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The claw sharp thorns rustled as Greenpaw slinked out, cautiously casting a gaze behind her. Since Stormfleck was on watch out, Greenpaw had had to resort to using *shudder* the dirt place tunnel. Silently cursing everything, the apprentice slowly picked her way across the small clearing. Luckily, though, her midnight black pelt blended in perfectly. No cat could see her.

Clenching her teeth and baring the stench, Greenpaw made it across, swiftly ducking into the bush wall and into the forst. Birds called overhead as they hear her approaching, signaling others of the hunter below.

"Birdbrains." Muttered Greenpaw. "Im not here to hunt you."

But why are you here?

The small voice in the back of her head questioned. Shifting her paws nervously, Greenpaw stopped. Why was she doing this? It totally went against everything she had been taught so far! Every story Softflower had told her and her brothers as kits snuggled up against her in the nursery. Everything her new mentor Firestrike had taught her in the few moons she had been an apprentice

But then Greenpaw remembered his soft amber eyes, and how comforting his presence was in her time of need. How Emberstrike had totally understood her, listening to her opinion, unlike to other toms in her clan.

"It's not like we're doing anything, so we're not breaking the code, right?" the black apprentice pondered aloud, ducking a low hanging branch quickly as she broke into a run.

The race to Flameclan was a long and tiring one. They had both decided to meet at the old two leg house, as it was in-between their territories, and neither of them had to trespass on to another's territory.

But it was also closer to Flameclan. So here she was.

It suddenly came up, the fading moonlight casting shadows onto the low stone walls. Greenpaw slowed to a walk, green eyes flashing. This was it! She was going to see Emberstrike!

The apprentice quickened her pace again, adrenaline pumping through her vains, when a dark shape stepped in front of her.

"What do you think you're doing?" hissed a very angry, very confused, Nightpaw.

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