One Week later…

May 12, 2012

(Pinwheel Forest- Unova)

Junior pushes through heavy foliage before reaching a dirt path.

A sign is slightly ahead of them that shows trails for Pinwheel Forest.

Junior looks at the sign extremely surprised. "Holy Magicarp! Did you have any idea we were in Pinwheel Forest?" stammers Junior.

Soon after, Ragna comes out of the brush with a bad look on his face.

Junior looks over to Ragna who look horrible.

Leaves, twigs, feathers, and other common things found in the forest protruding from is massive tangled afro.

Junior falls over laughing at him.

"Hey it's not funny! I'm not use to going 'head-on' into random trees and bushes! I think I got poison ivy on my butt!" says Ragna as he scratches his butt vigorously.

Junior gets up still chuckling, and looks around. He sees several little kids running towards them.

"Hey you! You cheated and skipped us! You have to battle us!" yell the kids as they pull out their Pokeballs.

"It's a mob of Bug Pokemon! Not again! Run!" yells the uncontrollable Ragna as he sprints off in the other direction.

Junior chases after him, also trying to avoid the mob.

After a few minutes they stop.

"I …*pant*… think… *pant… we got away!" says Junior as he bends over trying to catch his breath.

"Yeah." says Ragna. His stomach growls loudly. He turns around in embarrassment.

"Hah…" begins Junior but he is interrupted by the loud growling of his stomach. "Man I'm hungry!" says Junior.

"Same here. Berries aren't enough to support two dudes!" says Ragna bent over in pain.

"Let's hurry and get to Castelia! The bridge is right ahead." says Junior as begins walking.

Ragna nods and walks after him.

About 30 minutes later…

1:13 PM

(Castelia PokéCenter- Castelia City)

Junior walks into the Poke-center with Ragna, in his Zoroark form, close behind. Both of them are walking like skeletons.

"I had no idea that bridge was that long." says Junior as he walks inside.

Once the trainers see Ragna, they reach for their Pokéballs.

Junior quickly realizes what's going on, and motions to Ragna's Pokéball to calm them down. "Ragna, disguise." says Junior as he tries to wave to Ragna

Ragna transforms into a Zoura and walks next to Junior.

Junior walks over to the counter. He falls onto it like a wet noodle.

"Hello! I'm Nurse Joy, and welcome to the Castelia PokéCenter! How may I help you?" asks the nurse cheerfully.

"Food!" says Junior.

"Water!" says Ragna.

"Aww! How cute! It's like he talked!" says the Nurse Joy as she gets some of the snacks behind the counter.

"Why didn't she understand you?" whispers Junior with a confused look.

"Not everyone has 'The Tongue' Junior. It's weird how it works. You speak plain human, yet we can understand you perfectly, and we speak Pokémon and you understand us perfectly. But it doesn't always work the same for a normal person." says Ragna thinking out loud.

The nurse returns and hands them a tray. "Here you go!" says Nurse Joy she looks over to see them already at a table eating and the tray missing from her hands. "Wow they must be really hungry!" says Nurse Joy as she giggles slightly.

Ragna and Junior don't even care to open the utensils and eat with their hands. After a few minutes of stuffing their faces they finish

"Phew! At least my stomach is hurting as much." says Junior gleefully.

"But I'm still hungry." says Ragna childishly.

"Yeah me too buddy, but we'll just have to pull through till we the PokéCenter serves their dinner buffet tonight." says Junior.

"Yeah…" says Ragna pouting.

"Well we should see what's going on today." says Junior as he motions towards the bulletin board on the other side of the room.

Ragna gets up and Junior follows. They walk over to the board and look at the pictures. Since Ragna can't read he just points to the ones that have pictures of food on them.

Junior scolds him a couple of times, but laughs at his friend's stupidity. He notices a contest ad and grabs it. He reads it aloud to Ragna. "Monday at noon we have an amazing deal! The person with the rarest Pokémon wins a free female Eevee, and it will only be given today."

"Hm, it sounds good, what do you think Ragna?" asks Junior.

"I'd go for it. No doubt I'll be the rarest Pokémon there. Unless someone pulls out a legend, but I doubt that." says Ragna as he prances around.

"Alright then." says Junior as he turns towards the door chuckling at his friend.

Ragna runs after him trying not to look at the people around staring at him meanly. "Where is it?" asks Ragna as he slows down next to Junior.

"I don't know, but all we have to look for is a long line."

1:43 PM

(Castelia Street- Castelia City)

"Well there's the line" says Junior as he points to it.

In front of them is a long line of Pokémon trainers with their Pokémon. After that is a large mass of people around a huge wooden stage with a man speaking to the crowd.

Junior and Ragna walk to the end of the line, and wait.

After five minutes Ragna begins to grow impatient. "Come on! None of these Pokemon are rare!" yells Ragna as he looks at some.

Some are painted horribly, others wear costumes, and a few are actually uncommon, but not rare.

"I'm not waiting for this!" says Ragna as he begins to transform.

"Wait." says Junior. He lightly taps the person's shoulder in front of him.

The person turns around. "What?" asks the female Breeder with a rude tone. She is wearing a thin light green dress often worn to go to the beach and a white bow on the right side of her head. Her eyes are blue and her hair is green.

"What's your Pokémon?" asks Junior nicely, trying to start a conversation.

"Heh, better than your hideously painted Zoura." says the breeder as she rustles Ragna's hair to mess up what she thought was paint. She backs up as he begins to growl. "Oh! He's a real colored Zoura. Well that beats my Weavile, but if this line doesn't move soon then he won't even get a chance." says the Breeder as she looks towards the line.

"That's it!" yells Ragna as he transforms into a Zoroark. He shakes his purple mane and sparkles come off of it. He steps in front of the Breeder and roars.

A bunch of people look towards Ragna, and begin to pull out there Pokémon. A giant circle forms around Junior, Ragna, the Breeder, and a couple of trainers with the Pokémon.

"Nice Zoroark! I want it!" says a trainer.

"Heh! in your dreams!" says Junior back.

"Fine then I'll take it," yells the trainer, "go Abomasnow! Use Ice beam!" He throws out an Abomasnow who is in mid-attack.

Ragna barely dodges the attack and looks back at Junior. "Hey! Give me a command!" he yells.

Junior starts to freak out. "This is my first battle! I don't know what to do! Just attack them, but don't kill them!" says Junior as he moves around uncomfortably.

Ragna smirks and turns around. His eyes get bigger, and his pupils become smaller. "Fine! I'll handle this!" he says as he lunges for the Abomasnow.

Suddenly a Fearow dives at him, but he melts into the shadow under him.

The Pokémon look around as the shadow begins to move around super-fast.

Ragna then jumps out of the shadow behind the Abomasnow, and tackles him to the ground. He opens his mouth, and a Flamethrower burst out of it. He jumps off of the charred Abomasnow, and disappears into another shadow.

"Sableye get him!" says a trainer as he throws out his Sableye.

The Sableye jumps into a shadow and begins to chase Ragna 's.

Ragna 's shadow stops, and it flashes.

The Sableye comes flying out of its shadow and skids across the ground. It jumps back up once it stops.

Ragna slowly rises from his shadow and looks at the group of Pokemon in front of him.

There is a Sableye, Fearow, Hitmontop, Drapion, and a Haxorus.

Ragna crosses his arms and taps his foot. "Bring it." he says cockily.

The Drapion dashes at Ragna, but he quickly dodges it.

He lands behind the Drapion, and before it can react, he causes an Earthquake.

The Drapion screeches and falls over, fainted.

Wolf turns around. "*Yawn* Next." he says cockily.

The Fearow dives at him again. A bluish aura encircles it.

Ragna starts to runs towards it and a purple aura surrounds his hands. He skids under the Fearow and slices it.

The Fearow goes crashing into a couple of people in the crowd. It rolls over, and deep purple cuts can be seen going down its chest.

Ragna stops in front of the Hitmontop's face.

The Hitmontop punches at Ragna, who dodges it. It punches again, but Ragna dodges it. It tries to trip Ragna, but Ragna grabs it leg and begins to swing it around.

Ragna throws the Hitmontop into the air. He looks up, and cover's his eyes. A small dot starts to form and the Hitmontop can be seen engulfed in red aura.

It's in free fail aimed for Ragna with arms stretched out.

Ragna squats and then jumps up at the Hitmontop. He lands a kick on its face, and then he grabs it. He begins to spin as he falls.

Right before they hit the ground Ragna puts the Hitmontop in front of him at fires a Focus Blast straight into the Hitmontop's back. It goes flying into the ground, and the collision cause a giant cloud of dirt to form around the area.

The cloud clears as Ragna lands.

He falls over on one knee and tries to brace himself up.

"Looks like your Zoroark can't handle much more!" says one of the trainers.

"Ragna!" yells Junior.

Ragna looks back at Junior.

"Don't give up! Let's prove we're strong, for our parents." he says as he fist pumps.

Ragna turns back towards the remaining Pokémon and stands up.

A bunch of people gasp as he stands up.

"No more fun and games." says Ragna. His eyes begin to glow bright yellow, and his pupil turn into barely visible slits. Air can be seen rising up around him. He puts his hand out towards the Haxorus.

It starts to rise into the air, and freaks out. Wolf then slams his hand down, and the Haxorus slams into the ground, knocking it out.

All that is left is the Sableye and Wolf.

The Sableye opens its mouth, and fires an Ice Beam.

Wolf stands there as it hits him.

The Sableye stops the beam, and falls to a knee. It looks up at where Ragna should be, and is surprised to see the Haxorus frozen.

"Never underestimate a Zoroark." says Ragna behind it.

It turns around to see Ragna staring at it with a hungry look on his face. He punches the Sableye, and it goes flying into the block of ice.

The collision shatters the ice, and sends it flying everywhere. A cloud of icy mist forms around the whole street.

The mist starts to clear, and the Sableye gets up slowly.

"Game over." says Ragna as a black void begins to form around him.

" Ragna! Night Daze!" yells Junior knowing what the move is.

Suddenly hundreds of Zoroark shadows come out of the portal, and each attack the Sableye. It falls to the ground, but then gets up.

Ragna walks over to the Sableye, impressed by its strength, and helps it up.

The Sableye looks at Ragna and then lunges with claws draw.

Ragna simply punches it, and sends it flies into its trainer.

The crowd stays dead silent, but then they all start to cheer.

Ragna falls to one knee, as the Breeder's Weavile rushes over to it.

"You ok?" the Weavile says as she helps Ragna up.

Junior rushes over to Ragna. The Breeder hands him a first-aid kit. "Man that was intense, but next time don't go looking for a fight. I won't always be there to cheer you on. Plus I can't lose you. Not now." he says as he tends to Ragna's wounds.

"I use to think trainers where selfish beasts," says Ragna as he stands up, "But now I'm glad to have one behind me." says Ragna looks into Junior's eyes, grips his hand, and smiles.

The man on the stage from before walks over to them.

Junior notices he is wearing a nice, expensive looking suit, and has a Pokéball in his hand.

"Young man I must say, that was the most exhilarating battle I have seen in years. And there is no doubt you deserve this Eevee." says the man as he hands a Pokeball to Junior.

Junior grabs it and looks at it. It then becomes magically enveloped in light, and when it stops, the ball is pure white. "Huh, well look at that." says Junior.

"You son, have a gift. A gift I could use. How would you like to become the owner of my Eevee breeding farm?" asks the man.

"I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to turn you down. I'm not a Breeder sir, but a trainer." says Junior.

"Well Shuckles! I guess I'll have to find another person." says the man as he rubs his chin,

An idea pops into Junior's head. "Well, how about her?" says Junior as he walks off to the Breeder.

"Wait, what?" stammers the Breeder as she looks at him nervously. "You don't even know me!"

"Well you're a Breeder, I'm not, you love to breed Pokemon, me, not so much," says Junior, "take the job. I don't need it." Junior smiles at the Breeder.

She smiles back with a huge sparkle in her eyes.

"Well if this young man doesn't want the job, you can have it Miss." says the man.

"Really! This is my dream come true!" says the Breeder with a look of happiness on her face. She spins around in excitement then turns back to Junior. She then softly kisses him on the cheek. "I don't know who you are, but you answered my prayers. Thank you." she says.

Junior smiles and slightly blushes. "Now go, stop thanking me, and go fulfill your dream!" says Junior as he smiles.

The Breeder nods, and skips after the man walking away.

Junior stands there and chuckles at the Breeder skipping away.

"Why help her?" asks Ragna with his arms crossed and a look of confusion on his face.

"Well I have no need to be an owner of a breeding farm, if I'm not a breeder. Plus, we have our own dreams to fulfill." says Junior as he looks over to Ragna.

"True." says Ragna as he uncrosses his arms and nods.

Junior looks at the Pokeball in his hand. "Well time to meet a new member of our team." says Junior as he tosses the ball.

It bounces off of the ground, and releases the Pokemon inside.

An Eevee with nicely groomed fur and a gray scarf comes out. The large tuff of hair usually around Eevee's necks is missing on hers.

She looks at Junior with a look of hate.

"Wow! You're really are a pretty Eevee." says Junior in human as he walks around her. He stops as in front of her and he squats. He reaches for the scarf, but the Eevee snaps at his hand.

Junior doesn't flinch, but keeps going for the scarf. He grabs it, and the Eevee begins to growl. He slightly loosens it, and turns it onto her back. "There now you it's not so tight, and it won't get in your way," says Junior, purposely using "The Tongue", "So what's your name?"

The Eevee looks at him with a shocked look. "You have 'The Tongue'! Oh, um… I don't have a name." says the Eevee as she looks away.

Junior smiles at her. "Well that's not a problem. We can make you one!" he says as he sits down on the ground next to her.

The Eevee looks at him with a surprised and softened look. She sits down and stares at him.

Junior looks at her as he rubs his chin. "Hm… How about Erika?" asks Junior.

The Eevee says nothing but she shakes her head "No".

Junior looks at her with a pondering look. "Well I'll give you a bunch of names and pick which ones you like the best. Ok, so Rika, Miyako, Hikaru, Akira, Saki. That's all I got…" says Junior as he rubs his head.

"Saki… What does that mean?" asks the Eevee.

"Blossom, or hope." says Junior smiling.

"Blossom, hope, Saki… I like that name." says the Eevee as she looks up to Junior smiling.

"Well Saki it is! It's a pleasure to meet Saki! I'm Junior G. Sanito, and this is Ragnarock!" says Junior cheerfully as he jumps up.

Ragna looks at her a smiles slightly.

Saki looks at him and frowns.

"What's wrong?" says Junior as he notices the frown.

Saki turns away from them shamefully. "He's yours… That means you're and experienced trainer. The last experienced trainer dumped me in the wild to fend for myself." says Saki with hatred in her voice.

Junior says nothing and looks at her. He looks around for something to make her like him, and sees an ice cream stand about to close.

"Hey wait!" says Junior as he runs over to it.

The ice cream vendor stops closing the door. He looks at Junior with a blank look.

"Sorry, cloud I get three? My Eevee is a bit mad at me, and I'm trying to cheer her up." says Junior as he motions to Saki.

The vendor looks at Saki and back to Junior.

"Are you the kid who just had that big battle everyone is talking about?" says the vendor with a bland tone.

"Yeah, and that's my Zoroark over there." says Junior as he points towards Ragna.

The vendor looks at Ragna and back to Junior, again. He suddenly smiles, and serves three cones of vanilla ice cream. "You can have them for free. I haven't seen a battle like that in years. Take the ice creams as a token of my thanks!" says the vendor in a surprisingly odd happy tone.

"Well thanks mister!" says Junior as he grabs the cones from the vendor and smiles largely. He walks over to Ragna and Saki, who is still looking away from them. "Here." says Junior as he hands a cone to Ragna.

"What the heck is this? Pidove dung?" says Ragna as he looks at the ice cream.

Junior laughs. "No! Ragna it's ice cream, it's like… a sweet snow!" says Junior.

Ragna sniffs the ice cream, and then licks it. His eyes grow large and he stares at the cone. "This, is, amazing!" says Ragna as he munches on the ice cream.

Junior laughs more, and walks over to Saki. He squats over. "Here, this should cheer you up." says Junior sincerely.

Saki turns around slightly and looks at it. "I only eat berries for sweets." says Saki as she turns back around sharply.

"Hey, don't knock it till you try it." says Junior with a grin on his face.

Saki turns back around and looks at him. She looks at the ice cream and then Ragna.

He's licking the ice cream as if he hasn't eaten in days, which he kind of hasn't.

She looks back at the ice cream as licks it. The sweet vanilla taste fills her mouth, and reminds of milk. She takes another lick, and another, until she isn't stopping to take a breath.

Junior chuckles at the little fox and stands up.

Saki looks at him with a surprised sad look.

"Hold on." says Junior as he turns to Ragna. "Hold mine real quick." he says as he hands Ragna his cone. He turns back to Saki and picks her up.

"Hey! Don't touch me! I don't like being boy-handled!" says Saki as she moves around uncoformabley.

Junior says nothing and rest her on his shoulder. He then holds up the ice cream to her, and she squels in joy.

Saki goes back to licking her cone.

Junior smiles at her and turns back to retrieve his cone. Instead he sees Ragna hitting his head on the ground.

"Ow! It hurts! So cold!" yells Ragna as he bangs his head on the ground.

"It's called a brain freeze. If you eat cold things too fast, you'll get one." says Junior as he laughs loudly.

Saki joins in laughing at Ragna.

"Look at you! You enjoying yourself?" says Junior as he turns to her.

She blushes and turns away.

"It's fine to laugh. That's what a team does, we laugh and have fun with each other." says Junior sincerely.

Saki looks at him and smiles back. She licks him on the check in affection.

Her cold tongue sends shivers down his spine, and Saki laughs at him. He looks at her with a happy expression and turns back to Ragna.

He is barely getting over the brain freeze and starts to get up. He walks over to them and looks away. "I probably shouldn't have eaten your ice cream that fast." says Ragna rubbing his neck.

Junior chuckles "It's alright, buddy!" says Junior as he wraps his arm around Ragna's shoulder.

"So… *nom*… what's… *nom*… up next?" asks Saki in the middle of eating her cone.

"Well there's a whole festival going on right now, so let's go have fun!" says Junior as he pumps his arm into the air.

"Yeah!" yell Ragna and Saki.

"Well let's go!" says Junior as he runs off in the direct of the crowd.

Ragna follows close behind, almost skipping.

They walk by several game booths and look around.

"Come on! Let's play one!" says Saki impatiently from Junior's shoulder.

"I only have enough for a few games." says Junior as he pulls out a few Poké from his pocket.

"Why don't you have more? Let me guess, you became a trainer yesterday, and that was your first battle." says Saki sarcastically. She looks over to Junior, who is looking away from her.

"Oh, it's that true? I'm sorry." says Saki sincerely.

"Don't worry about it. It was just a lucky guess," says Junior. "and that really wasn't my first battle. I only gave Ragna one command, so it's more of a practice for me."

"Well that makes me worry less." says Saki.

Junior stops walking. "Saki, I'm not like your old trainer. I'm not going to abandon you, not now, not ever, so don't worry. Like I said earlier, we're a team now." he says as he looks at her.

She looks into his eyes awestruck at his kindness. She sees his compassion behind his eyes, and lets out a small smile. She licks his check in affection. "You know, you're not that bad of a human." she says.

"Well you're not that mean of an Eevee." says Junior as he smiles and rubs her head. "Well we don't have much money to play games, but we don't need money! We can have fun without it!" says Junior as he sets Saki down. He sticks his tongue out at her and taunts her.

Saki laughs and starts to chase him.

Ragna transforms into his Zoura form and chases after them again.

They run around playing various games by themselves, altogether not spending any money.

5:24 PM

(Castelia PokéCenter- Castelia City)

Ragna, in his Zoura form, and Saki run into the PokéCenter running around playing. Junior follows closely behind smiling and laughing the whole time.

Suddenly several Police vehicles, sirens wailing, drive by at extreme speed, and are followed by men on foot.

Junior manages to stop one of them. "What's going on?" asks Junior.

"Ghetsis has been spotted in the city. There's a tip he's going to head for the iRoyal Unova/i." says the Police officer as he runs to catch up with the others.

Junior turns back to Ragna who is staring back at him.

"Well look who came to the party!" says Ragna as he transforms and walks out the door next to Junior.

"Who's Ghetsis?" asks Saki confused as she stops behind them

"A bad man, a very bad man." says Junior as he clenches his fist. "Let's go, we have a meeting with the Team Plasma Lord."