The sun would, similar to any other days, rise from the east. Like a routine, the sleeping animals confined in dusty, rusty cages would rouse, creating a cacophony of mixed cries that filled the pet store. Except for a kitten, barely three months of age, located at the window display. The small little thing would wake, pad round its metal container once before silently lie on his belly, head resting on his tiny front paws. He would then spend the day observing streams of two-legged creatures walking past, through the glass panel of his cage, soft, furry ears occasionally twitching when the bell rang, signaling the presence of these two-legged creatures entering the shop.

When the sunlight streamed in, the kitten would hiss at the invading light and shrink towards the back of the cage, hiding itself in the comfort of the shadow his cage provided, where the offending yellow light could not reach him. The kitten hated the afternoons. A peculiar behaviour for cats it was, for felines loved the warmth of the sun, often spending the whole of the afternoon basking comfortably in its heat.

Perhaps it was what occurs during afternoons that ire the small kitten. More humans would walk past the store when the shining ball of fire was higher up in the sky, often glancing at the domesticated life forms displayed at the window. Once an interest was taken, the kitten found out, the bell would sound and a threatening hand would reach into its territory, attempting to grab its small body. His natural instinct was to stretch out his short, sharp claws and take a swipe, earning a sharp cry of pain from the owner of the fleshy appendage. From then on, he would be left alone for the rest of the day.

This was the daily routine for the caged kitten.

However, Fate is like a child, always playing the same game and just like how a child would, it would often surprise by engaging in something spontaneous and unpredictable amidst the game. As per normal, a small boy had, earlier in the afternoon, taken an interest in the kitten, trotting into the store happily with his mother, only to leave with a bandaged hand and a tearful face, angry mother in tow. Confident that the rest of the day was going to be free of unnecessary nuisance, the kitten settled down back into his shaded corner, drifting off into a dreamless afternoon nap.

During the course of the day, a shrill human cry reverberated painfully in the kitten's sensitive ears, and it startled the kitten badly out of his sleep. With ears flattened, he bristled and hissed towards the source, wary eyes peering cautiously out of the window. A human child was crying, the grating voice spilling freely out of the opened mouth. One chubby hand was clenched around an empty cone and the other was pulled over her eyes, furiously rubbing away the tears that were leaking out. The contents of the brown cone lay on the cement pavement, melting away into a nearby drain.

The kitten licked his chops. His master, the two legged creature who fed him everyday, had sometimes permitted human children to give him some of that milky semi-solid. It was one of the best things the kitten had ever tasted. Sweet and milky, the cold solid would turn into liquid in its small mouth before sliding down its throat.

As the feline continued to observe, a shadow fell upon the bawling child. The kitten blinked and recognized the towering figure to be an adult human male. The man was dressed in a near-perfect and pristine three piece suit. It would have been a flawless appearance if not for the wet patch on the coat the man was wearing. His hair was slicked neatly towards the back of his head. From his iron confines, the kitten could sense the dangerous aura the man exuded.

The kitten stared in a mixture of awe and fear. It wasn't everyday he spied upon a being that was comparable to his feline father back in his days living in the wild. His father was sleek and slender, yet underneath that beauty laid a power so frightening. The kitten had felt that power first hand when his father attacked his family, with intentions to eat all kittens in the litter. He shuddered at the memory and backed further up into the shadow.

The unbearable screeching suddenly ceased and it was quickly followed by a joyful squeal. The kitten peeked back out curiously and saw the spawn of mankind smiling, bowing slightly towards the man before taking off with a new ice-cream cone in hand. The man with the neat hair was shrugging off his coat, passing the soiled garment to another man he never noticed before, distinguishable by a pair of glasses resting upon his nose bridge. As the man with the glasses helped the dangerous man into a new coat, the kitten determined glasses man to be a possession of the other as his actions were courteous, polite, carried out with great respect. The kitten recognized it as a sign of submission to one of greater power.

Too drawn by his inquisitive nature, the kitten failed to notice that he had stuck his little head out too far and the light from the sun bounced off his eyes, causing it to sparkle, drawing the attention of the frightening man.

As the man walked towards his cage, a sense of foreboding washed upon the kitten. He hissed and spitted warningly at the approaching shadow, taking a step back each time he advanced upon him. When his hind legs knocked against the metal bars, the kitten settled with crouching down, snarling furiously and tail swishing agitatedly.

The shadow crouched and the kitten trembled. Memories of his father were coming back to him, and it frightened him. When a set of golden eyes bored into him, the trembling form stilled. The condescending look raised the kitten's ire and when an eyebrow rose in some sort of challenge, the terror in him fled. His pride was being challenged and his instincts compelled him to protect it. He sauntered into the light confidently and met the golden eyes squarely with his own hazel eyes.

The light fell upon his chestnut-coloured fur, giving it the shine that was its due, and gave the man a clear view of its lithe, feline form. He bared his teeth and flaunted his male dominance despite the fact that he had not yet matured into an adult cat. The only response he got from his act of bravado was eyes that narrowed with recognition.

The arrogant figure suddenly rose and disappeared from his sight. The kitten stuck its chest out proudly, pleased with its accomplishment. His victory was, however, short-lived. His elongated, tufted ears swiveled back when the bell ringed, signaling a customer. He heard his master's raspy voice.

"A-asami-sama. A p-pleasure to have your patronage. In what way may I be of service to you?"

The man known as Asami spoke but all he could hear was a hushed response that his triangular appendages could not pick out clearly.

"Asami-sama, he is not a w-wise choice. T-trust me. That little one was born in the harsh terrains of the desert. It possesses a matching fiery personality so scorching that all his previous owners had to send it back to me, asking for a r-refund. If Asami-sama wishes for a feline companion, there are othe-"

A short while later, he sensed his master approaching clumsily towards his cage. The fur on his back rose and he stared warily when the cage door opened. His master's hand reached in, five fingers stretched out, ready to make a grab. Humans never learn, do they? With a quick swipe of his paw, he struck viciously and the bloody hand retreated hastily.

He heard his master fumbling with words, obviously with shame that he could not even tame one small kitten. He licked the blood off his claws, pleased. An unfamiliar low rumbling voice echoed into his cage, signaling to him that the war with mankind was not over yet. He tensed, ready for another assault and this time, a different hand reached in, infringing upon his territory. The kitten assumed it belonged to the man named Asami.

He brought his claws down, but it never met its target for the hand retreated in a flash. However, as quickly as it disappeared, it reappeared just as fast, taking advantage of the kitten's surprise to wrap itself around his body. Shock transformed into terror and the kitten writhed and struggled, yowling furiously.

The hand pressed down hard on the struggling kitten, causing it to cease its attempts to claw its way out. His four limbs were now focused on pushing strenuously against the metal flooring, in order to brace the sudden increase in pressure on its back. The force was relentless and the kitten crumpled under it, mewling piteously at the forced submission.

When it seemed that this ruthless Asami creature was sure that he had properly submitted to his power, he was lifted out of his cage. Familiar golden eyes met his hazel ones. The kitten slowly took in the same smug look that was being given to him just a few minutes ago and it rekindled his fiery nature. With newfound strength, he trashed wildly, claws waving at Asami's face in a useless attempt to gouge the offending eyeballs out.

His efforts were rewarded by an amused male laughter, although the hand around him tightened ever so slightly. The command was clear.

Cease your struggles or else.

He shivered at the underlying threat and stilled, afraid of being crushed. His fire was still burning strong despite the creeping fear of the man. The kitten raised his head and threw one last act of defiance. He hissed savagely at his new master.

Better watch out, Bastard.

Another chuckle filled the tense atmosphere.

"Such fire, let's call you Akihito."

The verbal statement would then continue to ring in the kitten's small feline skull throughout its impending domesticated future for it signaled the start of its life being collared and chained to Asami's will. The kitten would eventually bow to his new powerful master but he was not going down without a fight worthy of his kind, the Felis Caracal.

Felis Caracal or more commonly know as Caracal, are fiercely territorial medium sized cats. They are distributed over Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan and India. Its chief habitat is dry steppes and semi-deserts, but it also inhabits woodlands, savannah, and scrub forest. (For more information, go google it)

Author's note: Was reading 'I am a Cat' (a novel written from the perspective of a housecat) and I had this very distracting thought. What would life be for Asami if he had a cat? *laughs* Couldn't resist the urge to write this before my inspiration left me so there you have it! A new story, starring Asami and a cat named Akihito. Gosh, I should really finish up my other story. .

This is definitely staying at the T rating. I'm not into zoophilia.

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God speed.