Thanks for actually deciding to read this piece of… pie…. xP Its been in my head for about 6 moons now, I NEED TO WRITE IT DOWN! So, read on my kittehs!

The full moon shone down, showering a beautiful pure black she-cat with its lunar rays. The she-cat, Greenfeather, panted as she ran, dodging ferns and bracken that came up on her path. Everything was wrong, all wrong! She shook her head, thinking hard. Where had they gone wrong? It wasn't like she and Emberstar had done anything… Greenfeather ran harder, deep into her own thought.

It wasn't fair! How come Flameclan had to have all the handsome toms, not Moonclan? She snorted in disgust. Please, how could anyone expect her to be mates with any old tom, like Sunwhisker, with his nose that always seemed to be dripping, or Branchfoot, who always seemed to think all the she-cats fell for him! No, Emberstar was different. It had to be the way he didn't think of her as a helpless female, or the way he gazed at her with those strong dark amber eyes. She shivered just thinking about him, which is probably what led to her mistake.

She tripped, stumbling over a rotting log. Greenfeather yowled, trying to catch herself, but gravity, blast you, pulled her down. She fumbled, head over paws, down a small knell, finally catching herself at the bottom. Picking herself up, she headed back towards Moonclan camp, at a slower pace this time.

"Take it easy girl, these kits are depending on you." She muttered to herself. This was going to be a long 3 moons.

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~Greenfeather of Moonclan