Sharpe's League Prologue

Synopsis: In an alternate universe, Napoleon his Empire under siege makes a deal with the forces of darkness. In response the British government turns to Major Richard Sharpe to lead a new generation of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


This story isn't based in Sharpe's usual timeline and neither in the timeline of the movie version of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It is based in the world described in Alan Moore's comic book series the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. An alternate universe where every fictional story is true, where King Arthur, Alice and Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes and even Harry Potter all exist in that one universe. Alan Moore did a brilliant job at collating these stories together and many others, into the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Be warned, in this story there are a lot of references to old school fiction books.

For Sharpe this adventure happens instead of the events of Sharpe's Regiment.


May 1813

Napoleon Bonaparte, first Emperor of France saw it all. Reading the latest dispatch from the Spanish border, Napoleon saw the Empire he had built was on the very edge of destruction. His troops were split up into forces, one fighting a new coalition of Russia, Prussia and Austria troops in Germany, the other being led by Marshal Soult on the retreat to the Pyrenees Mountains, the border between Spain and France. The dispatch was from Marshal Soult himself about a counter defence which Napoleon had very little hope in. General Wellington may have started off as a 'Sepoy General' but he had evolved into to a veritable thorn in his imperial backside.

Napoleon had no doubt what so ever he could mop the floor with the Viscount of Wellington. But going to Spain personally would give the Coalition in Germany enough time to fell his forces there, and vice versa. Napoleon crumpled the dispatch in one hand and threw it to the ground in disgust. The situation had become somewhat impossible, even for him. An Napoleon had done the impossible before, but this one seemed beyond him. There was hope from him yet, a mysterious stranger had made him an offer.

This mysterious stranger had powers, powers of a supernatural nature. An knowledge, knowledge that would change the tide for Napoleon. That stranger now was sitting opposite him, at his offices desk placed in the centre his study which lay at the heart of the Imperial Palace. The man sat patiently waiting for the Emperors attentions. The stranger was a complete opposite to the Emperor. He wore a long black cloak while Napoleon wore his white and blue uniform. The stranger had long greasy black hair with pale skin while Napoleon had dark skin that showed his Corsican heritage and short black hair.

It was only a few days ago that Napoleon had learned his name was Draculva, son of the mysterious Transylvanian Count, a Count that was known by very few in Europe as a Vampire lord, a being of great evil. Napoleon broke the silence between them, breaking the oppression within his dark study.

"You were right my friend, my choices are now few. I could fight, and with my current resources I would lose or I could try and make peace with the rest of Europe, both will result in the loss of my Empire. Or I could take you up on you offer and have a chance like no mortal in history has ever been given, domination of the entire world" said Napoleon mopping his brow in thought.

Draculva smiled, his pure white teeth shining in the dark.

"Do you agree to my terms? Once you enter an agreement with me Napoleon, it's for eternity" asked Draculva.

Napoleon got to his feet, a single hand in his tunic. The Emperor may have been short in statue but in that moment he seemed to be dominating the room.

"As long as I have your assurance that you truly know how to wake 'him' up" demanded Napoleon.

"You have it sir, he may be asleep but he dreams of his return" said Draculva.

Napoleon sighed and sat back into his chair. This decision would change his life forever.

"We have an agreement" said Napoleon finally relenting, undoing his collar.

Draculva grin turned into a snare and his grey eyes turned blood red. Without warning, he leapt onto the table, reaching over to the Napoleon and sinking his teeth into his soft fatty neck. The Vampire moved faster than Napoleon could react so it was too late to respond to Draculva's sharp teeth buried inside his neck. Draining his blood and allowing the Vampire's evil to enter the Emperor's blood stream.

For all those who don't know, Dracula means 'Son of the Dragon' in Romanian or 'Son of the devil', depending which translation you take. So Draculva means in Romanian 'grandson of the Dragon/ Devil'.

Next chapter will be out soon.