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Pompeii or the World


The three travellers snuck through the glowing red caves of Vesuvius. Finally they came to a large open cavern where there were many Pyrovile walking around. They hid behind a rock, and Rose collapsed onto it, trying not to gasp so loudly. She really couldn't stand this heat.

"It's okay, Rose," the Doctor said. "Breath. Just relax."

"But it's so hot… how the hell are you okay with this?!" she cried, trying hard to keep her voice at a whisper.

"Because I was taught a lot of things at the Academy. How our minds and bodies work, and how to control it. Bugger, I really need to take some time out to teach you."

"Why haven't you started then?"

"Because I'm an idiot, and seem to forget a lot of things. I mean, heck, Rose, I forgot to test you to see if you were alright after Satellite 5, and I ignored or forgot all the signs about what was happening to you after."

"Brain's trying to focus on too many other things, right?" she guessed.

"Yup, it can get annoying."

"I've noticed. So, how do I cool down?"

"Same way a human would. Relax, and let your body adjust to the temperature. Takes a little practice, but you'll get it soon."

"Oi, where are we now?" Donna put in.

"It's the heart of Vesuvius," the Doctor replied. "We're right inside the mountain."

"There's tones of them," Donna gasped, looking about at the Pyroviles.

"Look, they've even made structures and everything." Rose pointed off to the far side, where the they could see paths and pillars carved into the rock.

"What's that thing?" the Doctor said as he spotted something that didn't quite fit the architecture of the structures Rose had spotted. He pulled out a small collapsible telescope to see that the rock was almost like it had a door, inside you could see circuitry.

"Well, you better hurry up and think of something," Donna said. "Rocky IV's on it's way."

"That's how they arrived," the Doctor said. "Or what's left of it. Escape pod? Prison ship? Gene bank?" He collapsed the telescope.

"But why do they need the volcano?" Rose said. "I mean, it's the best place for them to hide, since they're fire creatures. But what? Are they stopping he volcano from blowing? Making it blow? What do they want here? The volcano wouldn't have enough force to blast the pod back to space, it would only get them out of the volcano. And trust me, if they can carve those structures, they can tunnel out if they want."

"I think they already have. And you're right, they wouldn't be able to use the volcano for that… What are they doing? They don't want to escape… it's worse than that."

"How can it be worse?" Donna hissed. A Pyrovile roared and her eyes widened. "Doctor, it's getting closer."

"Heathens!" Lucius's voice cried out, and their heads snapped towards him. He had just appeared from nowhere. "Defilers! They would desecrate your temple, my lord gods!"

"Come on!" the Doctor cried. He grabbed both women by the hands and led them towards the aliens.

"What, down there?" Rose cried.

"We can't go in!" Donna said.

"We can't go back!"

"Crush them! Burn them!" Lucius was shouting at the roaring Pyroviles.

They stopped suddenly when a Pyrovile rose up in front of them. The Doctor fired his water gun at them, giving them time to run past it. They got to the door of the pod before they stopped.

"There is nowhere to run Doctor and Daughters of Time and London!"

"Now then, Lucius, my lord Pyrovillian… don't get yourselves in a lava." He looked at the other two. "In a lava… no?"

"No," Donna shook her dead.

"Doesn't quite work," Rose told him.

"Darn… But if I might beg the wisdom of the gods before we perish… once this new race of creatures is complete… then what?"

A Pyrovile moved past Lucius towards them as the man spoke. "My masters will follow the example of Rome itself, an almighty empire bestriding the whole civilization."

"But, if you've crashed, and you've got all this technology. Why don't you just go home?" Donna asked. None of them noticed Rose slipping into the doorway pod.

"The heaven of Pyrovillia is gone."

"What do you mean 'gone'? Where's it gone?" he said, perplexed.

"It was taken. Pyrivillia is lost. But there is heat enough in this world for a new species to rise.

"Like that will work," Rose scoffed, sneaking into the pod.

"Like she said. I should warn you, it's 70% water out there."

"Water can boil and everything will burn, Doctor!"

"Then…" He turned to see Rose sitting on a shelf in the pod. "The whole planet is at stake. Thank you, that's all I needed to know. Donna!" He pushed her into the pod, and followed her in, using the sonic screwdriver on the door.

Once they were in, they stood looking at the circuit board in the pod.

"Could we be any more tapped?" Donna muttered.

"Yes," Rose gasped. Suddenly the heat in the pod went up dramatically.

"Phew… Little bit hot."

"Try being me," Rose said, leaning heavily against the wall. "Don't worry, you'll get used to it!" she mocked the Doctor.

"I didn't say right away," the Doctor said. "But see, the energy converted takes the lava, uses the power to create a fusion matrix, which wields Pyrovile to human. Now it's complete, they can convert millions."

"Well, can't you change it… with these controls?"

"'Course I can, but don't you see? That's why the soothsayers can't see the volcano. There is no volcano. Vesuvius is never going to erupt. The Pyrovile are stealing all its power. They're gonna use it to take over the world."

"Can't you change it back?" Rose said.

"Well, I can invert the system, so the volcano will blow them up, yes, but… that's the choice, Donna. It's Pompeii or the world."

"Oh my god!" Donna said in horror.

"If Pompeii is destroyed, then it's not just history, it's me. I make it happen."

"Doctor," Rose said as strongly as she could. "It's not just you. You know as well as I do that one way or another this will always happen. And it isn't us doing it, something else will, whether it's nature or something else. Fixed point remember."

The Doctor shot her a weak smile before he began to work on the pod.

"But the Pyrovile are made of rock. Maybe they can't be blown up," Donna panicked, searching for reasons they shouldn't do this.

"Vesuvius explodes with the force of 24 nuclear bombs. Nothing can survive it." He stopped and looked at the two women. "Certainly not us."

"Never mind us," Donna said.

"Yeah, we've survived worse before," Rose said.

"Push this lever and it's all over," the Doctor said, a look of shock and horror on his face. "Twenty thousand people…"

Donna placed her hand over top of his. Rose, struggling to stand up from her seat, joined them and put her hand on the lever too. Then the three of them pushed down.

There was a huge jolt. The noise around them was deafening, and the temperature in the pod got even hotter. And suddenly, they were being thrown about. They tumbled and fell and tried not to crash into each other as it felt like the pod was torpedoing around.

Finally, they stopped with a huge crash. Most were winded, especially the Doctor, since Rose had landed on top of him. They recovered quickly and stumbled out of the pod.

"It was an escape pod," the Doctor said, looking back at it. That was when he noticed the huge, black, billowing cloud rushing towards them. "Come on! Run!" he grabbed both of the women by their hand and ran, trying to help them run faster.

Soon, the ash blocked out the sun, and the land fell under a shadow darker than night. They ran as fast as they could, till they finally reached the village. People were running around in a frenzy, panicking and running to what they thought was safety.

"Don't!" Donna cried at them, seeing where they were running. "Don't go to the beach, go to the hills! Listen to me! Don't go to the beach, it's not safe! Listen to me…!"

People ran past her and ignored her. Rose and the Doctor watched on sadly, knowing nothing she did could make any difference. To these people, if something bad was happening, they would always go to the safety of the beach.

Seeing a lone child, crying, Donna ran up to the boy. "Come here," she coaxed.

"Give him to me!" a woman cried, snatching him away.

Tears ran down Donna's cheeks as she looked up at the two Time Lords. Rose also had tears in her eyes and the Doctor wore a forlorn expression.

"Come on," he said. He took Rose's hand again and led them to Caecilius's Villa. When they reached there, the family were huddled up together, sobbing in the corner.

Caecilius looked up as they entered. "Gods! Save us, Doctor!" he cried.

The Doctor looked at them with a dark expression for a moment, before turning and hurrying into the TARDIS.

"Doctor!" Rose cried aghast.

"No!" Donna cried at him. "Doctor, you can't!"

Rose looked from the TARDIS, back to the family. Then she went over to them and helped Caecilius to his feet. "Donna, come on," she called. Donna took the hint and ran over, then began helping Rose get the family to their feet. "This way, to the blue box!" she directed.

They all stumbled over, and Rose opened the door. She staggered in, followed by the family, and then Donna, who slammed the door behind them. As soon as they were inside, it seemed as if all the turmoil out those doors, ceased to exist. They were in a bubble of calm… but they knew that would not last long.

"What?!" the Doctor cried as he looked up and saw them all. "Rose, what are you doing?"

"They're coming with us," she said stubbornly.

"No, they can't they're part of Pompeii. Don't you think we've done enough damage-"

"They are not part of Pompeii!" she cut over him. "Are they fixed to the land? No. They lived there. Taking one family away. Saving one family will not change anything."

"Really, what makes you so sure?"

"Because it doesn't hurt. Who says that history will miss one family. It's the event, not the number of people that is set in stone. We can save someone! They can go away, live their lives. They helped us, Doctor. We can't just leave them!" The Doctor stood at the console, toying with one of the buttons, his guilt eating at him. "Besides, how does everyone find out what happened if no one survived?"

The Doctor sighed and looked up at the ash dirtied family who were gazing around the TARDIS in fear and awe. Rose was right. There was no law set in stone saying that everyone who lived in Pompeii had to die. He had the power to save some of them… and if he could, then he would.

"Right then," he said, his tone almost as happy as normal. "Rome it is. Don't worry, Caecilius, we'll drop you off and your family can start anew there. All safe and sound."

"But I don't understand, Doctor," Caecilius said. "What is happening? What was happening to our city? I want to know."

The Doctor looked at him with a sad look. "Alright then," he said quietly. He adjusted a few settings on the console, then sent them off. It only took a few seconds for the TARDIS to land, and he gestured to the doors.

Evelina was the first out, clearly freaked out by the bigger on the inside ship. What she saw when she got out freaked her out even more. They were no longer in her fathers villa, they now stood on top of the hills, looking down on Pompeii.

"Mother!" she cried in distress.

The rest of the family all came running out and they all froze at what they saw. Rose took the Doctor's hand, and they slowly followed out. It was still dark as night, and in the distance they could see the fires of Mount Vesuvius. From the mountain spewed a dark cloud, that flowed down the hills and was covering the city. They looked at the family, staring out at their desolated city.

"It's never forgotten, Caecilius," the Doctor told him softly. "Oh, time will pass, men will move on, and stories will fade, but one day… Pompeii will be found again… in thousands of years… and everyone will remember you."

"What about you, Evelina? Can you see anything?" Donna asked her.

"The visions have gone," she replied.

"The explosion was so powerful it cracked open a right in time. Just for a second. That's why gave you the gift of prophecy. It echoed back into the Pyrovillian alterative. But not anymore. You're free," the Doctor told her.

"But, tell me… who are you, Doctor?" Metella asked. "With your words… and your temple containing such size within…"

"Oh, we were never here. Don't tell anyone," he replied stepping back.

"Look," Rose said quietly. "I know that you've lost a lot, and nothing could ever make up for that, but here." She handed Caecilius a small bag that jingled when he took it. "This can help you start a new life."

He opened the purse to see the glinting of gold. "Thank you," he whispered. He then turned back to the mountain that was destroying their home. "The great god Vulcan must be enraged! It's so volcanic. It's like some sort of… volcano." A tear slowly trailed down his face. "All those people," he said, his voice breaking. He hugged his wife to him, and behind them Qunitus took Evelina's hand.

And unseen Rose, Donna, and the Doctor, slipped back inside the TARDIS.


"Thank you," Rose said, once they were inside.

"It was you who did all the saving," the Doctor told her.

"Yeah, but if it weren't for you, they all would have died anyway," Donna said softly.

"Yeah." He nodded his head as if convincing himself. "So, how did you like your first trip?"

"Well, I can't say I loved it… but, I loved it," she smiled.

The Doctor grinned. "Welcome aboard!"

"Yeah." The three of them smiled at each other before their eyes fell on the console. Who knew where they were off to next.