A/N: Basically part of the intro to what is going to become a very hot and heavy scene between Alice and Hatter. (Which should, if all goes to plan, cover a really big chapter 3 or smaller 3-4, not sure yet.) I'm sort of just doing this as I go along so any reviews would be received with much love! It's iffy whether this is just going to be a simple sexy fic or if it'll develop into anything with a substantial story line... Well, we'll see! Enjoy!

Uncomfortable with the sensation of being watched without her knowledge Alice began to search for some sort of civilisation in this strange, damp forest she had come across but as she wandered, and as it had gotten dark she could not rid the increasing uneasy awareness of not entirely being alone. This feeling, paired with two large eyes she swore she saw out of her peripheral vision got too much, so Alice, sensible as she was, had managed to clamber up a tree and select a large nook paired with a branch which would suffice as a bed for the night and this way she was not lying on the damp forest floor. Not ideal, but it would have to do.

It was a cool, dry morning and the sun was still low in Wonderland when Alice awoke from her slumber. After arriving in this peculiar place she had yet to find anything or anyone to enlighten her of her current predicament. As she became more aware of an uncomfortable knot digging into her hip she sat bolt upright remembering where she was and cracked her head on a branch a little above. "Oh!" she exclaimed rolling over in pain as she clutched her forehead. Unfortunately the area she had perched on was not that large and as she moved she tumbled from the tree. She gasped and wheezed as the air was expelled from her lungs upon landing in an ungracious heap. After a minute or two of getting her breath back she groaned and struggled to her feet in order to compose herself. The trees around her shimmied and spun as her head whirled with the sudden movement. When she felt a little less like she was going to vomit she began to walk again.

After barely two minutes of walking Alice came across something which looked remarkably like a path. "At last!" Alice remarked aloud, "But which way?"

"Perhaps I can help?" came a voice, which made Alice startle.

"Who... Who's there?" she called out standing on her tip-toes and craning her neck in an attempt to see through the trees and locate where the voice came from.

"Why, I am the one and only Cheshire Cat." stated the voice slowly and clearly, this time coming from behind Alice making her spin on the spot.

"A cat?"

"Not just any cat, the one and only Cheshire Cat," a grin developed in the trees becoming more solid as the rest of the cat came into view. The appearance of the cat made Alice shut her eyes and shake her head from side to side.

"I must be concussed," Alice said to the cat.

"And why is that?" asked the Cheshire Cat grinning widely.

"I am talking to a cat who came out of nowhere with large violet eyes and more teeth than I!" she explained, her voice a little higher and louder than that usual. She cleared her throat, "Tell me, Cheshire Puss, which way should I go?"

"Where you go is where you shall be." he replied simply, Alice frowned.

"Well where is my home?" she queried,

"Where you put it." stated the Cat,

"Don't be silly Cheshire Cat, please help me get to where I need to go..." her head was still pounding from the earlier incident and she felt hardly in the mood for riddles or tricks."Where is my house?"

"I will tell you only one thing," he said, "left leads you to the Mad Hatter's tea party" he lifted his respective paw and gestured in the general direction, "And right leads you to the simple minded yet violence-loving Tweedle Twins." Again, the cat gestured in the applicable direction, "It is up to you to choose where you need to be," The Cat chuckled as he began to vanish, his body fading into the trees.

"Wait!" shouted Alice but it was no good, all that was left of the cat was his large grin still chuckling slightly which lingered for only a few seconds and then, it too vanished.

Alice was stuck. Did she follow the lure of promised tea but enter the realm of a mad man, or risk some violent twins? She pondered for no more than a minute and the headed off in the direction of a Mad Hatters tea party for mad did not necessarily mean dangerous...