Nothing that deep in this chappie. Think of it as a filler. Some Nami Xion bonding and a small convo bout Roxas. I hope you guys like it! :D

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Chapter 9: Drawing

Peace…That was what I had now.

"Xion, could you come here please?"

I turned away from the beautiful view towards my blonde friend. She held her sketchbook up and said, "I want you to critique a drawing I made."

Looking at her, I noticed that she had a slight flush in her cheeks. I wondered why…

My feet made way towards her. I placed my elbows on the table and looked down on her drawing.

And what was on the paper was-Roxas.


It looked delightfully different and strange at the same time. His face and eyes were a mix of realism and animeness (if that's a word…). But it gave him a light and cheery expression, which would be what best fit his personality.

"D-do you like it?" Namine squeaked and placed her hands between her knees. "I decided to try something new…"

I took the book in my hands and held it in the air. "You did this all by yourself? No referencing or…pictures?"

I blushed as I said the last word. The last one was a possibility IF Namine had stalked him and took pictures of him like a delirious fangirl…I shuddered. If that was the truth, I probably wouldn't talk to her for a while. And why would Roxas have any fangirls other than the fact that he's adorable, smart, utterly handsome, has that awesome spiky hair, is rich and-

"Pictures? Where the heck would I get pictures from?" The girl looked at me with a creeped out expression.

I mentally tripped on myself thinking about what I just thought. Did I just say all those things in my head? Then I noticed that these thoughts were taking a huge toll on my facial expression. I looked like a friggin old troll with a seizure.

Then Nami burst out laughing.

My hand flew up to slap myself in an epic face palm. Then I cleared my face immediately to get rid of that ridiculous expression.

"I-I'm so s-sorry Xion! It's just that-" She let a couple more laughs for good measure which practically scarred my inner image of myself (No big deal right?). "-You looked so funny right there!"

My blue orbs rolled and I looked down at the picture of Roxas.

I caught her off guard as I looked at her with a evil grin on my face. I knew how she was going to react to this.

"Why did you draw a picture of Roxas?" I said with a sneer.

Her eyes widened in a midlaugh and her face went blank.





Then she fell over with the chair, her hair flying everywhere until there was a crash of her butt and the chair against the ground.

It was time for me to crack up.

She always acted like this when she was emotionally caught off guard. If you hadn't guessed right now (you'd be pretty stupid not to notice) she isn't one of the strongest people in the world to approach. Whenever I got her, her brain was practically dead for about ten seconds.

I dunno, probably some crazy brain disease.

My fingers snapped and she came back to life. It took practice to know when to snap at the right time.

"Okay. Now why did you draw a picture of Roxas again?" I stooped down to help her back up and set the chair back in place.

She brushed herself off and looked at me with an embarrassed smile.

"Sorry about making your brain go dead. I just had to go for it." I giggled and sat down beside her while I still held the sketch book.

Namine gave me a small smile back in forgiveness and she looked at the book, as red as a tomato.

"Well, you know…"

My fingers took a hold of one of her pencils as I looked at the picture with my hand on my imaginary moustache. "Do you mind if I add a few details to it?"

My friend shook her head. "No, I don't have a problem with."

I nodded and I took a firm hold of the picture and began modifying it. While my eyes focused on the drawing I said, "Oh, and I thought you sucked at drawing people. What's up with the new skills?"

"Well, I decided to take a look at your style of drawing since I was so bad at drawing realistic people. I decided to mix the two together and this is what I got." (A.N. Think of the way she draws kind of like the way Square Enix does :D but with less intense eyes and features)

"Mmmhmmm. That was pretty smart. You're doing pretty good at this so far. But you have to get the proportions right. This eye isn't aligned with the other properly. And you should follow these guidelines." I drew light lines on Roxas's face (see what I did there xD).

Namine loved sticking to rules in everything. Especially drawing. Ironically, what rules I was showing her right now, I never really follow since I have a strange habit of starting each person by the right eye. No diagrams or lines. Nothing. I never use them. But I knew Namine needed to know these. (A. a coincidence Xion! I draw the same way!)

"Thanks for the information Xi!" Namine smiled at me and watched as I finished up my changes.

"No problem."

Secretly from the back of my mind, I felt a small glowering of jealousy. In reality, I wasn't really sure why I felt this way. But maybe I was feeling a little protective of Roxas. Who knew? Maybe I cared about him more deeply than I thought. No not exactly in the romantic area, but more of in 'I like him as close as a sibling.' After all, he was the one who actually lit up my life.

"There. You see how everything is aligned the right way? And be careful with the nose there. I don't really know if you'd agree, but I changed it to this way. Don't spend too much time on it and reduce it to something like this." I pointed to his nose at how simplified it was. Just a point.

"Okay. I get it."

I nodded and looked at her. "Do you want to go somewhere? Oh I dunno, maybe the beach someday."

Namine smiled as she closed her sketchbook and placed in her bag. "Okay. Let's meet up like, next week?"

I smiled as well as I got all my things together and nodded in agreement.

"So, see you at school tomorrow."