There was a blizzard going on in Club Penguin. It was one of the coldest every penguin has ever encountered. Icicles form all over the buildings, the power was shut off by the crackling ice and the foods the penguins eat were frozen solid. It was a difficult time, but blizzards didn't stop the agents from PSA (Penguin Secret Agency) from completing their missions. It was a tough catch, but two of PSA's agents, Rookie and Jet Pack Guy, had captured Club Penguin's number one suspect. Herbert. The polar bear that had been giving Club Penguin trouble. With the new gadgets Gary (G) had invented, they defeated Herbert in a blink of an eye. Klutzy, the crab companion the polar bear had, escaped, but what can a crab do. The agents had captured Herbert by the Lighthouse. It would have been very critical for the agents' identity, but luckily, every penguin was in their igloos trying to stay warm.

"Ha! How do you like us now Veggie Bear?" Rookie bragged.

Jet Pack Guy, annoyed, snapped at his partner.

"Rookie, stop fooling around and help me out like a real agent".

Rookie then stopped and ran to his partner Jet Pack Guy.

"Oh come on, lighten up Jet," Rookie stated while nudging Jet's shoulder. "We have finally captured Herbert!". Jet Pack Guy frowned. He knew that getting Rookie too excited will spoil their mission. Like the time Rookie, lost his spy phone for "giving" it to Herbert or the other time, he tried to show one of his "friends" the secret entrance to the Agency. Jet signed. He knew they should call backup before it was too late, but before he could do that. He wanted to check the cage that held Herbert captured inside. Jet remembered how G told him how he had designed the cage to be "stronger" and "better" than the cage they had used in their last mission.

While Jet was checking it out, Herbert had a trick in mind. When Jet wasn't looking, he crawled to the other side of the cage where Rookie was playing with his new spy phone.

"Why am I always the one in the background?" Rookie thought to himself. "Sure Jet has more experience than me but when do I get a chance?" Rookie than felt a claw poking him. He turned around and frowned." Herbert", Rookie grunted.

Herbert just let out a wicked laugh. "Why are you letting HIM do all the work?" Herbert questioned while pointing to Jet.

Rookie turned to him in disgust. "Because Jet's the one that knows all this stuff" he answered." Why do your care"?

Herbert just smiled devilishly. "Why do you waste your time with him anyway? To him, you are just a distraction to his mission, and he thinks that letting you join will only lead to destruction..."

Rookie covered his ears, trying to ignore him, but deep down he knew Herbert was right. Ever since Rookie joined PSA, he kept on making careless mistakes that led him only into trouble. Every time he tried to impress the director and the other agents, it would lead him to be the laughing stock. Like the time, he mistaken a piece of pizza for a bomb or the other time he forgotten the code to the safe where the secret coins were hidden in a mission. Rookie looked at Herbert while trying not to cry. It was all true. Why did he waste his time taking the entrance exam to the agency? Why was he doing this?

With eyes full of tears, Rookie knew this whole thing was a waste. He then felt a claw poking him again. He turned around. Yep. It was him. Herbert.

"LEAVE ME ALONE," Rookie grunted. He didn't want to waste his time with him. Just looking at his face made Rookie grow full of rage.

"You know" Herbert exclaimed with a smile.


Herbert smilied."You can join me and no one will ever make fun of you ever again". With that, Herbert put his paw out and said.


Rookie just stared at the polar bear's paw. He tried to imagine what would happened if he were to team up with the enemy. Imagining the look on the director's face when he founds out and the look of disappointed in Jet's face. He knew it was wrong ,but he felt a new feeling in him. It was the feeling of doing evil. Rookie knew it was supposed to feel bad, but for some reason, it felt good. Just when he was about to shake Herbert's paw, Jet ,overhearing the conversation, quickly grabbed Rookie.

"Why are you talking to him?" he growled.

Rookie just stared at him with no emotion. "I was...I was,"

Jet already frustrated, let go of Rookie and signed.

"You know better than to talk to the enemy...".

Rookie then noticed something.

"Uh..Is everything ok Jet", Rookie inquested.

"Well, it's just that I am tired of treating you like a little kid. You won't always be a rookie you know." Jet exclaimed calmly.