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Mystery Awaits

The day's pretty average since it's like any other day. Amity Park's one of the popular places to talk about and surely enough, this brings a lot of conversation that goes on. Especially about me.

Here I was, blasting at this failure hunter ghost who doesn't know when to quit! He's been trying to trap in me into his stupid ghost net and try to claim me as his personal wall trophy or pelt, whatever his mood was on. Sometimes, he can be okay from time to time if he wasn't so stubborn on getting stronger. He's always relying on his robotic suit that his 'employer' provides him in better benefits. I really don't see many benefits other than hunting ghosts in his own realm. Normally, I'd blast him into pieces, but that would mean the oh, so rich billionaire can give him something more…useful to his desire. Skulker always fancy stronger weapon to take me down.

I flew around him and somehow, he whipped out his electrocuting rope, and total screaming call for this. It hurts so badly, begging him to end it, and he wouldn't! No matter how much I'd try, I couldn't keep myself in my form, and struggled to keep up my strength. Great, this has to be a must avoid if there's a next time ever!

The inflicting electricity continues to burn me alive, aching up all of my muscle, and losing all of my focus. If I went Fenton, it would mean my secret was all over, and I couldn't bear the thoughts of becoming a freak to the world as enough. What could I do to stop him this time?

A sudden ecto green blast behind Skulker away and his painful rope away from me. I landed onto the road, knowing no cars were coming at all, and felt the time to heal. I glanced around and saw my ghost scent going off. I blinked and couldn't believe to what I was really seeing this time.

A ghost girl who doesn't seem to be…the typical or average your ghosts of evilness or friendliness ones. Her skin was almost fair, just a little lighter. She has silver hair down to her shoulder. She had a black mask and a pair of goggles on her face to hide her identity -which totally doesn't make sense why- with those pair of blue eyes. Her eyes weren't exactly glowing, but enough to know those were ghost eyes. It's not blue neon, kind of like…a little darker than a sky blue kind of an eye color.

Her outfit was a little similar to mine. She had a black jumpsuit with white belt, turtle neck, and armrests. Her boots were more like winter boots that girls often get frantic on the styles on for heels, but more platforms. She wore small black gloves on her too. That wasn't it; she has some sort of a raincoat, but like a trench coat too. It resembles much like her eyes, only a little brighter than sky blue. There was some lining of bright yellow on it. At the bottom of her coat, she had lightning on both sides. I thought that was kind of cool, but I wasn't too concern about getting something like that.

Her eyes met mine and she looked away to see the ghost who had harmed me. I floated up a little and she flew off before I could reach her.

"Ah! Wait!" I tried to go after, but she totally disappeared by going invisible.

I stopped, scratched my head, and wondered why that ghost girl disappeared. It was really odd, I haven't seen a ghost acted like that before. Maybe other people or average people that lives here or outside of town that freaks out on ghosts.

"Dang it, I wanted to know her name…" I muttered, "Maybe next time." I sighed.

I glanced over and saw that he's totally out of it. So, the fight was over now. I trapped into the Fenton Thermos and wondered about that ghost girl. Who was she? Why did she even help me out? Sometimes, it doesn't make sense and then again, maybe she's one of those ghosts that just rather be left alone. Maybe that's why she disappeared.

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