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It was suppose to be a nice day. He was going to play and have fun with his daddy's friends. But then this man took him away, and was really really mean to him!

He was a real jerk!

And he was supposed to be his uncle?

He took him away from his daddy, and brought him here. Why? He didn't really understand.

The one day he took a break from his studies, and this was what happened to him…

"I want my daddy~!" He continued to ball and cry his eyes out. Large drops coming down his eyes, as his throat started to become dry and horse from all the screaming he was doing.

"Shut up!" Raditz roared out. "Damn brat!" He huffed, walking up to a large metal ball— Suddenly it made a loud hissing sound and split open, surprising Gohan enough for him to stop momentarily in his crying. "Maybe a timeout will do you some good—Give me some peace at least." He then casually threw him into the round container, as if he was some forgetful garbage- "You can keep each other company for a while-" The moment he landed inside the object, it quickly closed, sealing him inside.

Gohan then began to cry once more, his eyes already too blurred to see anything, as he wept and rubbed his already red eyes with his chubby hands.

"Daddy~!" He began to call for his father once more, unsure and confused with what was happening. He gave a loud hiccup, as he was having trouble breathing between the loud wails escaping his exhausted lungs. But then he froze when the warm and soft chair he was sitting on, moved.

"There, there." A soothing voice cooed, a soft touch wrapped around his small form, pulling him into a warm chest. "Don't cry, little one."

Fingers, glided through his hair, knocking off his hat—yet he didn't mind. A hand softly cradled against his back, rubbing small circles to easy him.

It was so familiar. It reminded him of how his mother used to hold him—so gentle and caring. The rhythmic beating of her heart in his ears was strong, yet calming. It lulled him, and his tears instantly stopped.

"Be brave..." The voice hummed, the sound vibrating through his entire body and making him sigh. He gave a small sniffle, and hiccupped, his body jerking in the motion.

"Raditz!" A muffled shout could be heard coming from a few feet outside the metal container, where we were being held.

"Daddy?" He tried to blink away the fuzz from his vision and he turned his head just enough to glance over his shoulders. He knew that voice anywhere…it was him! It had to be!

"Where is he? Give me back my son!" The voice was louder, more desperate.

"See?" The voice cooed, trying to calm him as his tears started to uncontrollably swell in his eyes, hopeful. "Your father came for you…"

He finally moved away from the warm embrace, just enough to give him room to look up, but when he did his orbs quickly got lost in a color of deep blue.

They were so pretty…

Then he felt it…

A soft, brown, furry tail slipped out from behind her, brushing across his most cheek, and wiped away his tears.

He must've been giving her a funny look, because she then started to laugh. It was small, almost weak, in a way, but she was laughing…

Her expression softened at him, and she smiled.

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