Hello everyone! This story takes place 3 years after season 3 ended. The girls are all 21, and are living together. The usual couples are in effect (Clewis, Zikki, Wella) and I think that's about it! Thanks to all of you awesome people for reading, it really makes my day!

It was just another summer day on Australia's Gold Coast. Everything was beautiful, and the day would have been totally perfect... if it would only stop raining.

Three girls sat in the apartment they lived in together. They'd been sitting, staring out the window, waiting impatiently for the rain to stop. All three of the girls were mermaids. They were human until they came in contact with water. Therefore, going outside in a rainstorm, even just to run across the street, was completely out of the question.

Bella, Cleo, and Rikki had moved into an apartment together almost three years ago, right after they'd graduated from high school. They were each taking classes at the local university, and only had one more exam before they could officially enjoy their summer break. Summer was wonderful because they didn't have any homework to worry about, but summer was kind of a drag because of all... the... rain...

At least they didn't have to hide from anyone. They didn't have to come up with an excuse for why they couldn't go outside in the rain, or go swimming, or anything like that. They tried to cover for each other whenever they could. It really was a great arrangement. Today found all three of them slumped on the couch staring blankly at the falling rain.

"I was supposed to help out Zane at the cafe today." Rikki grumbled.

"I was supposed to meet Will for a picnic." Bella sighed.

"And I was supposed to go fishing with Lewis." Cleo sank further down into the couch.

"Stupid rain." Rikki muttered under her breath.

All of a sudden the girl's front door flew open, causing the girls to jump with surprise. Lewis and Will popped through the door with huge grins on their faces.

"Hello ladies!" Will said brightly.

"We know the three of you are under house arrest because of the weather." Lewis nodded towards the window.

"So we thought we'd cheer you up!" Will produced several grocery bags hanging from his arms. "We've brought junk food, beer, cocktails, games..." He was silenced by Bella's lips on his.

"Thank you." She smiled up at her boyfriend, feeling more than a little glad to see him.

"Rikki, Zane sends his apologies." Lewis said gently. "But he needed to stay at the cafe."

"I know he did." Rikki tried not to sound too disappointed.

Business at the cafe had been more than a little slow lately. They were still above water, not in immediate danger of having to close, but takings were nowhere near where they should be. Zane had been working really hard trying to drum up business.

"But we have brought a veritable party with us." Will began putting the drinks in the refrigerator and setting out the food. "So we can all wait out this rain in a fun way."

It didn't take long to get the makeshift party started. Will's and Lewis's enthusiastic attitudes were completely contagious and before long Rikki, Cleo, and Bella had completely forgotten about the rain.

A couple hours passed. the group had been playing circle of death, a drinking game with cards. None of them were heavy drinkers, but it was a Friday, and they boys were planning on staying at the girls' apartment anyway, so who cared if they had a bit to drink that night?

"King! All drink!" Lewis held the last card of the game over his head before falling over onto his side.

"Oh Lewis, you could never handle your alcohol." Rikki patted him on the back sympathetically.

"I think I'll get him to bed." Cleo said apologetically. "Will, help?"

Will hooked Lewis under the arms and helped Rikki guide him back towards her room. He reappeared a few minutes later without Cleo or Lewis.

"They're calling it a night." He explained as he sat down on the floor next to Bella.

"Thanks for helping Lewis to bed." Bella said with a grin as she moved to sit practically on Will's lap. "Have I told you how cute you look tonight?" She wrapped her arms around Will's neck and pressed her lips onto his.

"And that's my cue." Rikki stood. She didn't care to be a third wheel that evening. "Goodnight." She said to the couple, but they didn't seem to notice that she was still there. Rikki quietly exited the room and headed for her bedroom. Hopefully Zane would be by soon.

Bella and Will ended their kiss several minutes later.

"Where did everybody go?" Bella looked around the room.

"I don't care." Will wrapped his arms around Bella and rolled onto the floor, pulling her with him. "Gotcha." He said with a laugh.

"Yes sir you do." Bella giggled back.

The power flickered as a boom of thunder shook the apartment.

"I'm so tired of rain." Bella moaned.

"Me too." Will hugged her tightly. "I wish all this rain would just stop."

"That would be seriously great." Bella leaned in for another kiss.

The pair rolled around on the floor together for several minutes longer before being startled by the sound of the front door opening.

"Uh, don't mind me." Zane held one hand over his eyes as he made his way back toward Rikki's room.

"Sorry Zane." Bella called with a giggle. "We should probably head to bed too." She tugged on the collar of Will's shirt playfully.

"Sounds good to me." Will pulled Bella to her feet. "Hey." He listened carefully. "You know what? I think it's stopped raining."

"Really?" Bella said hopefully. She dashed to the living room window and peered outside. "You're right! It's completely clear!"

"And the weatherman said it was supposed to rain for the next three days." Will said skeptically. "They need to learn how to read radar."

"Come on, you." Bella seductively pulled on Will's belt buckle as she led him towards her bedroom.

The next morning came quickly. At least it felt too quick to a few members of their small group. By the time Bella and Will made it to the kitchen the next morning Cleo was already awake and cooking up a big breakfast.

"You're up awfully early." Bella rubbed her eyes as she walked in and collapsed onto a kitchen stool.

"Yeah, the sun woke me up." Cleo quickly served up two plates of bacon and eggs. "There you go. Perfect for a hangover." She said with a grin.

"It's weird, that huge storm passing so quickly." Will said as he looked outside. Sure enough, the sun was shining brilliantly over the street.

"Yeah it is, but you won't hear me complaining." Cleo said in a tone that was all too chipper for morning.

Will sat beside Bella at the table and dug into the delicious breakfast Cleo had set out. Lewis came stumbling into the kitchen several minutes later.

"What happened last night?" He managed to get out.

"Oh nothing exciting." Cleo put out a plate of food for him and walked around the table to pat his arm reassuringly. "You're such a lightweight, dear."

"Yeah, yeah." Lewis sat down, defeated. "So what do we have on for today?"

"Well, I had figured we would need to cancel everything because of the rain, but since it's stopped... Do you want to collect those coral samples?" Cleo knew Lewis had been dying to get his hands on some rare coral. He had been trying to apply to a scientific research study group, but they shot him down each time he applied. He really wanted to impress the decision panel.

"Ooo, that sounds fantastic." Lewis said with a weak smile as he nursed his head.

Rikki and Zane wandered out of the bedroom a few seconds later. "Hey gang." Rikki said sleepily. The rest of the group greeted them appropriately.

"Cleo, this looks amazing." Rikki said as she looked at the food. "But we've got to get going. We're opening the cafe early today."

"Ok, guys. But don't work too hard." Cleo spoke up.

"I hope we have to work too hard." Zane said wearily as he and Rikki headed out the door.

"I feel so bad for them, they're working so hard." Bella watched them go.

"I know." Will agreed. "You should get the band to put on some free performances."

"Yeah, that would be nice." Cleo sat down beside them. "Except Nate will never go for it. He'd never perform for free."

"You're right." Will agreed. "I wish he'd get over himself and do what's best for the cafe for once."

Bella's phone rang, practically before the words had left Will's mouth.

"Hello?" She answered it. "Nate?" She listened for a few seconds. "Oh really?" She sounded completely surprised. "You're sure? That's great." Her face spread into a smile. "Fantastic. Thanks, Nate."

Bella shut her phone and looked at the rest of the group with a grin. "You guys are not going to believe this." She said. "That was Nate. He just suggested that the band perform for free for the next week."

"What?" Cleo said in disbelief. "No way."

"Seriously, no way." Will agreed. He sat back in his chair, deep in thought for a moment. "You know, it's really weird."

Bella waited, but Will didn't continue. He just sat there, deep in thought. "What's really weird?" She asked eventually.

"Last night I said I wanted the rain to stop and it did." Will spoke. "And just now I said that I wanted Nate to do what's right and then what does he do? He calls and offers to work for free."

"You must be magic, Will." Cleo said sarcastically.

"Wait a second." Bella was deep in thought. "You didn't just say anything, you wished it."

"What?" Will laughed.

"No, you did." Bella said with conviction. "Remember? Last night you wished that the rain would stop."

"I don't remember a lot about last night." Will said with a shake of his head.

"All I'm saying is that it's weird that you wished for the rain to stop and it did. And then you wished for Nate to be decent and he was." Bella put out her hands. "It's weird."

"Maybe we should get Will to make another wish for us." Cleo said with a giggle. "Hey Will, do me a favor and wish for us to get out of out sociology final."

"Ha. Ha. Ha." Will said sarcastically. "Here you go." He tilted his head back and shouted "I wish that the three little mermaids, Bella, Cleo, and Rikki would not have to take their terribly scary sociology final exam tomorrow." He looked at the group. "There. How's that?"

All of them laughed together at the silliness of Will's wish.

"Come on, I was only joking." Bella punched Will playfully on the arm.

They were still laughing when Bella's and Cleo's alarms both went off on their phones.

Bella reached her phone first. "It's a university alert." She read. the humor faded from her face as she looked up at her friends. "The sociology exam has been cancelled." She spoke in a monotone voice. "Professor Craig is sick."

The room was silent for several minutes before Bella spoke up.

"Ok, that's seriously weird." She said as she checked her phone. She'd gotten the same message about the cancelled exam.

All eyes turned to Will.

"Will," Cleo walked over to him. "Have you developed the ability to grant wishes?"

"What? Of course not." Will laughed half-heartedly.

"No. He hasn't." Lewis was the one who spoke up this time. "But you have."

"What?" Cleo turned to face her boyfriend.

"You can grant wishes." Lewis said. "It's part of mermaid legend. I didn't think it was real, but it shows up in tons of mermaid stories. They have the ability to grant the wishes of mortals. It's all pretty vague though. The power must not have manifested until now. I mean, you've all been mermaids for a long time. New powers were bound to show up."

"No way." Will shook his head.

"Ok then," Bella spoke up. "Let's test it."