Author's Notes: A collection of drabbles/ficlets exploring Alice's history, her relationship with Alan and the darkness that threatens to destroy all she loves.

I'm neither a professional writer, nor an English literature professor, so go easy on me. I assure you any and all mistakes be it grammar/spelling or otherwise are not intentional.

As always this fandom does not belong to me.

As a child, Alice knew the dark was more than the absence of light; it was an entity with a mind of its own. With soulless eyes, it watched the world from the shadows, like a spider in its web. It breathed smoke and choked all that crossed its path with tendrils of inky blackness.

Alice also knew that the darkness was after her, for what reason she could not say.

Her mother often chided her for having such fears, as did her father. Confused and concerned for their daughter's mental health, Alice parents took her to a variety of specialists. No amount of training, medicine, or examinations could cure the child of her night terrors.

They left Alice with a flashlight, and a nightlight in her room. In time, the child learned to keep her nightmares to herself. Alice even ceased to speak of the shadows that moved of their own accord. Silence was better than facing a lifetime of ridicule from those who could not understand.

Nothing could rid her of the nightmares, or the feeling that someone, or something was always watching her.