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Author's Note: Inspired by the lovely fanfictions of BonesBird, this is my first foray into the world of drabbles. These are all converted poems inspired by screencaps, ranging from the tip-top moments of B'Elanna's life to the depths of her struggles with emotion. If you'd like to read the poems, PM me.

Episode: Season 5 - Extreme Risk, 1 of 20

Torres Zeta-1.

He said them, and she started back from him like a dog who no longer knew her master. No. No. Her mind trembled around the word, knees buckling at the betrayal. This was not Chakotay. It couldn't be. He wouldn't hurt her, wouldn't trick her down these long gray snaking halls with his smile and those cursed dimples of his that melted her every time.

This was not Chakotay. It couldn't be. He wouldn't do this. Not to her.

But he was. It was. And now he was grabbing her, wrenching her forward through those silver doors, tossing her into hell. The recycled air screeched against her bare shoulders, her mind screaming for her to run from him even as the screams clapped against her ears. No. No. She was remembering. When would she trip? Whose body first? What had she done?

Everything was wrong, glittering like the shards of her trust they were. She dragged her feet against the carpet, cursing herself for wearing her boots and not something with more traction, writhing and jerking and scratching at the one man she thought she'd never have to fear.

And that's what this was.