even fairytale characters would be jealous

(a story untold, a quest begun)

Before going to sleep every night, the black-haired boy would curl up on a coffee-stained recliner, and watch the burning embers slowly turn to ash in the fireplace across him. Outside his cozy shell, outside his warm, comforting, familiar two-room apartment in the mountains, a snowstorm raged, wind beating the trees with unrestrained force.

Winter time in Mount Silver was utter hell. There was nothing to do, nothing to see, and Red felt like his life kind of sucked. His roommate, the beautiful and elusive brunette girl with eyes like the sea, was currently browsing through his vast collection of vintage storybooks.

She was enamored with tales of knights, and witches, those lovely stories written by men of the ancient times.

He wasn't so amused by their existence, but his mother had insisted that they take residence in his already crowded shack of a living space.

"You know..."

The black-haired boy let out a groan, as the nymph-like creature that masqueraded as a seventeen year old girl sauntered towards him, a heavy book cradled in her arms. He pulled up his legs from the ground, and held them close to his chest, resting his chin upon his kneecaps. The girl pushed him to the side, making room on the recliner he sat on, and tucked her legs under herself. She gave him a characteristically sound grin, the one that he secretly loved so much, the one that screamed hey, it's chill, I know how you feel, and I know I'm completely irresistible. Smiles like that, emotions like that, made a boy go mad, really.


Either way, Red wasn't too amused by her antics. He gave her a lopsided hint of a smile, as she rolled her eyes and opened the book in front of them, causing dust to powder the air. The boy choked, and nearly coughed a lung out, as she giggled slightly.

"Let's read it, yeah?"

The question came out, and the boy knew he was done for. He made a show of refusing her offer, groaning and rolling his eyes, gently pushing her off of his ratty old chair but grabbing her hand before she had the chance to fall onto the floor. Her eyes glimmered, and shined, and she gave him another grin.

"All right, let's read this dumb book."

His acceptance caused the book to land on his lap, her expectant gaze begging, pleading, for an unsaid request.


No, he was not going to read it out loud.

The book was quickly opened, pages sifted through, her fingertips kissing the burnt out pages. Burgundy eyes scanned the faint ink, and she simply giggled while fishing for a passage that fancied her interest.

Once found, she shoved the book into Red's hands, again. He reluctantly took the tome, and made a last ditch effort to evade his fate.

She wouldn't have any of it, seagreen eyes taunting him, just try me, they said.


With a noise that sounded like a dying cat during his final supper, Red looked over the paragraph he would read. The words were simple enough, the syntax was laughable and the characters were interesting, at best.

"So, how do you want me to start it off?"

Blue waggled her eyebrows, and placed a pointing finger on the first word of the chapter.

"'Once upon a time' would be a nice place to start," she snipped, and the boy let out another sigh.

It was going to be a long night.

Author's Note:




So, I eventually fell in love with the idea, and decided that our lovely protagonists, Red and Blue, would take care of reading the storybook, with our great characters.

Think of this as my reintroduction into the fandom, haha.

Thank you for reading!