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Rough Guide



Rose looked around at the show room they had been brought to. It was cool slate, rocks and grey tones. But on certain screens that covered most of the walls were bright green, blue and purple pop-art pictures of an Ood. And on slightly raised platforms in the middle of the room stood three Ood on display. A few more Ood wandered around, handing out refreshments. And Solana stood up the front of the room behind a podium, giving her big speech as people either stood listening to her, or looking at the Ood.

Though the scene looked smooth and friendly, it was horrible.

"As you can see," Solana was saying, "the Ood are happy to serve, and we keep them in facilities of the highest standard. Here at the Double-O - that's Ood Operations - we like to think of the Ood as our trusted friends. We keep the Ood healthy, safe and educated. We don't just breed the Ood, we make them better. Because at heart, what is an Ood, but an extension of us? If your Ood is happy, then you'll be happy, too."

Around the room, the buyers began to applaud. Donna joined in half-heartedly, just so she didn't stick out. The Doctor looked at her with an odd expression.

"Oh, what a load of bull," Rose muttered. She wasn't sure if she'd heard a more fake, cheesy sales pitch, and she used to watch infomercials if there was nothing else on! The Doctor hummed in agreement to both her comment, and mental thought.

Back on stage, Solana waited for the applause to die down, peering out the door. She smiled when everything seemed to be in order for the next part, and walked round in front of the podium.

"Now, if I can introduce you, he's only just flown in. We're very lucky to have him with us today. The chief executive of Ood Operations, Mr Klineman Halpen." She held out an arm and gestured to the doorway, where a slightly tubby, balding man walked through the - once again - applauding crowd.

"I bet that's Ferrari boy," the Doctor muttered to them.

"I bet he's worth a bit," Donna murmured back. Rose scoffed and rolled her eyes, and the Doctor looked at Donna in disbelief.

"Are you travelling the universe to find a husband?" he said in a tone that matched his face.

"You got a problem with that, skinny?" she grinned at him.

"I'd hold out for better," Rose told her. "Believe me, some of the guys you meet around the universe…" She blew out a soft whistle, the kind that accompanies the sight of hot bodies and fanning oneself.

"Oi!" the Doctor's protests went unheard.

"This one guy - man was he gorgeous - literally went straight from saving me from plummeting into London from god knows how high, to trying to seduce me by Big Ben. No angle, no ask of much else… Well, other than the con he was pulling, but he was a great guy."

The Doctor snorted. "It was Jack! I'm surprised he didn't try to seduce you while you were still falling."

"…Actually, I'm pretty sure he did." They grinned at each other, but the conversation was cut short when Mr Haplen began to speak.

"'Bout for over two centuries now, Ood Operations has licensed the Ood to the point where 50% of all houses across Galactic Central possess at least one domestic Ood." Donna closed her eyes in annoyance, and Rose wrinkled her nose, remembering how many there had been on Krop Tor. "And it's onwards and upwards as the Double-O looks to expand into new and alien territory.-"

"Can I just ask…?" the Doctor said before he could continue. His hand raised in the air.

"We'll be taking questions later," Solana informed him.

"Well, I'm asking questions now," he said. "'Cause our ship landed off-course beyond the ice field. And we found an Ood, in the snow. He'd been shot."

"Well, that's terrible," Halpen stuttered, putting on a show of sincerity. "I really must apologise, Mr…?"

"Doctor," he replied.

"Doctor," Halpen said, his eyebrows raised as the statement came out as more of a question. "Ood pirates, I'm afraid. They steal the Ood for the black-market. And if a prisoner escapes… Well, poor soul."

It was so made up, it wasn't funny.

"But do you have problems with the Oods?" the Doctor continued. "Nothing that might involve red eyes of any sorts?"

"I have no such reports," Halpen replied, looking clearly uncomfortable. He chuckled nervously. "You sound like a member of FOTO, Doctor."

"What's FOTO?" he said in confusion, then he got it. "Oh! Friends Of The Ood! Oh, I like it," he grinned, nodding his head in appreciation.

"Catchy. It works… And it's sweet," Rose said. She could remember Scooti calling her one back on Krop Tor. She'd replied with 'well, maybe I am, yeah. Since when do humans need slaves?' She still stuck to that comment.

"FOTO, yeah." He looked at his companions with a grin, before sharply turning back to the front. "Is that such a bad thing, then?" Rose smiled at the parallel.

"We're all friends of the Ood here," he replied. "Oh," he said, faking an alert on his wrist communicator. "Unfortunately, I've been called away. Uh, how sad. But, no body move. You've got some first class entertainment coming up. Now if you'll excuse me."

He stood down from the stage, and made his way over to the Doctor amidst more applause. An Ood with a sigma symbol on his jacket following him. "Well, Doctor. We'll continue this conversation another time."

"Do you know, I think we will." Halpen took in the two women, and Rose instinctively stepped closer to the Doctor, placing a hand on his arm. She instantly felt better.

"Nice coat," he said to Donna, his tone bordering on snide, but his eyes looked her up and down in appreciation.

"Nice rocket," she replied boisterously. The man raised an eyebrow, almost seeming to enjoy the comment, then walked off. Rose and the Doctor just looked at Donna incredulously. "What?" she said when she noticed their looks.

"Donna, no flirting with the nice Ood enslaver," Rose told her.

"Nice?!" the Doctor scoffed.

"Oi, wh-"

"Excuse me, everyone, if I could have your attention once more," Solana called, interrupting what Donna had been about to say. "I'd now like to point out a new innovation from Ood Operations. We've introduced a variety package with the Ood translator ball. You can now have the standard setting." The turned to the first Ood on the platform. "How are you today, Ood?"

"I am perfectly well, thank you," he replied.

"Or, perhaps after a stressful day, a little something for the gentlemen." She walked over to the second Ood. "How are you, Ood?"

"All the better for seeing you," a sultry female voice came from the translator ball. Solana moved on.

"And the comedy classic option. Ood, you dropped something."

"Do'h!" Homer Simpson. Rose rolled her eyes as everyone around her chuckled.

"All that for only five additional credits. The details are in your brochures. Now, there's plenty more food and drink, so don't hold back." And she left to mingle, leaving everyone to chat an eat.

The Doctor whipped on his glasses while Rose and Donna grabbed a quick nibble, and went to a control board not far away. He turned it on to show were they were as the women came back to him.

"Ah, got it. The Ood Sphere. I've been to this solar system before, years ago. Ages. Close to the planet Sense Sphere. Let's widen it out…" He pressed a few buttons and the visual of space zoomed out to show a few galaxies. "The year 4126. That is the Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire."

"You know, we still haven't made it to the Fourth," Rose grinned.

"Oh, we didn't, did we? I got distracted by Barcelona."

"4126?" Donna said. "It's 4126? I'm in 4126?"

"It's good, isn't it?" said the Doctor.

"Just wait until the years have gone by so much they start adding slashes and points and fruits!" Rose laughed.


"You know that first trip?"

"The one where he blew your job up?"

"No, after that. He took me to see the end of the Earth. The year was 5.5/Apple/26."



"So, if the Earth ends in 5.5/Apple… something… What does it look like now?"

"A bit full," the Doctor replied. "But you see, the empire stretches out across three galaxies.

"It's weird. I mean, it's brilliant, but… Back home, the papers and the telly, they keep saying we haven't got long to live. Global warming, flooding, all the bees disappearing."

"Yeah, that bees thing is odd."

Rose nodded in agreement. "Trust me, humans just keep on inventing more apocalypse theories. That meteor in 2000. Mayan calendar in 2012, I've been there twice. Nothing happens. And those two brothers who were the vessels of… no, hang on, that's Supernatural…" The Doctor sniggered at her.

"But look at us!" Donna cried. "We're everywhere. Is that good or bad, though? I mean, are we like explorers or more like a virus?"

"Sometimes I wonder."

"Hey, what are the red dots?" Rose asked.

"Ood distribution centres."

"That's horrible!"

"Across three galaxies?! Don't the Ood get a say in this?"

"They don't. The way Danny was speaking about them…"

Frowning, Donna walked over to the nearest Ood. "Um… sorry, but…" It didn't seem to notice her until she tapped it on the shoulder. "Hello. Tell me, are you all like this?"

"I do not understand, miss."

"Why did you say 'miss'? Do I look single?" she said, offended.

"Bloody hell, a bit off point, Donna."

"Yeah, sorry… What I mean is, are there any free Ood? Are there any Ood running wild somewhere like wildebeest?" Rose snorted at the image that created.

"All Ood are born to serve. Otherwise we would die."

"I was told something similar last time. No names. Die without humans. All they want to do is serve us," she said in disgust.

"But you can't have started like that. Before the humans, what were you like?"

The Ood's head jerked. "The circle."

All three heads jerked up. "What do you mean? What circle?"

"The circ- the circle… is…"

"Ladies and gentlemen," Solana interrupted again. "All Ood to hospitality stations, please." All the Ood in the room silently filed out.

"I've had enough schmoozing. Do you fancy going off the beaten track?"

"Always," Rose grinned as the Doctor took out a map of the complex.

"'A Rough Guide to the Ood Sphere?' Works for me," Donna said.

"Yeah." The Doctor smiled at the two of them, then grabbing Rose's hand, he led them to exit door off to the side.


After navigating their way through the corridors, without running into a single person, they came to a door that would lead out into the main complex.

"Ooh, it's got a code lock. Must be important," Rose said, wagging her eyebrows.

The Doctor grabbed the sonic from his pocket and fried the circuits, letting them through. With a leap, he bounded down the ice covered steps outside. He looked at the map again as the girls followed him down.

"Lot's of places marked 'Out of Bounds'. I like out of bounds."

Suddenly Donna stopped him. "We're like… spies!" she said excitedly.

"Oh, we are spies," the Doctor assured her.

"Yup. Only from experience… we tend to be a bit more obvious. This one likes to talk too much."

"Oi! Miss Tyler! You aren't completely blameless either!" He grinned at her and she grinned back, then bit her lip. Donna grew uncomfortable as the couple just stared at each other, practically eyefucking.

"Alright, can we keep going before you two start shagging each other in the snow?" At that, they snapped out of it, the Doctor coughing and walking straight in a random direction, Rose puffed out a breath and ran her had through her hair. "Bloody hell, what would you two be doing if I weren't here?!"

"You don't wanna know," Rose said, following the Doctor. Donna winced before following herself.

It wasn't long till they came to a locked gate. The map didn't say what part of the facility it was, but it was most definitely out of bounds. They followed a path that led them to some steps. They went up there and along, till they came to a spot they could see the entire area.

Below them, hundreds of Ood were filed out of the building in two lines of five. They watched as an exhausted Ood at the back of a pack stumbled and fell. A man walked over to it, cracking a whip and shouting at it to stand up.

"Servants? They're slaves!" Donna said in horror.

"I said that," Rose growled. "When Danny called them a slave race he wasn't joking." They could only watch as the man continued to crack the whip as the Ood slowly and painfully stood up.

"Last time I met the Ood, I never thought… I never asked…"

"Yeah, well I did," Rose snapped. "While you were worrying about being guilty for getting me stuck and then swanning around ten miles under the surface of the bloody planet! And then you got suck down there wile I was up the top with possessed Ood! And I was never going to see you again! And-"

The Doctor winced when he felt a surge of pure panic sweep through him from Rose. Just the mere thought of being separated was causing her to instinctively panic. She was shaking. "Rose!" he cried, grabbing her by the shoulders. "It's okay, calm down. Breath."

"Are you okay?" Donna asked in concern, not having seen her friend this panicked.

"Yeah, I'm just…" She swallowed a deep breath. "What the hell was that?"

"You started having a panic attack. Just a minor one. You're okay. Just… try not to think about that. Now come on. After what happened last time, I reckon I owe the Ood one, don't you think?"

"That looks like the boss," Donna said as they saw Mr Halpen walk out of one of the buildings, a small entourage of two guards, an Ood and a man in a lab coat following him.

"Let's keep out of his way. Come on."


They kept wandering round, looking for somewhere they could search. The Doctor was walking with his eyes almost fixed on the map. He didn't notice when Donna stopped by a door. She had to whistle to get his attention. And, as almost everything Donna Noble did, it was loud. It made both Rose and the Doctor duck in surprise, like children being caught doing something they shouldn't. She almost laughed at their twin reactions.

"Where did you learn to whistle?" he asked, he and Rose walking over to her.

"West Ham, every Saturday."

Shrugging, he soniced the door open and they found themselves walking into a warehouse full of shipping containers. There were thousands upon thousands of the blue metal crates. The ones closest were stacked two high, but they could see in the distance where they were stacked about eight high. Swinging around between them was a large metal claw that reminded Rose of a toy vending machine... which then reminded her off the three eyed aliens off Toy Story. Shaking her head, she focused on the containers. The gravity of what they were began to sink in.

"Is this what I think it is?" Rose whispered.

"Ood export," the Doctor nodded, then pointed to the claw. "You see? Lifts up the containers, takes them to the rocket ships. Ready to be flown out all other three galaxies.

"What, you mean… these containers are full of…"

"What do you think," the Doctor said disdainfully.

"Blimey, I've - I've only ever heard about something like that on movies with- with slave trading and stuff!" Rose said hoarsely.

"Well, it's not really all that different," he replied. Going over to the nearest container he opened it to reveal tens of Oods, all standing in lines.

Beginning to shake again as a sound filled her head, Rose let a tear fall.




Yeah, as I was reading through, I realized I gave Rose a lot of TV reference lines. But hey, she has all the time in the world to watch any movie from any era, and that LIBRARY!... Okay, I may be a smidge (bloody enormously) jealous.