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*The Poison Sky*





"He's going to choke!" Donna cried out at them. She banged at the car before turning her scared eyes on the pair of them. "Doctor!"

"It won't open!" he grunted.

"Rose! Please! Do something!"

"We're trying, Donna," she said in worry. "We won't let anything happen to him. Promise."

The Doctor ran around the back and tried sonicking something under the car. Nothing was working. Just then, Sylvia strode out towards them and slammed the bonnet shut. Only then did they see the big axe she was holding, and not a second later, she swung it down onto the windsheild. It shattered and Wilf ducked and covered to avoid the rain of glass falling onto him. All of them were too shocked to speak.

"Well, don't just stand there! Get him out!" she ordered.

Quickly, they scrambled around to the front of the car and helped pull him out, trying to avoid him leaning on the glass. Donna fussed over him a second, trying to brush all the glass off him. But she, Wilf and Sylvia were coughing too much.

"You should get inside," Rose told them.

"What about you? Why aren't you chocking?" Donna asked, her eyes starting to water.

"Um... something to do with our lungs. Respiratory bypass. The Doctor knows more about it. He can control his, mine just goes on instinct. It basically helps up hold our breath for a very long time, and filter out some smells and gasses. We'll be fine. Let's get you guys in." She and the Doctor ducked under Wilf's arms and helped him back, Donna and Sylvia walking ahead.

"Thanks," he said.

"I can't believe you've got an axe!" Donna said to her mother.

"Burglars!" Sylvia defended her choice.

"Once you're in the house, just try and close off all the doors and widows. Anywhere the gas could get in," the Doctor told them. Behind him, Ross pulled up in a black cab.

"Doctor!" he called out the window. "This is all I could find that hasn't got ATMOS."

"Good!" he cried, grabbing Rose's hand and dashing towards the cab. "Donna, you coming or do you want to stay with your family?"

"Yeah, I'm coming."

"Donna! Don't go!" her mother cried. "Look what happens every time those two appear Stay with us, please."

"You go my darling!" Wilf called over top.


"Don't listen to her. You go with Rose and the Doctor! That's my girl!"

Donna gave a smile to him as she jumped in the cab. She felt horrible leaving them there, but she would be more help with the pair of them. If she went with her two time travellers, she'd not only be able to help her family, she'd be able to help stop this. And she wanted her family safe. She smiled even more when she saw her grandfather waving to them, before ducking into the house.

She was going to make sure she stopped this.


Ross drove fast, and with no one else on the roads it was easy to speed through to the factory. He sped up to the entrance at a speed that was probably a bit too dangerous, and they were already jumping out the second it stopped.

"Ross, look after yourself," the Doctor told him. "Get inside the building."

"Will do," he replied. He picked up the radio to report. "Greyhound 40 to Trap 1, I have just returned the Doctor to base safe and sound. Over."

The barrier arm went up and Ross drove away into the base. Donna gave a heaving cough, and Rose patted her on the back in concern.

"The air is disgusting!" she gasped.

"It's not so bad for us," the Doctor told her. "Go on, get inside the TARDIS."

"Doctor, she doesn't have a key yet," she reminded him.

"Oh! I never gave you a key!" He pulled one from his pocket. "Keep that. Go on, that's yours. Quite a big moment really!"

"Maybe we should start carrying confetti for times like these," Rose joked.

"Yeah, maybe we can get sentimental after the worlds finished choking to death."

"Good idea."

"Probably best." He grabbed her hand and they started to head towards the factory.

"Where are you going?" Donna asked them.

"To stop a war!" he called back. And with that, they ran in opposite directions.


They burst into the head quarters with a bang of the doors, causing almost everyone to look up. There was an odd smell in the room that made Rose scrunch up her nose.

"Right then, here I am. Good," the Doctor said swiftly and firmly. "Whatever you do, Colonel mace, do not engage the Sontarans in battle. There is nothing they like better than a war. Just leave this to me."

"And what are you going to do?"

"I've got the TARDIS, we're gonna get on board their ship."

"Doctor-" she said.

"Yeah, I know," he said to her. She watched as his eyes darted around the room to fall on Martha. 'Not a word about it aloud. Something is going on.'

She nodded in reply, then they made their way over to their friend. The smell was stronger over here. The Doctor placed his hand on Martha's shoulder, making her whip around.

"Come on!" he said to her.


It didn't take them long to get to the ally where the TARDIS was. But as they ran around the corner, it was nowhere in sight.

"But... where's the TARDIS?" Martha said, looking about.

Rose squeezed the Doctor's hand as they went to the spot it was. As she breathed in, she tasted something strange that made her stick out her tongue.

"Taste that, in the air? Yecch! That sort of metal tang."

"Yeah," she replied.

"Teleport exchange. It's the Sontarans, they've taken it. I'm stuck on Earth... like and ordinary person. Like a human! How rubbish is that! Sorry, no offence. But come on!"

"None taken," Rose muttered. Her brow creased in worry. "But, Doctor, what about Donna?"

"Oh, she'll be fine. She's at home with her family. Not much can happen there... I hope." Rose shot him a confused look but quickly realised that he was trying to trick someone. Did they have bug somewhere?

"Donna's gone home?" Martha said.

"Oh, only for a visit. She'll be back later. She's not like you, Martha. She's not a soldier." Martha smiled and Rose blinked in surprise. Martha hated being referred to as a soldier.

"But, I don't get it," she said. "The TARDIS has extrapolator shielding. How did they find it?"

"Eh?" Martha said in confusion.

"Special type of shielding I attached to it. Bit like an extension of the perception filter, but it works on machinery. They shouldn't have been able to detect it," he explained. He stared at her, and he realised something. Rose had a point. How did they find it. Someone would have had to know. Someone would have had to tell them... Someone who knew where it was. Martha had been acting strange a while now, and that smell around her.

"What?" she asked him. Oh! He'd been staring.

"I'm just wondering, have you phoned your family and Tom?"

"No, what for?"

"To warn them," Rose said. "Tell them about the gas. Make sure they stay inside and block up anywhere air could get in. They may not know." She didn't understand what was up with her friend. She was acting really strange... and that smell was still hanging about... was it her? Something was definitely wrong.

"'Course I will. Yeah," she said. "But what about the TARDIS?"

"Oh, we'll find a way to get her back," Rose said. "We always do."

"Yep!" he said, popping the 'p' more than usual. "Right. So, avanti!" He nodded his head to the side, signalling them off. They began to run back to the base.

'Avanti?' she asked him in his head.

'I was seeing something.'

'Well, she didn't notice it.' He looked at her in surpise, rather proud that she had understood his intentions. 'Doctor, what's wrong with Martha. She's acting weirdly. And that smell, it's like it's following her. What's happened to her?'

'We're dealing with Sontarans. A clone race. Now, they have a bit of hypnotic influence, that's like the factory workers. But they needed someone with intelligence. Someone on their side. Someone who could get close to us.'

'Martha. But she's not on their side...'

'Our Martha isn't. This one is a clone. Just feeding off of our Martha's memories.'

'Then where's ours?'

'That's what we need to find out.' Their hands broke apart as they rushed into the truck that held the base. "Change of plan!" he called to them.

"Good to have you fighting alongside us, Doctor," Mace said.

"I'm not fighting," he hold them. "I'm not-fighting. As in 'not' hyphen 'fighting', got it? Now, does anyone know what this gas is yet?"

"We're working on it," Martha told them.

"It's harmful, but not lethal until it reaches 80% density," a woman spoke up from the next row. Rose and the Doctor went down towards her. "We're having the first reports of deaths from the centre of Tokyo City."

"And who are you?" he asked offhandedly.

The woman stood and saluted. "Captain Marion Price, sir."

"Oh, Marion, that's my middle name," Rose said cheerfully. At the same time the Doctor began to grumble.

"Oh, put your hand down. Don't salute." he went back up by the Colonel, while Rose looked at the screens of the people by her.

"Jodrell Bank's traced a signal, Doctor, coming from 5000 miles above the Earth. We're guessing that's what triggered the cars." They could see a red blip a good distance from Earth.

"The Sontaran ship."

"NATO has gone Defcon One, we're preparing a strike."

"You can't do that, nuclear missiles won't even scratch the surface," he told them. "Let me talk to the Sontarans."

"You're not authorised to speak on behalf of the Earth."

Rose growled, and quicker that anyone was expecting, she was up by the Doctor's side. "Yes he does. He earned that authority a long time ago. He has saved this planet so many times that he has every right to defend it again. But if you don't think that he's good enough, then I will." The Doctor smirked, looking positively smug and proud as Rose berated the guy. "I am Rose Tyler. Earth born and a citizen of the United Kingdom. I may not be human anymore, but as a defender of my home planet I have every right to speak on behalf of it. Got that, mate?"

"Yes, ma'am." He saluted.

"That's better," she said brightly. "Now, I may be able to whip you lot in shape, but Sontarans... not so much. Doctor, why don't you do it for me?"

"Would be my pleasure," he said, trying to hold back his laughter.

"Fine," Mace grumbled as the Doctor used the sonic to connect the UNIT systems to the Sontaran ship.

"Calling the Sontaran Command ship under the Jurisdiction Two of them Intergalactic Rules of Engagement. This is the Doctor."

General Staal appeared on screen. "Doctor, breathing your last?" he said.

"My God, they're like trolls." Rose rolled her eyes and the Doctor sighed.

"Yeah, loving the diplomacy, thanks," he muttered to him. Picking up his voice, he turned back to the Sontarans. "So, tell me, General Staal, since when did you lot become Cowards?" He sat down on a chair and stuck his feet up on the desk. Rose stood behind him.

"How dare you!" Staal said in outrage.

"Oh, that's diplomacy?" Mace scoffed back.

"Doctor, you impugn my honour!"

"Yeah, I'm really glad you didn't say belittle, 'cause then I'd have field day."

Rose sniggered. "I don't know. He seems to be pretty short tempered."

The Doctor ginned at her. "Nice. But poison gas?" he said, turning back to Staal. "That's the weapon of a coward and you know it. Staal, you could blast this planet out of the sky, and yet you're sitting up above watching it die. Where's the fight in that? Where's the honour? Or are you lot planning something else? 'Cause this isn't normal Sontaran warfare. What are you lot up to?"

"A general would be unwise to reveal his strategy to the opposing forces."

"Ah, the war's not going so well, then? Losing, are we?"

"Such a suggestion is impossible?"

"What war?" Mace asked.

"The war between the Sontarans and the Rutans. It's been raging far out in the stars for 50,000 years. 50,000 years of bloodshed, and for what?"

"For victory!" Staal cried. "Sontar-ha!" He began changing, swinging his weapon in an arch and smacking it down in his palm. All the other Sontarans joined in the chant.

"Give me a break," the Doctor said, rolling his eyes. He pulled out the sonic and changed channels to a cartoon.

"Doctor, I would seriously recommend that this dialogue is handled by official Earth representation."

Ignoring him, the Doctor turned the channel back. "Finished?"

"You will not be so quick to ridicule when you see our prize. Behold!" He moved over slightly and the camera zoomed out to show the TARDIS behind him. They weren't at all shocked. "We are the first Sontarans in history to capture a TARDIS."

"Well, as prizes go, that's... noble." Rose grinned when she instantly realised what he was doing. Donna must be getting the transmission too. "As they say in Latin, Dona nobis pacem. Did you ever wonder about its design. It's a telephone box. It contains a phone. A telephonic device for communication. Sort of symbolic. Like if only we could communicate, you and I."

"All you have communicated is your distress, Doctor."

"Big mistake, though, showing it to me. Because I've got a remote control. And my fiancée has a very strong connection with that ship. She can call it to her, if she knows where it is."

"Cease transmission!" The screen went blank.

"Oh, well," he sighed, standing up.

"Doctor, I can't do it from that far," she said quietly. "You know what happened last time. You made me promise not to do it again."

"I know, I know," he shushed her, kissing her on the top of the head. "Don't worry. You won't have have to."

"I'm getting stronger, though. I may be able to do it."

"Yeah, I know you are," he almost grumbled. "But I'm never letting you do that again. We need to train you up in your psychic abilities and completely forget about the Time Vortex Bad Wolf thing." Rose frowned at him in annoyance.

"That's achieved nothing," Mace snipped at them.

"Oh, you'd be surprised." He grinned as he walked off, Rose following along behind.

"You know," Rose said, a little bit of bitterness seeping through her voice. "If that was all you were trying to achieve, I could have just called the TARDIS." She held up her cellphone for the Doctor to see. He stopped, staring at the phone. Then suddenly he slapped his palm to his forehead. Why hadn't he thought of that?