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Alice's eyebrows rose, whether he meant her or the small Dormouse was irrelevant, he seemed intimidating and surely it was not a good thing to disobey a madman, so without hesitation she turned on her heel and started to flee yet took no more than three steps when a hand griped her wrist like a vice. Her heart faltered as the blood rushed to her head making her dizzy, she wasn't entirely comfortable with being held I'm such a manner but had to admit it gave her a thrill. She turned to see the Hatter towering above her, his face uncomfortably close to hers. How improper this was! There isn't even a chaperone... But this train of thought was cut short when she looked into the Hatter's eyes. They were so blue, the colour of ice and yet somehow managed to glow through the shadow of his large hat giving the impression of fire flicking through. She felt daft as her breath caught in her throat.

The Hatter released a single chuckle giving Alice the feeling he could read her mind, she diverted her gaze from his face in embarrassment. His grip loosened a little and it came clear that he had been cutting off the blood supply to her hand when she felt the warmth rush back into it. He took her hand in his and pulled her along the table, when they reached his seat he asked her, "Would you like to play a game?"

"Sure," she accepted still bewitched by the Hatter's eyes and after all, there was nothing to cause harm with a game as thoughts of croquet and cricket played on lazy summer afternoons back at home came to mind. How far away that seems...

An effortless smile broke across his face. "Very good," he signalled for Alice to sit in a large high backed chair covered in deep green velvet with smooth mahogany acting as the frame. She obeyed and he laid her hand against the arm of the chair sliding a long piece of black ribbon from his belt and using it to tie her wrist to the chair. This was not like the other games she had played before, and the Hatter could obviously tell she was becoming uncomfortable. "It's just my turn to act first okay?" she nodded shyly, "Then if you want, you can have a go."

"Okay... What game is this?"

"Oh," he almost sighed, "A very fun one."

Alice tried to pull against the restraints which now held her to the chair, black ribbon tied to each wrist and each ankle made it near impossible for her to move at all. The Hatter took a few steps back and looked her up and down, she didn't like the way he looked at her, like he could see directly through her thin blue and white dress to the pale flesh which lay beneath. His brow furrowed as his eyes locked onto the bow in the ribbon on her right ankle and he knelt down to correct it, his face was very close to her bare legs, she felt his breath tickle her skin as tingles ran up her spine, distracted by this new sensation it was a moment before she realised that the Hatter was no longer tending to the ribbon but drawing slow patterns on her calf steadily moving closer to the hem of her dress which sat a little above her knees.

He inched further and further up her leg and in response Alice's heart began to race yet she felt this was wrong. As his agile fingers began to move between her thighs and under her skirts she paled and clamped her knees together as much as possible, given the circumstances, stopping his hand in its tracks. He looked up at her, his eyes questioning. "This is indecent," she said, and he simply let out a "Tsk," "This is no way to act around a young woman,"

"I assure you, on the contrary. This is precisely how to act with a girl like you, lost in the woods." his smile held something other than humour, and it was not comforting. "Look at you," he went on, "So young, innocent, fresh, unspoiled. So... Tight." He emphasised unhappily on the last word, but Alice did not understand the context. She sat childlike and out of place.