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Michael knew he didn't care for a lot,

Sam told him all the time.

"There's not a thing you would love, if it was bought;

Y'know, Mikey, I think that might be a crime."

But on one blistering, Miami day,

He silently ticked off the things he did care for.

None of them were items he had to pay

For. Just four things; no less, no more.

He liked, because you couldn't care for, fighting.

It kept him in shape without costing him money.

It kept his mind sharper than a normal hobby, like writing.

Actually, now that he thought about it, that "like" was a little funny…

Next there were his friends,

Aside from Sam, they were almost never around.

They would keep each other's secrets to the very end,

Even the one about Portugal and that really scary sound.

Michael cringed at the memory, not wanting it to return,

While he considered the next two things.

If there was one thing he had learned,

Memories could really make the heart sing.

Family was high on the list, close to the top.

His mom was the greatest ever,

And his brother… That's where the train of thought stopped.

Would he ever abandon them though? Never.

They hugged him when things got bad,

And made sure he was eating more than just yogurt, oddly.

They, also, hugged him when he was sad,

And, though they bothered the family, ignored his follies.

A proud uncle and brother,

And most definitely son,

He'd never want another,

Because his family was number one.

With a smile on his face,

He turned his head west.

His heart began to race;

He'd saved the best for last.

Fiona was the light of life,

For many reasons, great and small.

Would they someday marry and she'd be his wife?

The answer to that was the greatest reason of them all.

He smiled and looked at the small gift bag

He had placed on the passenger seat.

Even though the hours had begun to drag

In the smoldering Miami heat

He knew with all his heart that he loved her,

And that she loved him too.

They were meant to be together forever,

Which was something everyone knew.

Thinking back at the list, he realized he had changed

Since his old spy days.

The things he loved now had a great range.

With that he chuckled- God's mysterious ways.

He loved the life he had now,

Even if he missed being a spy.

Now he lived in a different world,

And he could revisit the past in his mind's eye…

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