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Chapter 6

"I don't know Kol, I just don't like the way she's looking at you," Elena fidgets in his tight grasp, absentmindedly swaying to the beat. Rebekah has really outdone herself this time, and when Caroline gives approval, you know it's a hit.

Kol cocks his eyebrow to the side, looking adorable. He reminds Elena of an innocent puppy, well, until his eyes zero in on her and smolder like they're going to catch fire from lust. He looks over in Bonnie's direction somewhat warily, not wanting to make any unneeded comment that would frighten Elena.

Thankful for his height and broad shoulders, he spins Elena around and locks one arm around her waist, so now they're chest to chest, effectively blocking her view of Bonnie. "Hey!" She protests weakly, but realizes the alcohol is getting to her, and finally rests against his lean chest under the dim lights, sighing in approval as he runs his fingers through her silky hair.

The night has been going perfectly. This is not some cheap, hormonal dance in a basement or school gym. Instead, in an attempt to fit in, and impress Matt, Rebekah has transformed the Mikaelson palace into an elegant and classy dance. Even the ever-sophisticated Elijah makes a brief appearance.

After Elena's horrifying conversation with Bonnie, she's been on edge, and was openly glad when Bonnie failed to show at the party. But when Bonnie had made a last minute appearance, a mixture of paranoia and alcohol is getting to Elena. "I'd prefer it if she was here, Elena," Kol says softly, "Keep your enemies closer and all. She can't touch me," he reminds her.

She looks up at him, "She won't ever touch you," Elena says with fire, right as the music switches back to a less than innocent, upbeat song. As Kol swings her out, he takes a minute to take in every inch of her appearance. Her flat-ironed hair now has the faintest, most beautiful and subtle waves running through it. Like all of the girls, she has ditched the heels that she wears with expertise and confidence. She's a hot mess- in the best possible way.

She murmurs in approval at the changes he's made to his own outfit. His black suit jacket has been removed, and his crisp white dress shirt has the top three buttons undone, with the sleeves rolled up. It's just enough so that he's a perfect balance of a classy gentlemen, and still oozes with sexy charm.

As he pulls her back towards to him, Elena places her palm over his chest. "You're right, I'm sorry." She gives him a sly, half-smile.

Suddenly, there are whoops and hollers of appreciation as all of the lights are turned off, and only a few blinking black lights illuminate the walls. It makes every move and every touch feel more intimate- a little naughtier.

Elena hears the rumble of Kol's chest against her back. She looks up at him, questioningly, knowing that he can still see perfectly. "Klaus and Caroline," he says in her ear, "they're really," he searches for the right word, "enjoying their time together!"

Without warning, Elena arches her back, grinding against his lean body, relishing in how she can make his body react to hers. His arms tighten around her waist, making her shiver when she looks down and remembers what else those arms are capable of doing to her. She's not sure how much longer she can stand it, teasing one another on the dance floor.

As if he read her thoughts, Kol leaves a trail of kisses down her neck before asking, "You're not tired, are you?"

She can hear the naughty smiles through the darkness. "Definitely not." She slips one hand under his shirt, trailing her fingers over his ripped abdomen, "Somehow, I think you'll find a way to wear me out tonight."

He growls with impatience, flashing in the blink of an eye to collect their belongings. In the dark, he doubts Elena even knew he left.

"Your house or mine?"

"ELENA! Get down!" Elena feels the world spin as Caroline slams her to the ground, trying to protect her best friend.

"Caroline! Let me up! He's still in there…they've still got him! Let me go!" She pounds her fists uselessly. Caroline isn't budging.

Suddenly, the screaming stops. There's no sound. Only silence. That's when Elena realizes how sore her throat is. She's the one who's been screaming.

"Elena…" Caroline looks horrified.

"Oh my god. She did this?" Elena gasps in shock. The house holding Kol hostage is gone. The only evidence left is the charred ground, and the smoke filling the air.

Elena coughs. "Where is everyone?"

Caroline looks at her with a funny expression. "Rebekah went to try and follow Finn with Elijah…Elena, I'm so sorry, please just hang in there. It hurts, doesn't it?"

"Like a bullet through my heart."


"I don't understand how three Originals lose against a witch. Screw the balance of nature crap, there's nothing balanced about that."

"Klaus!" Caroline runs to the Original that has returned. To Elena's surprise, or maybe not so much, Klaus looks anything but defeated. In fact, he looks slightly crazed, ready to keep going.

"Caroline, Elena, would you mind giving me your jackets?" Klaus holds out his hand, waiting.

"Look, if this is some kind of sick-"

"Caroline. Give me your jacket! There's plenty of time to play later." He gives a classic smirk.

"Oh." Caroline hands over their jackets. They watch him closely.

"Uh-huh. I knew it." Klaus pulls out a single stone from each jacket, no bigger than an acorn.

"What is that?"

"It's how Esther's been hurting you both." He shakes his head in disappointment. "This is Finn's work."

In an instant, he crumples the stones in sheer dust. They scatter into the wind and blend with the smoke from the fire.

"Well shouldn't be a problem now." He looks pleased with himself.

"Except for the fact that Kol is still gone, Klaus. We've still got that problem." Elena narrows her eyes in annoyance.

"Working on it, Elena. I'm feeling much more confident about our odds."

Elena looks at him like he's insane. "Does your huge ego prevent you from seeing the massive failure behind you? He's in pain Klaus! She's torturing him! Look what she's able to do!"

"Elena, calm down."

Elijah appears out of thin air, and drags a fruterated looking Rebekah behind him. "You were right," he tells Klaus, "She's furious. She lost the connection…and I do feel oddly rejunvenated."

"Okay boys, want to fill us in on your secret mission?" Caroline taps her foot and tries to smooth her hair back.

"Essentially, Esther was drawing her power from the stones, which connected to yourself and to Elena." Elijah shifts, a small smile forms on his face. "And then from you they drew strength from Klaus and Kol. Then it spread to myself and Rebekah."

"But Esther has Kol!" Elena shakes her head, more confused than ever.

"Well, that's the thing, this spread like a virus. Mentally."

"This isn't a science fiction novel, Elijah. Spit it out!" Rebekah huffs, glaring at her older brothers.

"In blunt terms, Elena, you think about Kol much of the time," he looks to Caroline reluctantly, "And you…you think about Klaus a lot. This provided the magic an opportunity to manipulate us. So everyone one of you felt pain, it was our Power being drawn through yourselves to Esther."

"That's horrible." Elena shakes her head in disgust. She watches as Klaus and Caroline slowly gravitate towards one another, each for some reason reluctant to show their affections.

Caroline shrugs indifferently and Klaus just grins. The exchange brings a smile to Elena's face.

"Where do we go from here?"

"Back to square one. We need a new strategy. He'll be able to hold on Elena. There's a bigger picture here, she needs him alive." Elijah nods firmly, always confident.

She smiles, knowing that he's been awake the entire time, but that he chose to give her some space before he also came downstairs to check up on her.

They're at Elena's house, following a blow-out, all expense party at Kol's- hosted by Rebekah. She had done a fantastic job. When Caroline gives her approval, you know it was a success.

Elena grabs the baking sheet and puts it in the oven, setting the timer and content with her work. He finally comes into view. "I was hungry," she shrugs, throwing away the cookie package.

She only has one lamp on, illuminating her figure as she whirls around the kitchen, cleaning up her mess. "It's three in the morning," he laughs, leaning against the counter, "I thought you would have slept for days after tonight!"

Elena throws the towel at him, which he easily catches. "I didn't have that much to drink! Besides, we left relatively early! I'm sure it's still going on now."

Kol stays still. He can tell that she's using baking as a cover. She's nervous, anxious.

He watches as she meticulously cleans the kitchen, not wanting to drag it out of her and then cause a bigger problem. He opts for a different approach. "Elijah didn't stick around long, did he?" Kol laughs genuinely, remembering Elijah's horrified look at all of the hormonal teenagers in his home.

"You know he's too sophisticated for that kind of stuff," Elena giggles, "I bet he'll be back in a couple of days. He's probably somewhere very elegant enjoying a glass of wine by the ocean."

She moves toward him the darkness, stopping close by. Her shoulders slump forward slightly, a telltale sign that her adrenaline rush is ending. "What Bonnie said really freaked me out, Kol." She shifts her weight in exhaustion. He slings one arm around her waist to keep her steady.

"I know. I've been awake all night, just in case she makes the unfortunate choice to stop by." She can hear the anger in his voice, knowing that he will make good on any threats.

Elena trembles. "The doors are locked, right?"

"I doubt that would keep her out," Kol answers honestly, "but they are."

He envelops her warm body within his arms and rubs her back soothingly.

He watches her intently, mesmerized, even though the only light source is a dim lamp. She uses her knee to push a cabinet back in place. Elena sighs, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

"Do you always bake at three in the morning?" Kol asks, a teasing grin on his face.

"I couldn't get into a deep sleep. And I was hungry." Elena smiles at him, "I was a little distracted at the party to think about eating." Her cheeks still have a faint blush, resulting from the hours of being wrapped in each other's arms on the dance floor, moving to fast and low songs alike.

His face smolders, remembering the way their bodies had been pressed only a couple hours ago. "We were enjoying ourselves, weren't we?"

She finishes folding a towel, and places her hands on the cool granite counter. "We were," she breathes, giving him a gentle kiss.

The simplest touch makes her shiver. She forgets whatever she meant to say as soon as their chocolate brown eyes meet.

"Take it, it won't kill you Elena." Caroline sets an expensive looking glass in front of her, filled with bubbly champagne.

"Thanks Caroline. Sorry I snapped at you. You were just trying to help."

"Hey, don't apologize for that Elena. I felt it today, somewhat, what you're going through."

Elena raises her eyebrow questioningly.

"When Klaus didn't come out of that house…when I saw Elijah and Rebekah…" Elena thinks she hears Caroline's voice crack. "I've never felt fear like that before. It was terrifying, not knowing. So many things rushing through my mind, things I forgot to say, was to shy to admit. It made me think."

"You should go see him. He's buried himself in his room with his plans and strategies."

Caroline looks at her shyly. "I was planning on doing that. Are you going to be okay?"

"For now Caroline. But every day I feel like he's slipping away."

"He's not. He's still in here." She points to Elena's chest, where her heart beats. "Don't ever forget that."

"I won't," Elena whispers.

A single tear runs down her check, warm against her cold numb skin.

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