Hey! Here's the next chapter. I'm trying to get more original lines for Rose in by adding new little situations. I love the dynamic the Doctor and Donna have. They're like quirky siblings. And it would be a shame to let Rose cut in on that, but I also can't let her fade to the background. So, let's see how this goes, shall we?




*Planet of the Ood*


Real Snow



The occupants of the TARDIS cheered and squealed as they were rocked and bumped about, nearly being thrown off the platform. Finally they materialized and the rocking settled down. The three of them cracked up laughing as they lent against the console.

"Ooh! Where are we now?" Donna asked excitedly.

"Don't even bother," Rose laughed. "He never tells you until you're out there… especially if you're new."

"Doesn't matter anyway," the Doctor said, dancing away from the console. "Set the controls to random! Mystery tour. Outside that door could be any planet, anywhere, anywhen in the wide uni- Are you alright?" He paused noticing Donna's excited, yet anxious expression being cast in every direction.

"Terrified!" she told him ecstatically "I mean, history's one thing, but an alien planet…"

"Tell me about it," Rose grinned. "My first trip in the TARDIS, this one took me to a platform with dozens of different species, to watch the world blow up."

"B-blow up…?"

"Aww, I could always take you home," the Doctor teased.

"Yeah, don't laugh at me. And that goes for the both of ya!"

"We know what it's like." He walked around towards her. "Everything you're feeling now. The fear, the joy, the wonder. I get that! Half the places I go are just to see her feel like that!" He jerked his thumb at Rose.

"Seriously? After all this time?" Donna's voice rose a few octaves higher than it already was.

"Yeah! Why do you think I keep going?" The Doctor's pitch matched hers.

"Aww!" Donna squee'd, clenching her fists up in excitement. The two of them stood almost face to face, with giant grins.

"Oh dear, what did I get my self into?" Rose smiled seeing the two of them. "You two are just an adorkable pair, aren't you."

"Adorkable?" The Doctor squeaked in protest. "Rose, have you looked in the mirror at all in the last four years?"

"Ha! That from you?!" Donna laughed at him. "Sorry mate, I think you win that title." She looked back at the door. "Alright, what are we waiting for? This is barmy!" The Doctor and Rose grinned at each other as he threw on his coat, and they watched her walk to the door, then turn back to them. "I was born in Chiswick. I've only ever done package holidays. Now I'm here. This is… It's not… I mean, it's… I don't know! It's all sort of…" She struggled with what she was saying before she broke into a huge grin. "I don't even know what the word is!"

Then she turned, and strode out the door.

"Picked a good one this time, didn't we?" Rose said.

"Oh yes!" the Doctor replied. "And she seems a lot happier than last Christmas. Nice seeing her like this."

"I feel sorry for the TARDIS."

"…Why?" he said in confusion.

"Now she has to put up with three hyperactive loons." The two of them looked at each other and cracked up laughing.

"Come on." The Doctor placed his hand on her lower back and led her out the door. When she stepped out, the temperature dropped dramatically, and they were met my a sight of brilliant white. "Snow!" he cried in delight. "Ah! Real snow! Proper snow at last!"

"It's about time. Aww, this is amazing!" Rose threw her arms wide.

"That's more like it. Lovely. What do you think?" the Doctor asked Donna. Then he noticed her look of annoyance.

"Bit cold," she said, shivering.

"Look at the view!" he said, looking out on the icy landscape of mountains and wide open spaces, giant arches of stone that stood like bridges, and the moon and ringed planet in the sky.

"Yep. A beautiful cold view."

"Millions of planets, millions of galaxies and we're on this one. Molto bene! 'Belissimo!' Says Donna, born in Chiswick." Too consumed by the view and wonder of it all, he wandered forward slightly, away from his two companions, as he carried on. "You've had a life of work and sleep, telly and rent, takeaway dinners, birthdays and Christmases, and two weeks holiday a year and then you end up here! Donna Noble, citizen of the Earth, standing on a different planet. How about that, Donna?" He looked around but couldn't see her. Even Rose was out of sight. "Donna?"

The door of the TARDIS opened again, and Donna stepped out wrapped in a big fluffy coat, the hood up already.

"Sorry, you were saying?"

"Better?" he asked her.

"Lovely. Thanks."



"Can you even hear anything inside that?"

Donna paused. "Pardon?" she teased. A giggle came from the ground, and they both looked down to see that Rose was lying on the snow, hidden by a slight rise in the land. "Erm… Rose… are you making a snow angel?"

"Well, yeah. Last time I checked, snow doesn't move and attack you. So, an angel should be fine this time… Ooh! How about a snowman!"

"But, ain't you cold?"


"You're in a summer dress. You look like you're dressed for Hawaii!"

"Oh, stop being so dramatic." She jumped up and dusted herself off. "It's just a normal dress. Trust me, if I were dressed for Hawaii, I'd be wearing a bikini. Besides, I can handle the cold."

Right then, a rocket flew over top of them, distracting Donna from her reply momentarily.

"A rocket! Blimey, a real, proper rocket. Now that's what I call a spaceship." She slapped the Doctor on the arm. "You've got a box, he's got a Ferrari! Come on, let's see where he's going." She began to walk off in the same direction, leaving behind a stunned Doctor and Rose.

"I'm not sure if I should be offended, or cracking up remembering you comparing the TARDIS to a sports car once," Rose said.

The Doctor shrugged, perplexed, grabbed her hand, and started off after Donna before they lost her. And a lost Donna, would not be a good thing. He didn't really want to test his theory.

"What's that noise anyway?" Rose asked him.

"I don't hear anything." Rose looked at him out of the corner of her eye. It was a faint noise… maybe he was getting too old, and is hearing was getting worse or something. She just shrugged and carried on.


As the three of them walked through the landscape, laughing, the Doctor suddenly came to a stop. "Hold on, can you hear that?" he asked. "Donna, take your hood down."

As Donna lowered her hood, he listened harder. It was… a song. A type of song… Actually, it was the same tune that Rose had been humming for the last three minutes.

"Oh, now he hears it," Rose muttered.

"What?" Donna asked.

"Over there!" he suddenly shouted, spotting something dark against the snow. He ran towards it, the two women running after him. In seconds they reached the dark spot. It was an alien, an Ood, half buried in the snow. He was obviously injured.

"What is it?" Donna asked as she ran up. Rose knelt beside the Doctor, who was already putting his stethoscope in his ears.

"An Ood. He's called an Ood."

"But its face…"

"Donna, not now. It's a 'he', not an 'it'. Give me and Rose a hand."

"Sorry," she mumbled, kneeling on the other side of the Ood.

"Hey," Rose said softly to the Ood, taking his hand. "It's going to be alright."

The Doctor was moving the stethoscope around in confusion. I don't know where the heart is. I don't know if he's got a heart! Talk to him. Keep him going."

"It's alright, We've got you," Donna said calmly. "Um… what's your name?"

The translator ball lit up, and the Ood turned it's head towards her. "Designated Ood Delta 50."

"What kind of name is that?" Donna muttered, slightly baffled and horrified.

"They all have names like that… Like they come just one after the other. No proper name or personality… all the same…" Rose said, remembering back to a certain sanctuary base on an impossible planet.

"Well, my name's Donna," she said, picking up the translator ball and speaking into it. Rose almost giggled, but the sadness of what was happening before her held it at bay.

"No, no, no, no. You don't need to," the Doctor said, gently making her put the ball down.

"Sorry. Oh god. This is the Doctor. Just what you need. A Doctor. Couldn't be better, eh?"

"You've been shot," The Doctor said.

"Shot?!" Rose said, astounded. "Why would anyone shoot an Ood? They're meant to be peaceful… benign."

"The circle…" Delta 50 tried to say.

"No, don't try to talk," Donna interrupted when it struggled to finish, but he didn't listen.

"The circle must be broken," he said faintly.

"The circle?" the Doctor said, instantly curious. "What do you mean? Delta 50, what circle? Delta 50? What circle?

Slowly Delta 50 turned his head towards the Doctor, his eyes closed in pain. He let out a small growl, and when they snapped opened, his eyes were red. Rose squealed and got back as fast as she could, just slightly faster than the Doctor, who dragged Donna back with him.

Growling, the Ood sat up, then collapsed backwards. Dead.

"He's gone," Donna said sadly. She started to walk over to him.

"Careful," the Doctor warned, attempting to hold her back a second. From the opposite side of the body, Rose looked at him in panic. She liked Ood. Don't get her wrong… but red eye Ood?

"There you are, sweetheart," Dona said sympathetically. "We were too late. What so we do, do we bury him?" She looked up to see a terrified Rose, shaking her head and slowly backing away. She wasn't going to go near that thing.

"The snow will take care of that," the Doctor said darkly.

"Who was he? What's an Ood?"

"They're servants of humans in the 42nd century-"

"Slaves," Rose interrupted. "Danny called them a 'slave race'."

"They - they're um, mildly telepathic, that was the song. It was his mind calling out."

"I didn't hear anything," Donna said sadly, standing up. "He sang as he was dying."

"His eyes turned red," he said darkly.

"What does that mean?"

"Something really, really bad," Rose said.

"Come on," the Doctor said, walking off. Rose went too and clung to his hand.

"Wait," Donna cried, running to catch up. "How is its eyes going red 'really bad'?"

"The Ood are harmless and completely benign," the Doctor told her. "Except last time we met them, there was this force, like a stronger mind, powerful enough to take them over."

"What sort of force?"

"Ah, long story."

"Long walk," she countered.

"It was the devil," he replied.

"If you're gonna take the mickey, I'll just put my hood back up."

"He's not joking," Rose said. "We were tapped on this planet called Krop Tor. It was this planet that was impossibly orbiting a black hole, without falling in. The Ood started… saying strange things. And after the Doctor got trapped down inside the planet, they started killing. Completely controlled. They kept taking about the devil and the beast. The devil had taken over one of the crew, and the body was down with the Doctor… It was horrible."

"Yeah, but it must be something different this time," the Doctor said. "This has got to be sometime under a century after Krop Tor. It has to be something closer to home." They climbed up a little hill, and a building came into sight. "Aha! Civilization!"

And with a grin, they started off towards it.


As they neared the group, standing outside some sort of warehouse, they could hear a woman speaking. She sounded like she was some sort of sales representative, or tour guide.

"Sorry, Sorry!" the Doctor cried, running up, dragging Rose with him. Donna caught up a second later. "We're late! Don't mind us! Hello. The guards let us through."

"And you would be…?" the woman said.

The Doctor held up the psychic paper for her to see. "The Doctor, Rose Tyler, and Donna Noble."

"Representing the Noble Corporation, PLC Limited, Intergalactic," Donna put in.

"We're quite well known. We should be there," Rose told her.

The woman seemed perplexed for a second, before she regained her professional manor. "You must have fallen off my list, my apologies. It won't happen again. Now then, Mrs Noble, Dr and Mrs Tyler, if you'd like to come with me."

"Oh, we…" The Doctor stuttered at the misinterpretation of their relationship. "Oh, never mind," he muttered. Hey, people thought they were together when they weren't, now they thought they were married when they were. They couldn't win. Rose grinned cheekily at his reaction.

"Well," she said after a slightly awkward pause. "If you're going by my name now, at least we know we won't be calling the kids 'Smith'." Suddenly her eyes widened as she realized what she had just joked about. The Doctor looked at her in surprise, and there was more awkward silence, even from Donna. Thankfully they were saved by the saleswoman in front of them.

"Right, well, I'm Solana, head of Marketing. Here's your information pack. Vouchers inside." She handed the Doctor a packet. "Now, if you'd like to come with me, the executive suites are nice and warm."

She was about to lead them through the door when an alarm started blaring.

"Ooh, what's that? Sounds like and alarm," the Doctor said.

"Oh, it's just a siren for the end of the work shift," Solana covered. "Now then, this way! Quickly as you can!"

Rose looked about as they went through the complex. She had known something wasn't right about the Ood the first time she met them. Now, it was time for her to find out.