So this is just a little one-shot of how Tosh came to be in the Doctor Who episode World War Three from Season One. Hope you all enjoy :)

Tosh pushed open the lab door, feigning confidence, then immediately shrank back, shoulders dropping as a dozen pairs of eyes turned on her. She was wearing a white lab coat, over her usual professional clothes, and its name tag read Harper, O.

3 hours earlier:

*ring ring* came the muffled sound of a phone. Tosh turned away from the complex computer program scrolling down her screen to search for the device. Eventually after much shifting of papers she found her mobile and was able to answer before the caller gave up. She frowned seeing the number appeared as unknown.

"Hello?" she said, the question carried in her tone.

"Uh. Yes. Toshiko?" came a familiar voice at the other end.

"Oh! O-Owen!" squeaked Tosh, blushing, although she was all alone in the hub. "Hi." She finished lamely. She face palmed, face becoming even more red. Why did he have this effect on her? Usually she was so together, and professional, but all he had to do was speak and she was unraveling and turning into a stuttering teenager.

"Yeah. Look can you cover for me tonight? I'm a bit busy at the moment and I got a message from Jack."

Tosh could here pounding music in the background, and someone else fighting for Owen's attention.

"Oh. Yes, yes of course." Tosh answered, still squeaking. The moment the words left her lips she regretted them. How was she supposed to cover for Owen? She wasn't a doctor. In fact she wasn't even trained in CPR. Besides, thought her workaholic side, Owen should really put his job before his social life, considering its importance.

"Right well thanks." Finished Owen, hanging up before Tosh could even say good bye.

Tosh looked around the hub, unable to comprehend the stupidity of what she had just done. After a moment she began gathering a bag of things she might need, which included her laptop, a gun, a small medical kit, and as an afterthought, Owen's lab coat. She tried to ignore the fact that her heart was racing at wearing a piece of his clothing. It smelled of his cologne. The one that was a little too strong, but irresistible at the same time. She blushed again at her own thought. Oh goodness, I feel like a school girl she thought, laughing at herself just a little. She climbed into one of Torchwood's many SUVs and phoned Jack.

"Hi, Tosh." He said evenly into her ear bud, "You on your way?"

"Yes. Owen said he needed me to fill in for him. He's, uh, sick."

Tosh knew Jack was fully aware of the lie, but neither of them said anything.

"O.k. I just need you to get to London as fast as you can. Break all the speed limits."

"Why what's happened."

"Owen didn't say? A spaceship crashed into Big Ben. Look I have to go. I'm at Downing Street. Get here fast." And with that he was gone, leaving Tosh to her thought, the smell of Owen's cologne lingering.

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