Everyone stared at Jareth as he stood in front of the window with the spear to his neck, almost fully ready to jump out it.

"You're not going to do it! You don't have the guts!" taunted Kobin.

"If you had a child you'd understand. I'd lay my life down for my child anytime," said Jareth.

"What does he mean his child?" asked Crystal.

"Oh you mean you don't know? You mean you have no clue?" asked Kobin. He turned and looked at Sarah, "What an evil mother you are."

"You'd know a lot about being evil wouldn't you!" snapped Hoggle.

"What was that you said dwarf?" said Kobin.

"Nothing," said Hoggle suddenly getting behind Ludo.

"That's what I thought. The only evil is that woman is right there," said Kobin pointing at Sarah.

"Oh please the worst Sarah has ever been is vain and annoying," said Jareth.

"Sawa good!" said Ludo.

"I will not let you speak of my lady in such a manor!" said Didymus.

"Then why has she been lying to your daughter this whole time?" asked Kobin.

"What do you mean my mom's been lying to me?" asked Crystal.

"Do one of you want to tell her or should I?" asked Kobin.

"Tell me what?" asked Crystal.

"Crystal, don't listen to him!" said Sarah.

"Yes don't listen to me Crystal the one who's trying to tell you the truth. Listen instead to one of the two people who have been lying to you your whole life and would have continued to lie to you no matter what," said Kobin.

"I don't understand, just what's going on here?" asked Crystal.

"My dear girl this man who's currently threatening to take his otherwise worthless life is your real father," said Kobin.

Ava stumbled down the hallway, not sure what she should do now. She decided to hurry and run to the door and get out while she could. If she did then maybe she could get home and call for help. Her parents might even be home by now and realize she's missing and be worried about her.

She came to the first thing of stairs she found and ran downstairs until she came to the front door. There she found Geri standing over the man Crystal had clamed was her uncle trying to get him to wake up.

"Geri?" she said.

"Ava where's Crystal?" asked Geri.

"That man threw me out of the room but kept her," said Ava trembling.

"Well now what do we do?" asked Geri turning back to Toby and shaking him., "Come on Mr. Williams please wake up!" Just then they heard a car pull up. They both looked out the door where they saw a police car outside and Officer Walton jumped out of the car.

"Geri!" he shouted when he saw the girl and ran towards, "Geri are you all right?"

"Uh yeah," said Geri.

"Are you Ava?" asked Brian looking at the other girl.

"Y, yes," said Ava.

"Thank god I found you. Both of your parents are looking for you two, and they're both really worried." Then he saw Toby. "Oh god what happened to him?"

"He got into a fight with Mr. Kobin and he knocked him out," said Geri.

"Oh god Toby you idiot!" said Brian.

"He was doing it to save us though," said Geri.

"What?" said Brian.

"Mr. Kobin was holding us and Crystal prisoner upstairs in some sort of room," said Ava.

"Crystal, you mean she's up there right now!" said Brain. Both small girls nodded their heads.

"That's all I need to hear!" said Brain pulling out his gun.

"I need some back up and an ambulance at the Kobin house right away! I got a hostage situation!" he said into his radio.

"Walton, are you sure about that?" asked the voice on the other end.

"Yes I am, just get some back up here right away!" said Brain. "You girls stay here. If Mr. Williams wakes up I want you to tell him that the police are on their way and he should just stay here. Both girls nodded their heads.

"Crystal, Crystal," they suddenly heard Toby muttered. They both turned and saw him opening his eyes.

"Toby, are you all right?" asked Brian.

"Brian, Crystal is here I know she is I heard her!" said Toby weakly.

"I know, stay here. I'm going to upstairs to investigate and help and an ambulance is on its way all right?" said Brian.

"But he might have Sarah too!" said Toby as he managed to get up and run towards the stairs.

"Toby wait!" said Brain shouted running after him.

"I, I don't understand. He's my father?" asked Crystal looking at Jareth.

"Of course he is dear, don't you see the resemblance?" said Kobin. Crystal looked at the man who she had always called her friend. Now that she really looked at him, it almost looked like she and him did share some similarities. Their both had long blond hair; their both had similar eyes, why hadn't she ever really seen the resemblance between the two of them?

"But I thought, I thought my father was dead. That's what everyone has told me this whole time. He died in a car crash before I was even born, before Mom even realized she was pregnant with me," said Crystal. At that Sarah sank to her knees crying.

"My lady!" said Didymus running over to her. Then he glared up at Kobin. "How dare you make my lady cry!" He ran and jumped onto Kobin hitting his head without mercy. You may think you're all that but I promise you, you won't get away with this!"

"Get off me you pest!" shouted Kobin as he managed to throw Didymus off him and towards the wall.

"Is he all right?" asked Crystal.

"It's, going, to take, a bit, more, then that, to stop me!" Didymus shouted weakly as he tried to get up.

"Didymus stop!" said Sarah, "He's not to balm fully in this."

"I like to think I'm to blame at all in this. All I did is call you out on your wrong," said Kobin.

"Mom?" said Crystal, "Have you been lying to me this whole time?"

"I, I don't know if you would call it a complete lie dear," said Sarah. "I, I just never told you the whole truth."

"Well might as well tell her now while her father is still alive," said Kobin.

"I, I'm sorry I just didn't know how to explain it to you or to anyone else that your father was the freaking goblin king! I guess I felt in a weird way that if I didn't tell you who your father was you would grow up normal. I wanted you to grow up normal, with the normal problems kids had to face, not the problems that I thought would come with being that man's daughter! But I guess I was wrong! I'm sorry I was just trying to protect you!" said Sarah.

"Oh a mother's love is special isn't it?" said Kobin.

"Mom, Mom I don't hate you!" said Crystal running to her mother and hugging her, "I still love you and I always will."

"Isn't that just sweet?" said Kobin, "But what about your father?"

Crystal looked over at Jareth who was still positioned to take his own life.

"You're not really going to kill yourself are you?" she asked running towards him.

"It's for the best dear to keep you safe," said Jareth.

"But I just found out you're my father, I can't let you die now!" said Crystal.

"I'm sorry, but I have no choice. It's what any parent does to protect their child. If I die then he can't hurt you no matter," said Jareth.

"Unless of course you're both dead in which case there's nothing any of you can do!" Kobin shouted as he came and pushed both Jareth and Crystal out the window!