Author's Notes:A collection of drabbles/ficlets exploring Alice's history, her relationship with Alan and the darkness that threatens to destroy all she loves.

I'm neither a professional writer, nor an English literature professor, so go easy on me. I assure you any and all mistakes be it grammar/spelling or otherwise are not intentional.

As always this fandom does not belong to me.

The dark presence stared at Alice, and Alice stared right back. The entity wore the skin of an old woman, yet to the photographer the creature's mask had long since worn thin.

The darkness engulfed her, threatening to fill her heart with a new sense paralyzing fear. Alice could feel it edging at the corners of her mind, whispering poison in her ears, while phantom tendrils threatened to claw at her very soul. There was also an undercurrent of relief, as though they had been destined for this confrontation.

'You foolish girl, did you really think you could protect him from me?' The entity's words, thick and oily, hung heavy in the air.

Alice did not respond. Her thoughts had scattered as fear flooded her mind. She opened her mouth to speak but the words would not come. Gripped with fear she could only stare at the being; her arms wrapped tightly around her waist. Pleased by the woman's lack of response, the creature stepped forward closing the distance between them.

'This is so much greater than muses, writing, or even your pathetic marriage. This is about destiny. Yours, his, and mine.' The darkness calmly explained. 'The time has finally come to end this little game.'

The sound of typewriter keys tapping filled Alice's ears. Immediately memories of happier times surfaced in her thoughts. Though Alan was nowhere near, in her heart she knew he was near. A calm poured over her, and with it came a clarity she had long since forgotten.

You are of the light child. It is your destiny to draw the dark to you. Her grandmother's words echoed in her thoughts. In the dark, Alice could almost see the elder woman standing by her side. Suddenly the dark was no longer so overwhelming.

'An entire life spent running away, hiding and playing the coward. Do you really think you can stop me?' the dark presence hissed, as dark tendrils reached out to where Alice stood. Instinctively she shrank back in fear, but to her surprise and relief, the oily darkness did not touch her. Twisting and twitching, the entity struggled to grab hold of Alice only to fall short. It was as though an unseeing force caught it.

Without the dark, there can be no light. Without the light, there can be no hope.

Recalling her late professor's words Alice came to a new realization. Something was very wrong here, or perhaps, very right. For reasons she could not hope to explain, Alice realized that in this strange place, this limbo, the dark could neither touch, nor harm her. 'Even the greatest darkness, must bow to the smallest ray of light,' she softly whispered to herself.

The warning hung in the air, heavy with anticipation. Infuriated by her statement, the dark presence attempted to slap Alice across the face, only to be stopped by the unseeing force.

Hissing a curse, the entity moved to attack again only to pause, as its eyes fell to her hands. In that moment Alice registered that her fingers was still clinging tightly to Alan's old light switch, the one he called the Clicker. Alice never believed in the tale, she was always so certain it had been another one of Alan's creative stories. Nevertheless, the trinket had become a lucky charm of sorts over the years, so it remained on her person, or nearby at all times. Gingerly parting her fingers, Alice took in the strange glow that seemed to hover about the switch. Alan's tale of the clicker no longer seemed so far fetched.

If I ever got scared of the dark, I could just flip the switch and a magic light would scare the monsters away.

Recalling Alan's words, Alice wondered if the small device in her hand was what had been protecting her from the entity all along. At the sight of the Clicker, the dark presence took a step back and cackled. 'Do you really think you can stop me child?'
Alice did not respond it was not necessary. The creature's reaction, though subtle, was answer enough for both of them. The tables had turned, and this time she would not back down. Aiming the clicker at the creature's face Alice turned the switch on and bathed the world in light.