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Summary: River Song has always loved the story of Anastasia since she was a child but she's shocked to find the Doctor's terrible part in this tale. Could he be responsible for the assassination of the Romanov Family?

Legends,Loves,Myths and Vodka

The following is an extract from a book entitled "Analysing social discontent in Eastern Europe (late 19th to early 23rd century)" mentioned here is the section about a country on Earth known as Russia .It was compiled by Professor C.D Garth of the Lunar University in the year 5145.

The Book in question was safely locked away in the University's archives until the early hours of the morning when the archive was broken into and this text was stolen. Thankfully an electronic copy was stored on the library database:

Chapter twenty three: The First and Second Russian Revolutions

Sub chapter seven: the impact of Myths and Legends on the lower classes.

Perhaps even more bizarre then the Russian people's firm belief that the last grand duchess survived her family's assassination is the idea that a man, dressed that day in what appeared to be the clothes of an English gentleman, was the one who oversaw the rest of the Romanov families deaths.

There are several irregularities concerning this story, for instance, no record of this man existed throughout the rise of the Soviet and the Russian Revolution before this point, if he were charged with such an important task then surely he was a prominent Bolshevik worth mentioning?

Secondly, witnesses claim that he did not merely dress as an Englishman, but spoke as one as well. The English involvement in the Russian Civil war contradicts this belief; the English were in favour of the Royal family, fearing Marxist ideology.

Thirdly, witnesses to this "shadow" as he is dubbed, all declare that upon hearing the gunshots from inside the house the Royal family were confined to, the man stepped into a blue wooden box which simply disappeared after the second or so.

It has been suggested by many such historians that if this shadow ever did exist, he was nothing more then a story in the minds of the people, born out of a desire to blame their own discontent on an elusive figure, for the shadow never returned to Russia, nor played another part in the shaping of the new nation ever again.

Lunar University, Archive, year 5160

She lets the Book fall out of her hands and onto the ground with a heavy thud, indifferent to the thought that someone might hear the sound.

There is a picture beneath the writing she has just read. That was what caught her attention in the first place.

Not a photograph, rather, an artist's impression of what the shadow assumedly looked like.

A face stared out of the book, a young looking man with brown messy hair that flopped over his eyes, oh those eyes, so ancient and so young, the artist had managed to capture them so well. The man was dressed splendidly in a brown tweed jacket, under which she could just see his red braces and a white shirt accompanied by a red bowtie.

Slowly she sank to the ground in front of the book, running a finger along the man in the pictures left cheekbone. How she knew that face, every inch of it like she knew herself.

And yet, it appeared, she didn't know the man himself for the words were so out of character to the man she loved.

He would never do something like this. Destroyer of worlds he may be, but one man's destruction is another's saviour, and this, this benefitted no-one.

Briefly she considered the information's validity, but, with a heavy sigh her rational side persuaded her otherwise and she was forced to admit defeat. The author was a well known historian who was known for his extreme attention to detail on his subjects and a very precise researcher.

She jumped violently when she heard the sound of voices outside the door behind her, coming back to the present in an instant; she was in the Archive of her old university, having stolen the access card of one Professor C.D Garth in order to obtain research for her thesis.

C.D Garth's dead body was currently orbiting around a planet that she had forgotten the name of but no one would find that out for a long time.

That, she consoled herself, was not her fault, but it would look suspicious if she were to be found here with his access card.

Quickly she leaned forward and scooped up the heavy book in both arms, snapping it shut and standing up.

The curiosity would plague her until she worked found out the truth and besides, what better way was there to get a hold of some research then to go out and do some fieldwork?

Dusty tome in hand, Doctor River Song reached down to her wrist purposefully and typed in the correct co-ordinates for her vortex manipulator.

By the time her old lecturer, Professor Candy, had unlocked the door, she was already gone. The only trace that someone had been in the room was a lone access card on the ground and an open Archive drawer missing a single book.

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