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I kept flying around town and couldn't find her anywhere! Where the hell was she? Everywhere I looked, everyone was in a comfort knowing there wasn't a single ghost attack and how lively the town can be.

I flew around invisible, trying to see if she'd come out at all, and absolutely nothing! Grr! Why wasn't she around now? Doesn't she patrol or something?

I blinked, maybe she's in Massapequa! Yeah, that's it! So I rushed over to her place, which took about ten minutes to get there. I need to figure out how to teleport to places quicker.

I wasn't too sure where to start or where to go since it was my first time here. I floated around, looked out for anyone who might help me out, and I noticed a young teenage girl who's excited to see me in person. She seems okay for a start and I floated down to her.

"Oh my ghost! You're Danny Phantom! In East Massapequa!" She squealed.

I nodded and trying to consider the fan at least, "Hi and yeah, I'm Danny Phantom." I waved once, "I was wondering if you could help me."

She gasped, "Oh, absolutely! Anything for Amity Park's hero!"

I blinked…wow, these people were something else, "Uh, thanks. Do you know where I can find Staticly?"

She nodded, "Yes, in your town. She announced it about two weeks ago that she's going over to your town to start exploring to more places to protect people. We have Roller protecting us now." She smiled.

I nodded slowly to go along what she's telling me. So why does Staticly wants to protect people? Doesn't she know I'm taking care of the place? Could it be that she doesn't know how to fight with ghosts or something? She doesn't even have a Fenton Thermos of her own! Ugh, so she's hiding somewhere. I crossed my arms and trying to figure it out.

"She does fly around at night, then she disappears during the day time." She added on.

I blinked, "Huh, why does she fly around at night time, miss?"

She giggled, "You'd have to ask her that yourself. No one knows why and she's a quiet about things. Don't you know anything about her?"

Great…I have got to check by Jazz to tell me everything about Staticly.

I chuckled, "She's new to me for about a couple of weeks."

She grinned awkwardly, "She was the first hero to show up in East Massapequa…she didn't have it easy and no one didn't like her much from the start. Even you, Danny Phantom, didn't have it any easier too."

Wow, I totally didn't expect someone to explain this much to me. Maybe it made sense why Staticly was always quiet with everyone. She didn't want to express herself much.

"Thank you, miss, for your help." I smiled.

She nodded instantly and I flew right back into the air to head right back to home. Right now, school was the last thing to worry about and they haven't called home since last year. Sometimes, it was better off mom and dad not knowing that I ditched school or I'd seriously have to explain to them about how I became Phantom for almost ten months now.

I decided to remain invisible and lurk around the town until I find her. Absolutely nowhere to be found and figured she might do night patrolling to entertain her night. Maybe she felt bored or something. I shrugged and wasn't too sure about it why.

There's a loud ringing going off and took a while to sink in to solve what that was. My phone! I pulled it out and answered it.


"Danny, it's Sam. Where have you been? Mr. Lancer was not happy to see you're nowhere to be found."

I groaned, "Sorry, Sam. Something came up in my mind and I'm investigating it now."

"About what?"

"…I think Staticly has been taking over my ghost fighting jobs for the past two weeks."

"Wait, wait, what? Staticly? How did you hear about her?"

I haven't exactly told my friends about whom the ghost I dealt. I just let her slipped and Jazz was the only one who discovered the ghost from me.

"Uh, Jazz told me about her."

"Oh, but why would think she's taking your ghost fight job? She's hardly a ghost herself."

She has no idea what she said was totally opposite than everything. I couldn't just tell her right off that she was or ruin Staticly's reputation or something. It was mainly her decisions, not mine.

"A theory why we haven't seen ghosts in two weeks, Sam. Besides, I need to see if it's possible. Anything else?"

She sighed, "We're at Tucker's house, Natalie decided to give some friendship with Tucker."

That was fast, "Huh, Tucker must really be into games or her."

"Maybe both, but you know he always goes after all the girls."

I chuckled, "Yeah."

"Hey, what about Vlad? Could he be up to something with the ghosts?"

My head shook, "Nah, he's too…busy with his plans." I know Sam would flip or laugh to find out about Vlad's dating.

"Don't believe him too much, you know he'll do anything to get what he wants."

"Right, since when the last time I believed him?"

"Good point."

"Call me if you guys come across any ghosts."

"You know it."

We both hung up and I gathered myself back into search for Staticly. I spent all day looking and decided maybe waiting until it's actually night. So, I headed home and phrased through the wall into my room. For me, it's easy to deal with it and avoid mom and dad. I ended up transforming to Fenton and wiped out. The bed was easy to join and took my sweet time to close my eyes. Ah, nap time couldn't hurt.

"I heard Danny was looking for me," A soft hummed.

One…two…three…I flung up and woke myself to reality to hear her voice. My head jerked over and there she was. She was leaning against my window and had a gentle smile on her. My jaw dropped and couldn't believe she's been here the entire time! Wait…she heard I was looking for her, so who could have told her?

"Uh…yeah!" Like no duh.

Staticly nodded, "So, what's up?"

I ruffled my hair, "I know you've been fighting ghost, Staticly and that's my job. Why are you all of a sudden moving in like it's you own the place?"

Staticly nodded, "I have my reasons, but really, normal life style is boring."

My eyes rolled, "Come on, normal life is great!"

She shrugged and tossed something over to me, "Here, I took it from here while I was fighting ghosts. There's about two hundred in there."

I ended up catching the Fenton Thermos before it fell and felt…shocked. She caught two hundred in two weeks? Why wasn't my ghost scent going off?

"Two hundred is usually a week amount for total of ghosts. It took you that long to catch them all?"

Staticly shrugged once more, "I didn't say I was perfect at fighting."

I totally agreed on that, but her answers didn't exactly helped why she was taking my responsibilities. I held the thermos tightly, trying to grip the idea of her other side, and can't even see it. She's wearing that mask…nothing made any sense.

"Why do you wear a mask, Staticly?"

Staticly scoffed softly and shook her head, "Why aren't you wearing one? You're so obvious between Fenton and Phantom. I'm surprised the world hasn't figured that out yet."

I blinked, "…" and that was something else, "…touché."

Staticly observed my room and really seemed to be relaxed about everything.

"You like space much?" She looked over at me.

I shot a small shy smile, "Sh-yeah. I always wanted to be an astronaut."

"What's stopping you?"

I glared the obvious point, "Hello? Phantom much?"

Staticly began to understand, "Oh, right. Must be hard when you need sleep, trying to deal with homework, and study too."

I didn't exactly understand right away, but remembered she can't ever sleep.

"Um, Staticly, would you like to meet my sister? She knows I'm half ghost and helps me out from time to time with ghost fighting stuff."

Staticly sighed, "I don't know…I'm not used to talking to people as Staticly. It's like being another person again."


Staticly didn't continue, but what did she mean by that? Did she have a personality disorder or something?

"Why all of a sudden?"

I shrugged, "I figured you might like to get to know to those I trust my half ghost secret. Vlad doesn't have anyone but you, my friends, my sister, and me to know his secret too."

Staticly blinked, "So you think I have a personal secret issue?"

"Well, I-I mean you said you're not comfortable with sharing your true identity and I thought maybe you don't have anyone to tell secrets to or share." I rubbed in the back of my head.

"Ah…so, what do you fear will happen? I'd go insane?"

"…maybe." I shrugged.

She rolled her eyes, "Danny, my life is…complicated I should say."

My thumb pointed randomly, "More complicated than living with my parents who are obsessed with studying ghosts and that I have to deal with every little thing they do and I have school to deal with too?"

"…okay, much complicated than that."

Wow…now, I really wanted to know more. She hasn't exactly revealed her human.

"Um, what kind of a complication?"

Staticly gave me that look, "Complicated enough that you'll probably faint or think this is insane. Preferably, fainting. I know I have a few years ago."

"National, international, or universe wide complicated."

"Universal complicated."

That shuts me right up. So what could have been such a big deal? Was it so…secretive to keep about?

"Alright, tell me then. I can totally handle it…if you see my horrible and alternative future, there's no doubt about it."

"Your horrible and alternative future?" Her voice really gotten curious about it.

"Yup. Long story short story, I almost cheated on the test that would kill my family, friends, and a teacher which would have created a future me to be evil and murderous. I was given a second chance by a ghost who controls time and chose not to cheat on the test."

She blankly stared at me. Emotionless at what I told her, but I guess that wasn't exactly enough to tell it all. That's all I ever told anyone if they wanted to know…if they knew my secret that was. Staticly remained the same.

"Oh, it gets worse from there." She commented.

I jolted, "What? Worse than killing anyone and destroying everything?"

Staticly nodded, "Yup! Trust me, it's a long to talk about it and I shouldn't talk to you about it since you're…well, not a part of it anyway."

"When will I be?"

"Five years?"

My jaw dropped, "I have to wait five years?"

"Depends on how things will turn out from now until then-"

"-and hello my badger and my chipmunk."

My head immediately jerked over to the fruitloop who helped himself come into my room. Staticly glanced over easily to him, but I guess she hasn't gotten much of a clue about him. Vlad was full of delight and I had no clue why he was even here.

"I hope you both don't mind, but I was wondering-"

Staticly sighed, "-No. You leave Massapequa alone, Vlad."

"I wasn't going to talk about them, you know?" Vlad's eyebrow went up.

She crossed her arms and leaned back to the window, "Oh?"

"I was wondering if you have shown him your human side, my chipmunk?"

Wait, she showed him her human side already? What the? Did Vlad take advantage of fighting her the first time and found out? I wasn't too sure, but what was really going on here? I needed to know!

"Staticly, he knows?"

She shook her head confidently, too confident about it, "No. He hardly even know that-"

"She is lying, Daniel."

"No, I'm not!" She snapped.

My head pulled back, but Vlad has really interfered our conversation and getting all fired up over nonsense. A soft knocking came through and her head peered through.

"Jazz, could you leave us alone?"

She spotted Vlad, "I don't think so, little brother. Vlad is here and I don't trust him one bit in anyone's room."

Neither did I, but I was on full guard anyway. Jazz slipped in and locked my door. She sat down on my bed and began to notice Staticly. She remained her emotions hidden, but it was so obvious that she was a huge fan of Staticly. Staticly was definitely not expecting much with another person in the room, but she observed the fact that Jazz was used to this.

"What's going on? I heard yelling about lying?" Yup, her field of psychologist to nose into everything she could.

I sighed, "Apparently, I'm not sure what's going on. Vlad asked her if she showed me her identity and I asked if he knew her secret identity. She insisted that he doesn't know and Vlad said she's lying. She defended herself that she hasn't." I shrugged.

"Was Vlad smirking when he claims she's lying?" Jazz bought that up.

"…no," My head shook, "Why?"

"He's telling the truth." Jazz nodded once.

Staticly peered her head into her shoulders to hide, but it wasn't anything I was going to get mad over. I just wanted to know who she told or at least acknowledge she has someone to tell to.

"So you showed him, Staticly?" I asked.

Her eyes remained on the floor, "Like I said, my life is complicated. Not one of those super hero life or girl complicated crap."

Vlad sighed, "As she mentioned, it's complicated and something much more…different, I supposed."

"Did he faint?" I wanted to take that to my teasing advantage.

"Oh, he learned half of the stuff, but he did." Staticly nodded.

I looked over at Jazz to exchange glances, but this was something so new and unusual to find out. What could Staticly be holding out so drastically about?

"Well, the house is empty. Mom and dad are out right now."

I blinked, "Why are they out this time?"

"Mom wants to go out for dinner, just him and her."

"Gah! Never tell me that!" My head shook and trying to shake that mental image out.

Jazz shrugged, "I don't know why you even bothered to go there. It's just their special night."

My eyes rolled, but I didn't care. We needed to focus our attention on Staticly's biggest secret or side or whatever she got going on. It's certainly something going on and Vlad already knew. What could be so big of deal here?

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