Well, here it is, Broken.

"Shane you left!" Mitchie yelled, her voice cracking. "You broke us when you left and never came back!" Shane stood there, accepting her words, each one piercing his hear like a knife.

"Mitchie, I'm sorry but-" Shane tried to find something to say, something that would make sense, something that would help him and not make her mad. Something that would fix this.

I did break us.

That thought ran through his mind when he realized her had. He left. He looked back at Mitchie whose eyes were sparkling with tears, anger and….want. She wanted him.

"I'm sorry Mitchie." He whispered.

"Sorry!" Mitchie screeched. That could not be good, she was a singer. "You left and you're sorry! How dare you!" She glared back at him, her stare boring into him.

He could see her anger. He had left, receiving a call from his agent saying if he didn't come back, they would tear up his contract and walk away. He didn't tell Mitchie the situation though.

Smart move, she probably would've listened. Coward. Shane scolded himself.

He had left her a note on their bedside table, telling it nothing of where he was going, what he was doing and why.

"I love you Mitchie, I'm so sorry I did this to you." I stared at her desperately. "Please."

Mitchie glared at him coldly. "That time for me has passed." She said.


Shane had known her for so long he knew when she was lying, and she was right now. Her eyes still shined with want as she looked at him. But, Shane also knew she was stubborn, she would never admit she still wanted him. He had known her for eight long years since she first came to his Uncle's camp, where he was, being forced to go by his band mates of Connect Three to clean up his act.

Camp Rock. Good times. Shane thought wistfully.

He had remembered her voice, hearing it while he was hiding from fan girls who decided to hunt him and chase him throughout the camp. He spent a good two months obsessing over the girl with the voice, but he finally found her at Final Jam. It was Mitchie of course. This was after she lied about her mother being a big President on Hot Tunes China. Shane decided to forgive her, maybe it was because he liked her? Loved her?

"Mitchie," He pleaded. "I'm sorry, please forgive me."

Mitchie just looked at him sorrowfully. "I don't know Shane, I just don't know."

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