long walk from my house. At least three hours.

Is the sun setting? Is it rising? What time is it? Wait, What day is it? My mind buzzed with questions.

I was confused and lost, but somehow my body couldn't find the will to even care. Something in my mind was telling me it didn't even matter because all it took were a few simple words that came out in a question form.

This terrified me. I was normally the kind of person that dissected each detail in to something and now, I was doing the bare minimum.

"How long was I in that place for?" I asked quietly.

"I shouldn't tell you." Jace whispered.

"Tell me. Please." I beg.

"Nine months. I had to go over your records there. I didn't start visiting until you were there for at least four months in to your term. Erick visited you after two months there. He continued for two more weeks because he thought you would come back, but as you started to say less and less, he gave up. He called up your parents and said it was hopeless. You were lost." Jace sighed.

"It didn't feel that long." I say.

"Judging by how little paperwork you have, You slept for a week straight after eating for two days. The bathroom was used as soon as you woke up as well as the shower. Everything you did seemed robotic." He explained.

I sighed knowing what he meant. I was always in a different place in my mind to prevent myself from going insane.

"Yeah… I actually felt better that way. Dream land is more fulfilling then reality." I shrugged.

"Guess I'll have to add that to the list." Jace smirked.

"What list?" I ask.

"I have a list of things that I need to fix to make you see how amazing life is." He sighed.

"I don't know if anything will seem amazing until I'm free of Dylan." I shrug.

"That's on the list too, Daniela." Jace smiled.

"Y'know you can call me Danny, right?"

"Is that what you want me to call you?" He asked.

Honestly, I liked the way he said my name. Even though it wasn't much different from how everybody else said it, Somehow it felt different.

"I like Daniela, but I guess I could alternate between the two." He laughed.

We finally got back to the house where I found my ex to be and my parents to not be. I mentally groaned to myself for not assuming my mom to invite him back in. She probably thought I kicked him out in spite of my supposed "break down".

"I need to go talk to him. I can't live with him. I just can't. Dylan is one thing, but my ex is another." I sigh.

"Do you think you can do this on your own? I can come with for, y'know, moral support." He smirked.

"No, I need to do this on my own. It's my problem and I don't want to drag you in to it. Wait here and I'll be out in a minute." I smile.

I count each step up until I reach the door. I take a breath and brace myself for the feelings that are gonna slap me in the face the second I step foot in this damned house.

I hold my breath and walk through the door. Inside, I feel the disconnected feelings of loneliness and heartbreak. I hate it. Its so depressing and Dylan isn't even heartbroken… at least he doesn't show it.

Each step upstairs is like the first day in the house. Painful and nauseating.

I finally reach the second floor and hear music coming from Erick's room. I knock on his door and the music turns down. His footsteps soon reach the door and the handle twists.

Being in the house must of set something off because I can hear everything in here. Each silent creek from the steps, each drop from the fosset downstairs, his footsteps and humming.

God, No wonder I was so paranoid here. I think dully.

His teal eyes meet my, probably tired looking, eyes. "D-Danny?" He gasps.

"Yeah. Hi." I wave sarcastically.

"What are you doing here?" He smiles as he tries to hug me.

I step back. "I live here. Why the hell are you still here? I kicked you out." I say.

"When you were having problems. I know you didn't mean to, you were unstable at the time, but you're better now. I would have thought they would have called or something, but I'm so happy! You're better and you're home and that's all that matters. We can get back to normal." He beams.

It takes every ounce of my self-control to not slap him across the face. I already know that's what my parents are going to say.

"Erick, I was discharged because after I spoke to a doctor, he said I was admitted under false circumstances. I was never sick or unstable or crazy. I broke us off; completely aware of my actions. You don't believe me about anything I've told you so we broke up. You're wrong if you think we can just go back to what we used to be, because we're over. Take the hint and leave. I'm done and I've decided to move on and find someone to live for who will love me and believe me. I'm gone and now you should be too." I snap.

Erick had a lot of excuses, but I didn't care to listen to them. I couldn't take it. I told him if he wasn't gone in four hours, I was calling the police. He got his things together and left in half an hour.

I was surprised to find Jace waiting patiently outside.

"Wow, I didn't expect you to still be here." I say.

"I wasn't going to just leave. I needed to make sure you were going to be okay." He smiled.

"Thanks Jace." I sighed.

Jace smiled and brought me in for a one-arm hug. I wrapped my arms around his torso.

"You're really great, you know that?" I smirk.

He laughs, but it quickly dies. "He's watching." Jace whispers.

"What?" I gasp.

"Look up."

I can't find the strength to turn my head. My heart races in fear and soon, I know I'm not going to able to breath if I keep my heart rate at the pace. I feel a loss of strength, of power.

"I- I- I can't. I never wanted to admit it, but I'm terrified of him. He won't ever leave me alone. He's taken over my life. He has all the power. I can't win. Even if I tried, I won't win." I cried.

The feeling of ice cold fear was back and I knew, the second it settled in my core, it was game on for Dylan.

"No. He only has the power if you let him. Danny, You are stronger then this." Jace encourages.

"I'm really not. He- He broke me, I'm just a really great actress." I half heartedly smile.

"Then act strong. Pretend and then maybe it will be come real." Jace tries again.

"How can I pretend to be strong?" I sniffle.

"How'd you make it this far?" He asked.

"Um… I- I- I don't know. I stalled, I guess." I stutter.

"Stall then." He smirks.

"O-okay." I sigh.

I slowly turn toward Dylan, who smirks mischievously at me.

I have many plans for you, my love. He croons to my mind.

I squeeze my eyes shut. My heart skips- one, two, three- beats. He's in my mind now.

"That's where I draw the line." I whisper with rage and adrenaline racing through my veins now.

I race in to the house, leaving a surprised Jace outside. I stomp up the stairs in to my room where the core of my nightmares waits with a smile.

"Glad to have you home-"

"Shut the hell up." I snap.

He looks dumbfounded.

"It's my turn to tell you how this works. Manipulating my life and terrifying is one thing, but my mind is off limits. Stay. Out. Of. My. Head. That's the one place that will not be polluted by your psycho bull shit." I hiss.

"And I thought I broke you. Hmm, You're like one of the horses I had as a child, but you know what? A year of training, no food or water, and discipline later, I broke that stubborn horse. I will do the same to you, my dear." He grinned.

"Yeah, but here's the difference. I'm a human and I have more resolve then a horse." I quip.

"Everything breaks at one point or another." He sighs.

"I rather kill you're demon spawn then be broken." I seethe.

"You wouldn't!" He hisses.

The room darkens with his blood red eyes, but honestly, I past the all hulk 'I angry' thing that he pulls every time I piss him off. Its probably gonna be a lot more frequent anyway.

"HA! So I can kill it! I didn't think it was possible, but I guess it is." I smile.

"He will take you down with him." He say quickly, trying to cover up his mistake.

"Oh no, no, no. You claim my virtue with the demon child, but what happens if I give my virginity to someone else? You lose and game over. Am I right?" I smirk.

He smirks. "Wrong. Even if you do lose your virginity, I will still haunt you. Children or not, I will still get you. You are what I want. What I will get." He smiles before fading away.

Even after he's gone, I can still feel him, daring me to say something more. My smile is long gone and so is my streak of strength. I begin to leave and at the front door just as I'm about to walk out, I stop and turn back.

I feel him. He's watching me. I look around the room and I see the slightest of shadow movement in the corner near the foot of the steps. I glare in that direction only to be met by maroon orbs.

"Try and break me. We'll see who wins." I say, my words deathly challenging.

The maroon orbs darken in to nothing and soon the shadows fall still.

I grab my car keys and meet Jace back outside.

"What'd you just do?" He asked with a grin.

"I guess adreninline is my new best friend," I laugh.

"Anyway, We have somewhere to go. If you want to come, what time is it?" I smile.

"Of course and five fifteen in the evening." He smirks.

At the mall, I ask around about Josh. I need to talk to him because he obviously knows something that could help me.

I eventually find out that he's probably at his house in Mark County. Fifteen minutes from the mall. So, Jace and I get back in the car. We wind up at Josh's house, which is much smaller then I expected.

Jace offers to stay in the car, but I know we're going to be awhile. We walk up the stone pathway to the front door. I knock, hoping Josh will answer and not his mom.

I let go of a breath at seeing Josh. "Danny? How'd you-"

"No time. We need to talk about Dylan." I say in a rush.

He invites Jace and I in. We follow him down a hallway filled with pictures of a beautiful girl who I assume is his step-sister.

We eventually come to his room which is black. He has mountains of ghost documents on his desk and bunches of demon related pictures, logs, stories, etc. pinned to a cork board on his wall.

He sits in a leather chair in the corner. Jace and I sit on his messy, unmade bed.

"Erick out of the picture?" Josh sounded surprised.

"Yeah. He didn't believe me and had a part in putting me in hospital under mental instruction for nine months." I say.

"What? Mental institution? When did that happen?" He gasped.

"Nine months ago, long story. This is Jace. He's trying to help me too. He's a friend who's been helping me out with… everything since I was admitted. Anyway, I need to know everything on Dylan that you have collected. If you think I will hit rock bottom, you're so wrong. I hit it a long time ago. I need you to spill." I say.

"Okay, Danny. But, It's gonna take a while." He warns.

"We have a lot of time." I encourage.

It definitely took a while. We got there around seven and leave around eleven. Dylan is what you call a half breed. Half demon, half ghost. A human who was so loyal to the antichrist they have the qualifications after death for a demon.

Of course we knew this already. We knew half of his story, but the other half is pretty scary. They're first command is to find a human. If the girl is a virgin, they must have the human fall in love with them and have the demon child so they can start an uprising which will take many years considering that it's immensely difficult for this plan to follow thru.

But, As it turns out that if the demon hybrid chooses a non-virgin or their human loses their virginity, they have the option to claim the human. Sure, Dying is pretty bad, but what about becoming a lifetime slave to a demon?

A demon controls them entirely after they die and instead of passing on, you forever serve them. You're soul is also sold to the devil and if he has a job for you to do, then you are forced to do it. Which means, you're eternal afterlife is to serve the rulers of hell.

Now, before that glory you must be chosen. After you're chosen, The demon will haunt you from the time they want you for the first time, until you kill yourself. Even if you tried to live until God said times up, you wouldn't be able to make it.

The main idea of these demons, is much like the serial killer from a book I read. The serial killer was known as "Spiderman" because of his obsessions with spiders, but something he did was watch the girl he wanted for a long time.

He would find out her likes and dislikes, nightmares and things they fear, dreams and things that make them happy. He would study them for a long while, That way when he kidnapped them, he knew exactly how to torture them.

One girl that was off plan, he kidnapped. She got away after like three months, but he haunted her dreams. She went through so much and inspired me after I read the book. She eventually killed him in the end after a whole bunch of stuff happened though, but the bottom line is, "Spiderman" and these demons are alike in how they hunt.

They choose, they watch, they learn, they torture, and when they finally get bored, They kill.

I was Dylan's choice. Dylan watched and now, Dylan was learning. I finally understood what Molly meant by his game. He would test me with different things so he could find out exactly how to torture me to the point where I would kill myself. He had stages in planning when it came to girls like me.

Stage one was to find the girl, meet her, and see if she's interested. If she is, his job is much easier. If she isn't, he becomes more interested.

Stage two was to continually try and make her fall in love with him. If to no avail, start stage three.

Stage three is to find out as much as you can so stage four can be swings in to motion. The torture stage.

I could only wonder how long I have left until stage four kicked in. If I didn't kill myself within the time limit of stage four, I have no idea what would happen. Would he kill me? Would he possess someone to kill me?

The bottom line was, there's no way out. Well, there is one way. (Isn't there always?) You must prove to demon that you are already claimed by something much, MUCH stronger and what's stronger then darkness?


"So I'm suppose to fall in love with a flashlight?" I ask.

Josh laughs before taking a breath. "No. I don't even know what the quote "Only the Lord's light can save the from the Devil's darkness." even means. You're guess is as good as mine. I'm sorry, but I have helped you as much as I can Danny. I hope that you get lucky and find what that means." Josh sighs.

I sigh. "Okay, Thanks Josh." I smile.

He walks us to the door. I hug him goodbye and sit in the car with Jace. I want to cry, but I can't. My tear ducts have been used dry and, on top of that, I'm left with another dead end.

Jace seems to be thinking the same thing and takes my hand. "Don't worry. I'm going to help you. We'll find out how to get rid of Dylan. I promise, I will never let anything happen to you. I will keep you safe at any cost, okay, Daniela?" He smiles.

I don't know how his smile does that, but it always seems to reassure me that everything will be alright. Maybe it's his gift of being able to heal things. All I know is, that boy is definitely doing something to me, because I feel my old self coming back.

Though it's a slow process, I can feel my old determination, strength, and quick wit returning to me, but coming with it is this foreign feeling.

I can't place it, but it happens whenever I'm around Jace. It's like his touch is electric against my skin. I can't think straight in his gaze and I'm always wanting something from him, but when ever I give all my thought process to it, It disappears like the wind brushed it away.

It's so confusing and I can never place it, but I've always liked curiosity.

We're both hungry and nothings open except a 24-hour diner. We park and get seated in a dimly lit booth. The waitress leaves to seat other late-eaters.

She comes back with my hot chocolate and Jace's iced tea. "I'll give you two a minute to look over the menu." She smiles before she sashays away.

"I'm so scared." I sigh putting the menu down.

"About choosing what to order?" He asks surprised as he lifts an eyebrow.

"No! What that quote means. I really don't want to die or become a slave to a demon." I whisper.

"It won't happen. I won't let it. Now, You need to relax." He says.

"I can't. I need to worry about something else." I sigh as my head falls in to my arms that rest on the table.

"Fine. Worry about messing up our first date." He laughs.

"What?" My head shoots up.

"This is a date now. Start worrying about messing it up." He grins.

"No. You can not just turn this in to a date." I argue.

"I can and I did." He shrugs.

"Well… I- Its not- I- I've never worried about a first date." I lie.

"You know, Lying on a first date won't get you a second." He smirks slyly.

I try to stifle a giggle that soon breaks through my lips.

"What else are we going to do on this "date", Hmm?" I ask as I skim over the menu.

"Well, After this, I was thinking about going to the movies if they're still open then going to the beach. When that's all over, I'm taking you back to my house because I don't feel comfortable leaving you alone in that house." He explains.

"Sounds… actually kind of fun." I nod.

"I'd thought you'd like it. So, What are you going to get because I'm thinking breakfast." He laughs.

"Hey, guys. Ready to order?" The waitress smiles.

"Uh yeah. I'll have the strawberry stuffed French toast with scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, crisped hash browns, the waffle/pancake side dish, with the bowl of grapes, and toast with low-fat-no-sodium butter. Trying to watch the figure." I smile as I return the menu.

Jace shakes his head with a chuckle. "Pancake platter. With sunny-side up eggs, bacon, and hash browns. Could I get mixed fruit on the side?" He asks.

"Of course. I'll have that out right away." She smiles as she refills our drinks and leaves.

"I didn't know you had such a big appetite. I like that in a girl." He smirks.

"There's a lot of things you don't know about me." I return his sly smirk.

"You don't know a lot about me either, Angel." He grins.

"Ooooh, Now I get a nickname? How exciting." I say playfully.

I feel my cheeks start to heat up and Jace must have noticed. His eyes light up and he his smile is soft.

"I prefer Daniela over any nickname. Your name is just so beautiful to me, A nickname could never roll off my tongue the way your name does." He whispers.

My tummy has butterflies sworming furiously and I feel my cheeks heat even more. Obviously, I'm flushing in color. I try to hide it, but Jace's finger traces my chin and lightly pulls me up to look up at him.

"Beautiful." He smiles.

Blue-green locks with hazel-green. My heart tickles like never before. Its such an odd sensation, but its somewhat like butterflies in my stomach, only a million times better. I love the feeling.

The moment is broken as the waitress comes back. "Alright! Here is your delicious meals. Enjoy." She booms before placing the food in front of us.

I know I'm still blushing. My throat is tingling and although I feel disappointed the moment ended, At the smell of food, I'm reminded how hungry I am.

In between bites of food, We exchange questions and answers. For instance, His favorite books are about poems, his favorite color is the rainbow, his favorite food is ice cream, his favorite candy is kitkat, he likes to write, but his favorite thing of all time is water, more specifically, the ocean.

He says something about being in or near the ocean is… freeing.

He told me there was never a day in his life when he doesn't think about the ocean. If he's ever stressed, a walk on the beach is like a year of therapy.

The serenity of the waves being the only sound and sight you see is just something he finds relaxing. The waves are free to crash in to each other and never seem controlled.

He never could explain why the beach is best on full moon nights. He thinks he only feels completely at ease on those nights because its like the moon is a spotlight on the ocean.

He feels as if the sea performs on those nights. They create a dance for the special night. They seem to be still and calm until a single wave crashes in the background causing the water to move up silently.

Simply listening to him describe the sea from his point of view is indescribable. He sounds so content and excited at the same time. He's so connected to it.

I've always noticed something different about his eyes, but until now, I couldn't place it.

His eyes are a mixture a of blue and green that, with each emotion, move like the ocean.

The colors seem to swirl calmly when he's happy, the colors splash together when he's excited, and seem so warm when he's being kind.

I learned a lot about him in the hour we spent at the diner. We paid the check and headed off to the movies. We saw agreed on seeing the Lorax which was pretty adorable.

Then off to his favorite place in the world.

The beach.

I parked the car and placed five quarters in the meter. Jace took my hand and shushed me as he tugged me on to the beach.

I curiously let him pull me all the way under the pier. "Jace? Why are we under here?" I ask.

"You'll see." He laughs.

He pulls me over to the water, which is freezing! I flinch, but he pulls me in. "Shh… Do you trust me?" He asks.

I sigh, "Of course."

"Close you're eyes." He whispers in my ear; his breath tickling my neck.

I do as told and feel the water hit my ankles. Then nothing, I feel water under my feet, but nothing else.

"Keep you're eyes closed, but carefully walk with me." He whispers.

He pulls me along and I feel as if I'm walking on water! Soon, he lets go of my hands and tilts my head up toward the sky.

"Open you're eyes, but never look down until I say. Do you promise?" He asks as I feel his hands come to my eyes.

"I promise." I whisper.

His tender fingers slowly leave my eyes and soon I'm looking up at a million stars and the moon.

"Wow." I gasp.

"Look around." He smiles.

I glance around and all I see is ocean. Ocean everywhere, but no beach.

"Jace, where are-"

He calmly hushes me. "Look down." He whispers.

I slowly look down and I see water around my feet, but now ground. My mind slowly pieces together the ideas and soon I realize I'm standing on water- no, floating on water!

"Oh my gosh!" I laugh.

"Jace! We're standing on water! Holy- Oh, this is so cool." I smile.

"Take a closer look." He smiles.

I look at him confused and he points down. I look down and I see the stars and moon, but wait, It looks as if I'm standing in the sky. I look up and I can't tell the difference between the two.

Am I looking up or down? I wonder.

I look at Jace who is smiling. "Sit down." He laughs.

"But-" He stops me.

"Sit." He whispers.

I sit and next thing I know, I'm sitting on sand!

"What the hell? I- I'm so confused, but that was so cool! What just happened?" I laughed.

"We were standing in the middle of the ocean." He says nonchalantly

"Then how'd we end up back on the beach?" I ask.

"How do dreams come true?" He smiles.

"I don't know- Wait, You didn't." I laugh.

"You said you always dreamed of walking on water and that's exactly what you just did." He smirked.

"How though?" I gasped.

"Magic I guess." He shrugged.

"God, are you something." I shook my head.

"What's that something?" He asked.

"Something amazing." I whisper.

"You want to know something that amazes me?" He looks straight at me, but his eyes melt every fiber of my being.

"What?" I ask.

"You. Your beauty, your wit, your strength, your innocence, and your pureness. I don't know how you have all that considering everything you've been through. You're just so amazing." He sighs dreamily.

I can't find anything to say. There's nothing to say. Nothing to do, well, there is one thing I could do.

I can't find the courage to do it, so instead I start, only begging he'll finish. I scoot closer toward him and lean my head on his shoulder.

He looks down at me and there's something in his eyes that I've never seen before. I simply can't place it. All I know is, No guy has ever looked at me like that.

Jace sighs and shakes his head, as if trying to brush away a thought. I have this urge that needs to be taken care of before I explode.

I sit up a little more so my head rests a little farther on to his chest.

"This goes against everything my mom has taught me." He whispers to himself.

"Huh?" I ask.

"I'm about to do something that will end two ways and I'm hoping for the latter." He says quietly to me.

"What do you-" I'm cut off by his lips capturing mine.

My mind explodes in to brilliant bright colors flashing through my mind and my entire body goes on a buzzing high.

The feeling is entirely new and delicious. I felt as though I've felt this before, as if I've kissed like this before. No, As if I kissed Jace like this before.

The moment was something entirely beautiful and just so unexplainable, it felt like a dream. I could only hope it would last forever.

That moment was the moment I knew this was it. It was the kiss. Not any kiss, but the kiss.

The one every little girl dreams about and it I couldn't believe it was happening to me!

Could it really be true loves kiss?

I've only known Jace for so long, but at this moment, I felt like I knew him forever and this feeling was like no other.

When he pulled away, I instantly put a finger to my lips. They were tingly. Not tingly like a kiss from Erick. I'm getting sick of not being able to place things, so I make a place for it.

I'm starting to fall in love with Jace.

No words are said. Jace stands up and offers me a hand, which I gladly take. He and I are both smiling. I think we both know what just happened.

I followed his directions back to the woods. We enter the silent house and sit in the living room. He lights a few candles and fixes some tea.

"I don't know what to say about that kiss, all I can hope for is you felt-"

"The spark?" I cut off.

He nods. "Oh yeah… I felt it." I say feeling jittery.

"What'd we do about it?" He asks nervously.

"Jace, Do you like me?" I ask.

"Of course I do!" He whisper-yells.

"Well then, what do you think we should do?" I smile.

No one has to say it. Our lips seal the kiss that make us an official couple, but there's something deeper about this.

I don't quite know how to say it or how to put it, I just know that from the time Jace walked through the doors when I was in the pshyc ward to now, we've grown closer.

It may be too early to say I love him, but it'd be a lie to say I wasn't falling for that amazing guy.

The next morning, Lara wakes me up with a fresh glass of ice water. I didn't realize how dry my throat was and chug it down.

"How'd you sleep last night, Danny?" She asks kindly.

"Considering I wasn't woken up by red eyes at three thirty in the morning, I slept great." I smile.

She laughs and nods, "I can see how that can be pleasant. Its nine o'clock now and I'm sure you're hungry. Breakfast will be done shortly and then you can start your day. I'll say it's safe to assume Jace will be accompany you?" Her smile told me she'd been waiting for us to get together.

"I take it he told you." I smirk.

"No, A mother just knows. I see how happy you make him and how much strength he gives you. I'd be damned if this wasn't meant to be." She winked.

"Glad to have you're blessing, mom." Jace said; groggily emerging from the hall.

He was in a simple pair of loose hanging black pants. His full chest, abs, and hips were exposed. I felt my heart race at the sight. I was going to lose it if I didn't look away, which was extremely difficult.

Lara chuckled and placed two plates of eggs, bacon, and toast on the table in front of me.

"You two need to eat and then Jace, dear, get dressed. Take her home so she can get her things and see if there is anyway to stall this Dylan problem until I can come up with something to help Danny." Lara smiles.

"Yes, mother." Jace smiled.

Lara left down the hallway as soon as she was gone, Jace kissed me. The same explosion of colors happened and my lips and body were left tingly and buzzy.

I have to admit, I'm really liking the feeling.

We eat and then Jace leaves to get dressed. He comes back, "We need to get you home. You can get changed, shower, and all that good stuff when we get back, but see if you can stall Dylan for a little while." He explains as we get in the car.

Soon we're driving and I pull over at the beach, not quite ready to face Dylan again after the last encounter.

"I'm scared I won't make it out alive." I admit.

Jace turns to me, his hand cups my cheek. "I keep promises and I promised that you'd make it out alive and happy. You trust me, don't you?" He smiles.

"Of course I do." I say touching my hand to his.

"Then there's no need to be scared." He whispers.

He leans in and his lips capture mine.

I never cease to lose the explosion and the indescribable feeling that pulses through my veins with each touch of his tender lips.

He pulls away and rests his forehead against mine.

"I've been waiting for this feeling for a long time." He smiles