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Inuyasha stood in front of the well, his hands gripping the sides. He tried to convince himself that it was the heat from the afternoon sun that was making his palms sweaty but he knew he couldn't fool himself; he was nervous. Kagome was off with Kaede, improving her miko skills with training. Miroku and Sango were spending some quality time together; hopefully he wouldn't have his arm removed. Shippo was playing with some of the village children. This was Inuyasha's only time to go through the well to Kagome's time without anyone noticing. 'Come on, you can do it,' Inuyasha thought, jumping into the well before he could second-guess himself. A bright blue light surrounded him momentarily and then he was in the shrine's well house.

'You can do this,' he thought as he walked toward Kagome's home. 'Just be polite and don't yell and give her all your reasons and she couldn't possibly say no.' Inuyasha felt his throat go dry as he knocked on the door. Usually he would just barge into the house, but usually he was coming to get Kagome.

"Inuyasha, what a surpise," Mrs. Higurashi said when she opened the door. "What can I do for you?"

"I-I need something from you please Mrs. Higurashi," Inuyasha said anxiously.

"Well why don't you come on in," she replied with a smile. Inuyasha followed her inside, wiping his sweaty palms on his fire rat robe. "Would you like a cup of tea?" Inuyasha nodded, trying to calm the butterflies in his stomach. 'I can do this, I can do this.' He watched as Mrs. Higurashi bustled around the kitchen, reminding him of Kagome's mannerism, as she would make dinner for the group. 'What if she says no?' he thought worriedly. 'What if she doesn't want Kagome to stay with me? What if she thinks it's too dangerous?' Mrs. Higurashi pulled him out of his depressing thoughts by setting a cup of tea in front of him, smiling gently. She could tell he was nervous about something, but she wasn't sure what it was. She knew Kagome was safe; Inuyasha would never let anything happen to her and that calmed any worry she had.

"Mrs. Higurashi, I came to ask you for something very important," Inuyasha said, looking her in the eye. "I don't know how things are done in this time so I hope I'm not doing anything wrong but in my time you always ask the parents first." Mrs. Higurashi's breath caught in her throat, her eyes widening slightly. "I would like Kagome to become my mate and I've come to ask you for your blessing since Kagome's father isn't alive."

"Inuyasha," Mrs. Higurashi said softly.

"I promise I'll be a wonderful mate to her. I'll love her more than anyone could ever love a person and I'll protect her with my life. I'll always make sure she's safe from harm and that she has enough food to eat and a proper roof over her head. If she wants to have pups I will love and care for our pups and help her raise them. I just, I love her more than I've ever loved anyone and more than I ever will love anyone and I want to be with her forever," Inuyasha said hurriedly, taking a deep breath as he finished. He could feel himself blushing, his face getting hot. He was never good at talking about his feelings and telling Mrs. Higurashi everything hadn't been easy, but she needed to know how much he cared about her.

Mrs. Higurashi sat back in her seat, shocked by everything he said. She definitely didn't expect to have this conversation with Inuyasha when she opened the door today, but she couldn't honestly say she was surprised. She knew that one day Inuyasha would come ask her for her blessing, she just hadn't expected it to happen so soon. She looked at the half-demon boy sitting in front of her, looking nervous and fidgety but unwavering. She knew that Inuyasha and Kagome loved each other deeply and she knew that no one would be a better husband to Kagome. But she also knew if Kagome married Inuyasha, she would be living in the Feudal Era. She was torn between her motherly need to protect her child and her desire for her daughter to be as happy as humanly possible. And Kagome's happiness was with Inuyasha. Mrs. Higurashi put her cup down gently, taking a deep breath. She could see Inuyasha become more and more anxious as the seconds passed.

"Inuyasha," she said softly, watching his ears twitch. "I would love for you to marry Kagome." Inuyasha's eyes lit up with happiness, his mouth opening slightly. "However, there are two conditions."

Inuyasha's mouth snapped shut as she said this, internally groaning. 'What

could she want from me? I'll do anything to mate Kagome.' "Anything you want Mrs. Higurashi. What do you need me to do?"

"First thing is you have to wait for Kagome to finish high school before you propose."

"When is that?" he asked anxiously. He hated when Kagome went off to school and spent so much time studying for her tests. But he knew that finishing school was a matter of honor for Kagome and that was something he could understand.

Mrs. Higurashi walked over to a calendar posted on the wall, silently counting the days. "If Kagome passes all of her tests, 34 days. But if she doesn't pass all her tests, she'll be in school for another 4 months."

Inuyasha's heart sunk at the thought of having to wait another 4 months. 'That's so long to wait. But if she passes her tests it won't be as long. Ugh that means I'm going to have to let her come back more to study for her tests.' "Okay, I can do that. What's the second thing?"

Mrs. Higurashi smiled, walking over to Inuyasha. "You have to call me Mom from now on." She kissed his forehead quickly, watching as he blushed slightly. "Welcome to the family Inuyasha."

"T-thanks M-mom," Inuyasha stuttered.

"So do you have a ring for Kagome?" Mrs. Higurashi asked curiously.

"A ring?"

" Yes, in the modern era when a man proposes to a woman he gives her a ring. This ring is the kind of ring you give at the wedding ceremony," she said, pointing at the simple gold band on her hand. "But when you propose you usually give the girl a ring with a stone in it. Hold on one second while I get my album; I think I have a picture."

Inuyasha sat quietly as his thoughts spun, wondering what other modern era traditions he needed to know about. 'A ring with a stone? Who wants a pebble on their ring?'

"Here it is," Mrs. Higurashi said, sitting next to him. "This is my wedding album and this is an engagement ring." She pointed at a much younger picture of her husband and herself, a small diamond ring shining on her finger.

"I have a ring like that," Inuyasha said softly, a thoughtful look on his face.


Inuyasha nodded, his throat tight. "Yes, it was my mother's ring. She used to wear it all the time when I was a pup. Would that be okay to give to Kagome?"

"Oh yes, family heirlooms are always appropriate," she said, touched Inuyasha would give Kagome something so precious to him.

"It'll need to be cleaned up too. But I'm pretty sure that it'll fit her. She has small hands like my mother did."

"Well you just bring the ring to me one afternoon before you propose and I'll get it cleaned. Come back one day while Kagome is at school and we can sit and talk about all the wedding things you need to know. I'm sure you and Kagome are going to have a ceremony in your time, but she'll probably want to have a wedding in this time too. A wedding is a very special time for a woman," she said happily.

"Do you think Kagome will say yes?" he asked, worry creeping into his mind.

"Of course she will; Kagome has been in love with you for years. She'll be thrilled to be your wife."

Inuyasha sighed in relief. "Thanks Mrs, err I mean Mom. I better get back before anyone notices I'm gone." Inuyasha stood up, walking to the door. "Thank you again. For your blessing and your advice and your help. And for Kagome."

"Come back soon Inuyasha," Mrs. Higurashi said, waving good-bye. "Take good care of Kagome for me."

'34 days,' Inuyasha thought as he entered the well house. 'I can wait 34 days.'