The Chronicles of the Aura Knights

A Pokémon Fan-fiction

By Hoenn Master

Disclaimer: I do not, under any circumstance, poses any of the content displayed herein. I simply wish to augment the story of Pokémon with my own take on its history, idioms, and culture. All publicly unrecognizable Original Characters are my personal property and, should anyone wish to use them, should let me know in a P.M. or review, and we shall discuss the matter.

"If you're going through Hell, keep going."- Winston Churchill

"Papa! Will you tell me a story?" An adolescent boy's voice cried out to the world from the confines of the front yard of a large manor, heedless of any care or worry; just as all little children should be.

The small child's shout caused an elderly man in the doorway of the large manor house to chuckle softly and walk away from the door frame he was leaning on, and bend over to hoist his young grandson into the air, and say to the squirming blonde-haired blue-eyed child, "Okay Richard! I shall tell you a story: One that has been passed down in the family for years and years, and really did happen to your ancestor, John Brown, five-hundred years ago!" the elderly gentleman quietly exclaimed, tickling his young charge.

"Put me down Papa!" the young child giggled, squirming in his relative's grasp unsuccessfully.

"Hmm… Maybe…" The elder murmured playfully, rocking the child in his arms swiftly, causing another peal of giggles from the young boy in his grasp.

Calming down quickly, Richard said in a very serious voice, "…Please?"

"Very good, Richard! Always remember to be polite to everyone you meet, because Jesus taught us; 'Whatever you do to the least of My brothers, you do to me,' okay?" the elderly gentleman praised, letting his grandson down into a very large and clearly expensive couch.

"Okay, Papa, I promise," the rambunctious child said seriously, looking straight into his grandfather's eye as he said this.

"Good. Now, the story begins like this:" The elderly man started, carrying his grandchild into an ornate sitting room, complete with fireplace and mantle, and set Richard upon one of the large couches, and picking up a large book titled; The Family History of Brown in gold lettering, and proceeded to sit down, open the book, and read aloud; "'In the world of Pokémon, long, long ago, when peace still reigned between the regions, and before the concept of the Pokéball was even thought of, a civilization existed that preserved the peace and brought culture to the regions, creating a balance between the humans and the Pokémon. This is their story…'"


Hoenn: five hundred years ago

Nestled in central Hoenn, a lush and ever prosperous nation, deep within the evergreen forests, a small village by the name of Fortree* resides. A Church steeple also shares the skyline with a small castle in the distance: Within this castle, the Aura Knights, a group of men and women that serve God and the inhabitants of the forest, reside.

In mid-spring, as was tradition, all of the young adults above the age of ten in Fortree, numbered about a dozen, gathered around the gates of the castle, in hopes of being trained by the Aura Knights to be the next servants of God, and guardians of the forest. In the front of the cue, a trio of boys stood, waiting for the announcement of exactly who was going to become an 'Aura Knight'.

"When are the gates going to open, dad?" Cried a light-green haired boy wearing a red tunic, standing on his toes to try and see through the openings in the iron gates of the fortress, earning a look of weariness from his father, whom was standing not far from his wayward son.

"Are you ready, John?" Asked a sandy blonde haired boy's father, who had laid a hand upon his son's shoulder, and was standing away from the bustling crowd with an air of nobility that must have seemed off-putting to some, as the people often quickly strode away from him.

"I'm ready dad." Replied the boy in a slightly reedy voice, laying hold of his father's arm as he said this, and proceeded to tug on his father's silver tunic in an effort to dislodge the older male's hand.

"Good. Remember, if you aren't selected, remember that your mother and I will still love you, and that it doesn't matter to us whether or not you are a Knight." Stated John's father, ruffling the boy's hair affectionately, and resisting the young boy's surprisingly strong grip.

"Okay, dad, but I still wish to be a Knight like you and Gerik," John announced boldly, further attempting to remove his father's hand from his shoulder, and failing just as he had been before.

"Alright, son, just remember to listen to your brother, and abide by the four rules of the Aura Knights," John's father started, continuing to ignore his son's ever increasing grip on his hand.

"One; Chivalry is always to be exercised: Two; treat every life with respect: Three; Combat is always the last resort: Four; Aura is not a plaything, you may only use it if you have absolutely no other option at your disposal." John's father recited, finally removing his hand from John's shoulder, and promptly ruffling the aggravated boy's hair again.

"Okay, dad, I will remember to keep the rules," John replied in a bored tone, eyeing the boys at the front with clear excitement.

When the gates were finally opened, there stood a short, red-haired young man, glinting in full armor, save for a helm and a sword, along with a Treeko, who was resting upon his helm. A large scroll bearing the names of those who would next be selected to carry the title of 'Aura Knight' rested in his left Gauntlet, taunting those who wished to see who would be selected.

"I shall now read off the names of those whom are worthy of entrance." Declared the young Knight in a booming tone; one that echoed across the outer walls of the fortress. "John Brown, Joseph Hayden, Sabrina White, and Gehtsis Harmonia shall be accepted as the next Knights. If you would be so kind as to follow me, we may organize sleeping arrangements for you, along with armor."

"You hear that, son? You will be instructed as a Knight!" Exclaimed John's father excitedly, clapping John on the shoulder, and pushing him slightly toward the gates.

John was so overwhelmed with emotion, he almost forgot to follow the Knight into the castle, along with his new comrades, to begin a lifetime of training. Little did he know, however, that God had other plans for him, and his compatriots…


* I am well aware of the true location of Fortree City in modern day Hoenn, but five hundred years of time passing brings change, and therefore, movement of towns.

Also, I put God in here for a reason. It will be explained in future chapters.

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