Hey guys! Yep, wow, I've got a lot of Doctor Who fics… and a few of them aren't even posted yet!

Now, I know there is a few stories out there kind of like this where Rose ends up in 1913… But one thing that usually annoys me is that she just coincidentally appears there. So, I have a reason =D

Also, one thing I noticed people seemed to do was make Rose pretend to have amnesia. And that got me thinking… what if she really did!

So, we start with the TARDIS!




*Recovering Memories*


Found and Lost



The TARDIS's consciousness floated through the Time Vortex. The Doctor had her on emergency power, so she couldn't be detected. Unfortunately, that meant she was like a paralysis patent. Her body couldn't do anything, but her mind was still wide awake.

She was bored out of her wits. Unknown to him - well, the extent at least - she was linked to the Doctor. He didn't know that she lived all of his adventures through him. Feeling his excitement and seeing through his eyes. She had only ever achieved this with one other person, and that was Rose.

But Rose was gone, and the Doctor was human. Her link to the outside world was cut off. She could only see what was going on inside her body… which was nothing aside from Martha's weekly visit.

Martha was nice, she did like the girl. But she wasn't the best. She didn't understand that she was truly alive. (Rose had realised that, even before she had opened her heart for the first time). That was her main problem. She didn't like it when people didn't truly acknowledge her or thought of her as an object. Even when Martha did talk to her, the girl thought herself silly.

But the other thing was what she was doing to the Doctor. She had fallen for him too fast. A deep fascination that bloomed out of his mystery, but it wasn't quite natural. A passing school girl's crush… or at least, that's how it seemed after Rose. And part of the Doctor saw this. But he was still grieving for the woman he loved. And Martha was not helping things by forcing herself upon him. Nor by bad mouthing a girl she didn't even know.

If she just fixed those two issues, then the TARDIS would have liked her right up there with Sarah Jane, and Romana. But not quite up with Rose. Because Rose was her human. The one human brave enough to give her life in the most selfless way for the Doctor. It was her love for him that had changed many things. Rose used to be there with Sarah Jane and Romana… now, she was something else entirely.

Now, she was more of a sister to the TARDIS. Their life-forces were bonded together... What else was she supposed to do? Let her die? It was a miracle that Rose even lasted as long as she did with the Time Vortex inside her. She was so strong and so stubborn. And so compassionate. And so, too, too human.

She hand known what would happen to Rose if she looked into her heart. That had been why she had struggled to keep the hatch closed. But Rose had been so determined. Such love. She already cared for Rose too much, and she knew the Doctor did too. She wanted to do something to help, but the power of the Time Vortex was too strong within her for the TARDIS to do anything. It was seeing the Doctor kiss the Vortex out of her that had broken her. It would have been horrible to lose Rose; she would have mourned for years. But if the Doctor lost her… he would not survive. He was giving his life to keep a dead girl from burning.

She had felt the Vortex slipping away from Rose. Felt her weakening, her mind still burning slowly as she lay unconscious. She had taken her chance. A chance she had never dreamed of taking before. But she couldn't lose her human. And so, she bonded Rose's life to her own.

Rose had understood her so much more since then. She had noticed all the small things, like the singing that was almost always echoing through the halls, and the very slight presence in her mind. Even the faint tingly sensation that now ran through her veins. But she shrugged it all off as normal 'I'm travelling with the Doctor' stuff.

She hadn't noticed how sick she had felt the first time they went to the parallel universe. She had just believed that a) she wasn't feeling well, b) there was another crisis, and c) she had seen her parallel mother die and lost her best friend. All of the pain and sickness she felt were dismissed as emotional reaction, or went unnoticed in her distress. But she had been exhausted after the dilemma.

They had been so close… And now she was gone. Left to live an unnaturally long life alone.

Mentally, the TARDIS sighed. She missed her human.


Floating, that's all she was doing. Floating. If she took a lot of effort, she could probably drift out and watch what was happening with the Doctor. But that would take too much energy. Besides, she was much more comfortable here in the Vortex. She was part of it, it was home.

It was then that she saw it. Somewhere ahead was big bright fracture lines. The swirling blue energy of the Time Vortex was slowly splitting apart. Bright white light was spilling through. She knew that sometime in their future something would be horribly wrong. But all she saw was the quick flicker of a figure as it slipped between the cracks.

Curiously, she got closer. She felt how time itself around these cracks was frozen. Time only moved within the worlds these cracks lead to. But no time moved in this broken part. So it was barely a second later that the figure slipped out of the cracks again.

In those few split seconds, she saw the familiar blonde hair and hazel eyes of her human, Rose Tyler. Squealing for joy, she launched her consciousness at the girl. Her energy was so strong in this moment that her conscious was able to physically touch. She hit her with a smack, winding Rose and causing her to drop the disk shaped item in her hand. It flew into the blue energy and fell through time, sparking and frying itself on the way.

Too late, the TARDIS realised that she was lost with out it. Rose gasped as the thing keeping her tethered to reality was taken from her. It was now just her in the Vortex. She began to shake as the raw power and energy tried to rip at her. Starting to panic, the TARDIS clung to the girl, trying to protect her as much as she could.

She had just enough strength to physically drag her through the Vortex to somewhere safe. She had to get Rose back to the Doctor. But already Rose's mind was beginning to burn from the energy. The Vortex was burning away at her skin and clothes. Her clothing fell away to ash and her skin blistered. She shrieked as her mind set alight. Being unprotected in the Time Vortex was killing her.

With a last effort, she pushed them through to the Vortex, into 1913, where Rose Tyler was left lying on the grass of a field, unconscious and all alone. The last thing the TARDIS saw before her exhausted consciousness was sucked back towards her body, was Rose's naked, burnt and scared body… shimmering gold.