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I could only feel pain.

Breathing erratic, I opened my eyes. Everything was but a fuzzy, swirling vortex, and as I tried to clear my vision, One thought struck me.

I'm breathing?

I looked around, noticing I was sprawled on the ground. I ached all over, but I let that thought slip away from my mind carelessly. What mattered to me the most was how the heck I was breathing. Last I recalled, I was underwater, drowning! I peered ahead, noticing bubbles drifting past my vision like petals in the wind.

I'm still underwater? I thought, head hurting more than it already did. How am I...?

I took this moment of silence to take a closer peek at my surroundings.

I noticed the bodies of robots, limp, shut down, and rusty, sitting or standing in the blue tinted stone ground. "Soldiers of the Surface" they were called; what I was called. Purpose: to destroy all living organisms on the "Island." I was on an island apparently, and according to Misery, the purple-haired witch, this Island floats high above from the "Surface World." What exactly was the Surface World anyway?

I shook my head, closing my eyes and focusing on what really mattered. I was somehow breathing underwater... but how?

I vaguely remember my partner, Curly Brace she was called, wearing a small device on her neck. Whenever she went underwater, a bubble appeared around her head to have her breathe...

I recalled where the device was safely latched. It was somewhere around Curly's neck area... I raised my left hand, fingers brushing around my neck until I felt something. I slowly tugged at it, and it came lose. The bubble that was helping me breathe instantly popped, and I could no longer breathe.

For many moments, I stared at the small device in my pale hand, I thought I felt my hand shaking for a moment. I put the device on my neck once more, and the bubble reappeared. I too a few heaving breathes, eyes wide with horror.

If she gave that to me... that means...

I searched frantically for her, instantly regretting my weakness. Why couldn't I have held my breath longer? I thought.

I found her.

Limp, eyes dark and blank, blonde hair swirling above her head with the water current.

She was dead.

My mechanical heart began to pound as I stared in shock at my lifeless friend. For one second; one painful second, I thought my heart stopped. The pain in my chest crashed into me like a speeding vehicle.

She's d-dead...?

It couldn't be possible. It just couldn't!

I found myself placing my hands on her, shaking her, trying to arouse her from unconsciousness. Nothing I did worked.

It was all my fault.

How could I let her sacrifice her life for mine? I'm just a clueless, black-haired robot with no memories!

But then again... she's just a clueless, blonde-haired robot with no memories...

I let her die! All because I drowned! I should have died, not her!

Even though robots can't make tears, I cried. I sobbed my artificial heart out. Why did it have to be her? Her life is more important than mine by a long shot! But... she probably thought the same thing... That my ife was more important than hers...

So what if we were destined to save both the Island and the Surface World?

I didn't even care anymore...

I had a choice: Save the Island without her, which would be impossible. Or to stay here and rot, with my partner, loyal until death.

Both choices were both brave and idiotic at the same time, but it seemed to me I had no other choice. I couldn't casually lift Curly, give or take swim while carrying her. We were both very heavy, for she and I were both created by the art of powerful, technically advanced machinery. I sink like a rock if I even try to jump the distances I do in the air! It would be just like jumping in the water if I even tried saving Curly!

There were very, very slim chances of me surviving if I tried to stop the Doctor alone. I couldn't do it. I know at least that much.

I know I'd die whether I tried or not. Dying with Curly seemed to be better than slowly dying in the hands of the Doctor, which is where I would eventually be.

Like the other dead soldiers, I should just give up...

But something in my mind pushed the thought away. I have to go. I have to try. For Sue, for King, for Toroko, and most importantly, for Curly!

I got to my feet; I didn't realize I was sitting beside Curly's body, but I let that thought slip away from my head. I looked at her one last time, taking a mental photo of her beautiful, peaceful frame before I stored the mental image in my data banks. I ran as fast as I could manage underwater before I jumped from one ledge to the next. The door, which gaped open stood before me. I bowed my head, looking at my feet for a split second before I walked through the one of the five doors toward the main entrance.

I heard a loud "CLANK!" and then whirring. I looked behind me to see the door lowering. I stared as the spot where Curly rested forever slowly disappeared from view. Soon, the door lowered all the way and locked shut.

Curly... I would never see Curly again...

The pain I felt only became worse.

As I attempted to fight the Undead Core, Misery, and the Doctor himself. I succeded.

I may have killed them, but now the Island is falling to its doom.

I could hardly stand up strait as the ground shook beneath me. Rumbling was the only thing I could even hear, and I saw Sue.

Her white, furry paws were cupped around her muzzle, mouth opening and closing as though she was speaking. I could hardly hear her over the crashing and banging of collapsing projectiles, but I heard the words: "Need to... out... here!" If I'm not mistaken, she most likely said: "We need to get out of here!" I thought she was right, but then I thought of Curly Brace... Her body, most likely being tossed from side to side, limbs being forcefully torn off, breaking apart...

I shook my head, looking down at the ground. I couldn't flee now! Not after all I did!

One way or another however, I was going to die.

I ran to Sue, following her as she swiftly dodged the debris flying by her. I tried to copy her movements as we, side by side, ran for the edge of the Island.

Wait - the edge?

Sue looked down, standing at the edge of the Island, barely able to stay on her hind paw-like feet. Her blue eyes were wide in fear, and when she turned to look at me, I thought I saw regret in her gaze.

"...There's no other way!" She shouted above the crashing noises. "We have to JUMP!"

JUMP? Was she crazy?

She took a few steps back, taking her words literally. "Okay! We're going to jump at the count of three! One...!"

NO! my mind screamed. I did not know how to speak, but I sure as hell could think! WE CAN'T!


She gathered her haunches, and leaned forward, wincing her eyes shut, the wind blowing in great speeds across her long white fur and her blue torso.


She sprinted forward, I ran with her, trying to catch up to her and grab her, but before I could even stop her, she leaped over the edge. Her screaming echoed in my green, antenna-like ears before fading in the wind.

I stared over the edge in horror as her flailing figure disappeared in the clouds. My widened eyes seemed to be glued on the place where she once was, my hand reached out over the edge, as though I could still reach fr her and grab her. I closed my eyes tightly, a mountainous wave of despair washing over me. I slumped, all the sounds of crashing and exploding seeming to disappear from my mind. I was alone in a black void.

Go with her... I heard a voice whisper. It sounded a lot like Curly Brace's. You'll die either way...

I tilted my head up toward the clear, ice-blue sky, opening my eyes once more. The voice was right... But...

No other choice, Quote...


Was that my name? I always thought it was "Soldier From the Surface," or something like that...

I shook my head, then looked down, over the edge. The ground of the "Surface World" was growing larger, and coming closer by the second. But I somehow felt my fatigue drop. My senses dim...

I felt like this is how I should die. After all, if there was a way to save the Island, there would be no point. It's basically destroyed either way.

Besides... I didn't even care anymore...

The wind, in high speeds, whipping across my jet lack hair as I straiten my posture the best I could with the Island's trembling. I ignored the projectiles falling around me. My mind was blank of all thoughts as I closed my eyes once more, taking a few steps back. The last words Sue said came back to mind. "There's no other way!" She shouted to me. "We have to JUMP!" I no longer thought those words were crazy, but now I felt as though I wanted to. The words were now so appealing, so addicting, and I had no reason why. They seemed to be welcoming as well.

My mind was clear of all thoughts. All thoughts but one. Jump. Jump. Jump.

Committing suicide was something only completely insane people would do. At least that's what I heard.

Was I insane? Was I crazy?

Who cares?

Because either way, I don't care. Not one bit.

My vision seemed to darken as I stepped back more and more. I felt as though I was in a trance, eyes blank, limbs numb. I felt my hand reach to my black belt, where all the weapons I collected throughout the perilous journey I made. The fireball, an orange pistol from Santa, the male Mimiga who lost his key, the long sword King used to fight against the Doctor. Such a brave soul was he. His spirit lingers in the sword. I've seen it with my own eyes. His intense amber glare as he flies from the blade and shoots mini daggers that obliterated almost any enemy in my path. The machine gun, which I found in the Egg Corridor. Most importantly, the Spur: formally known as the Polar Star. My most powerful and useful weapon. I took off the Booster 2.0, the jet pack that helped me fly.

I felt memories flashing trough my mind as I dropped the weapons, the jet pack, and all my belongings other than my clothes. When I first woke up in the cave, finding to Polar Star, and stealing it from an old, sleeping man. When I first met Toroko and King, basically like brother and sister. When Balrog and Misery teamed up to capture Toroko, how outraged King was... When Toroko turned into a monster when forced to eat the red demon flowers... Kinpachi, Chaco, all the other Mimiga I encountered... They all flashed before my eyes as I looked up at the setting sun. I remembered first meeting Kasuma, his offering for me and him to flee to the mountains. I remembered Sue, her stubbornness and grouchy attitude. What I remembered the most was when I first met Curly Brace. How she protected the Mimiga family and attacked me.

I stopped stepping back and peered strait ahead. I was approximately twenty feet from the edge as of now. I saw the items I dropped about five feet ahead of me. Without any other thoughts, I sprinted forward, counting down in my head as I drew closer and closer to the edge.




I jumped, letting the breeze carry me toward my death. I let myself smile as the ground zoomed toward me, closing my eyes.

The impact was instant death for me.

And I felt these last words ring in my head before completely shutting down forever.

You were never seen again.