The lighting flashed loud outside the window as the poor little girl pulled the covers over her head scared.

'Go away, just go away,' she pleaded in her mind as the storm rain.


Crystal Phillips gave off a whimper pulling the covers further over her head. It was times like this she hated whished her mother was around to comfort her. That wasn't going to happen tonight, not for a while. Her mother was off at some party celebrating her newest best seller book while some weird person was watching her. This time it was some nearby neighbor's high school aged daughter who had spent most of the time on her cell phone going on and on about how boring it was watching her and the only reason she agreed was to get paid. She was like all of the other hired baby-sitters that came over. All they ever cared about was the money, not about her. Some would act like they cared, but in the long run they'd hurry up to get her to bed just so they could do whatever they wanted and not have to watch her. Her only real solace when it came to them was that they usually never came back after she told her mother what had happened. This girl wasn't going to be any exception this time.


'Go away!' she thought again. 'Mom, please come home soon!'

She wondered what her mother was doing right now. She knew her mother was never really into parties like those so maybe she was coming home soon. She also wondered what her uncle Tobey was doing at this party at the moment, probably trying to find a reason to get out too. Her uncle had gone on to become quite the artist, particularly illustrating his sister's books or creating concept art for when her stories were adapted into things like movies or something. That was the only reason he wasn't watching her tonight. He was being honored at this party as well. Out of all the people who watched her including her other family members he's was probably her most favorite to hang around with, especially when he baby-sat her.


"Mommy!" Crystal shouted loudly. Just then she heard some footsteps on the stairs and soon her door opened. She popped her head out from her blanket to see the baby-sitter standing there looking annoyed.

"What are you screaming about?" she asked.

"The, the thunder, it's really scary," said Crystal. The baby-sitter looked towards the window.

"You're fine, just count in-between the lighting and thunder and whatever number you reach that's how far away the storm is," she said. Crystal rolled her eyes.

"I know that. My mom told me," she said.

"Then why scream about it? You're fine. Go to sleep," said the baby-sitter slamming the door shut and going back downstairs.

'Yeah, she's not coming back,' thought Crystal.


Crystal immediately threw the blankets back over her head. It didn't matter how far away it was, it was still loud and scary. Why couldn't her stupid baby-sitter see that?

'Isn't there someone who cares?' she thought. Just then she heard some tapping against her window. Crystal pulled the blankets off her head to see if it was just the wind. To her surprise it was a white owl trying to fly into her window. She watched for a little bit before suddenly the owl managed to burst the door open and flew in. Crystal closed her eyes for a brief second as the wind filled her room. It took her a moment to re-open them.

"You!" she said happily when she saw the man with the blond hair. He was the one person who seemed to be there for her when her mother, uncle or anyone else close to her couldn't be.

"Hello Crystal," he said smiling as he walked over and sat on the bed with her.

"I'm so happy you came," she said.

"Of course, I'm always here when you need my Crystal," he said smiling at her.


Crystal let out a whimper again.

"Still afraid of a thunder storm hmm?" he asked. Crystal nodded her head timidly.

"Perhaps this will cheer you up," he said as a crystal suddenly appeared in his hand. Crystal smiled. It seemed like every time he came to see her he had the crystal that could show him just about anything she whished. It always cheered her up.

"What do you want to see Crystal?" he asked.

"A horse!" said Crystal. Immediately a green meadow appeared in the crystal and a white horse came running into it. It was absolutely beautiful. Crystal smiled at it.

"Wow," she said.

"What next Crystal?"

"A rainbow!" she said. Immediately a rainbow appeared in the crystal along with the horse. It made it even more beautiful.

"What next Crystal?"

"Um, a palace?" asked Crystal. Immediately castle appeared in the ball. Crystal looked at it.

"What's all that around it?" she asked.

"A labyrinth, it protects it,"

"It does how?" asked Crystal.

"It helps keep people I don't like away from my castle,"

"You're castle? You mean that's your castle, your actual castle?" asked Crystal surprised.

"Yes of course, I am a king after all,"

"I whish I could see it," said Crystal.

"Well maybe you can someday,"

"Really?" said Crystal.

"Of course, would I lie to you?"

Crystal thought about it for a moment before shrugging her shoulders.

"I don't," she said.

Her friend smiled at her.

"Good girl," he said patting her head.

Just then they heard the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway.

"Is that mom?" asked Crystal as she got up and walked over to the window. She could see her mother hurrying out of her car and to the house. She looked up at Crystal in the window and gasped.

"Crystal what are you still doing up and with your window open?" she shouted up at her.

"The wind blew it open," said Crystal.

"Oh dear lord!" said Sarah running to her front door. Just then Crystal heard her bedroom door opening.

"Who are you talking to?" asked the baby-sitter. Crystal turned around.

"And why the hell is there an owl in your room?"

Crystal looked over to the bed and saw there was no longer a person, but the white owl instead.

"He, he got scared of the storm and flew in through the window," she said.

"Whatever just get it out of here," said the baby-sitter shooing the bird away. The bird in turn started flying around the girl's head.

"Ah, dumb bird, get out!" she said. The bird didn't seem to be listening, making the baby-sitter groan.

"Maybe I can get a broom or something," she said running out of the room.

"Oh, hello Mrs. Phillips," Crystal heard her say from the hallway.

"I think you should go before Mommy sees you and gets mad too," said Crystal. The owl nodded his head and flew out.

"Crystal, honey, are you all right?" asked Sarah running into the room and kneeling in front of her.

"Yes Mommy," said Crystal.

"I'm sorry I couldn't get here sooner when the storm hit. Are you all right?" asked Sarah.

"Well…," said Crystal glancing out to the hall where she could see the baby-sitter standing. Sarah didn't have to be told the rest.

"Its okay honey," she said as she stood up and closed her window. "Why don't you go wait in my room while I take care go the baby-sitter?"

"Okay Mom," said Crystal running to her mother's room and climbing into her big bed. A short time later her mother came in, changed and climbed into bed with her daughter.

"Don't worry honey. I'll try to find you someone better next time," she said holding her daughter close.

"Thanks Mom," said Crystal.


Her mother hugged her tighter. She started to hum a sweet little song to her little girl.

"Mom what is that song?" asked Crystal. "You're always humming it. Sometimes I see you dancing around to it."

"Oh it's just a song I heard once at a dance party," said Sarah stroking her daughter's hair. "Maybe I'll teach you the words sometime."

"Okay," said Crystal. As she drifted off she could swear she heard the faint sound of the same song being sung outside her mother's window.