I woke up to the sound of Santana's breathe. It was the softest, most gentle sound I'd ever heard. She was curled up against me, fast asleep. I didn't remember drifting off, but I didn't mind either. Santana had her head tucked under my chin and every exhale of breath was warm huff onto my collar bone. Her arms were tangled with mine, and somehow she had her legs draped over me. If we hadn't been pulled down by gravity down, it would have almost been like she fell asleep in my lap.

I inhaled as quietly as I could and adjusted my chin to kiss her forehead. I didn't think the twisted position Santana was laying in was good for her, with her legs facing one way and her torso another. I strained my neck and looked over at her bed. Careful to keep my movements slow, I slithered my arm out from underneath hers and then carefully picked one leg up at a time to move them off of my own. She shifted and murmured in her sleep, and I froze, half standing, half kneeling over her with my one arm still tucked under her body. When she stilled again, I looped my arm under her knees and pulled her up. She gasped awake, startling me a bit as I stumbled backwards. I looked down to watch for her mug, and then spun around a little when I couldn't find it.

"Britt-britt?" Santana mumbled, wrapping her arms around my neck, drawing my attention back to her. She looked sleepily up at me before nuzzling her nose against my collarbone. "Put me...down..." she mumbled. "I can walk..."

I think she figured out I was trying to move her to the bed, so I nodded and slowly let her feet touch the ground. She leaned into me, and I pulled her closer with my arm that was still wrapped around her back. I looked back down at the ground for the mug of tea, but only found my cell phone on the ground. I didn't remember putting it there.

"C'mon, lets get you in bed, okay?"

"Mm," she nodded. I hadn't even taken a step when she moved her hands to grip me and inched her lips up to my neck. I paused as she turned into me, dragging both her hands up my back slowly.

"Santana-" I was cut off by a staggered gasp that escaped my throat. Her tongue slid along my jawline until she found her way to my lips, and then pressed hers against mine. I sighed contently and kissed back. When her fingers dug into my back, I snapped up a little and realized she was more awake than I was.

"...aren't you tired?" I asked quietly, our lips barely apart. She shook her head and looked up at me. Her gaze was hypnotic. I had to shut mine for a moment, or else I felt like I would get lost in them. I held her arms tightly and pushed her gently towards the bed. She sat down, letting out a disgruntled huff of disappointment when I didn't join her. I twisted around and grabbed my phone from the floor.

I meant to just set an alarm for us, but when I opened my phone, I had a notification of a picture message. I didn't have a very good resolution on my phone, so I never really received or sent picture messages. The picture that appeared made my eyes bug a little. I was glad I had my back to Santana, because I didn't know if I should share it with her. I knew what happened to the mug now.

"You two are adorable. Glad S is feeling better - Q"

The image beneath the text was a snapshot of Santana and I on the chair. My phone sucked and the picture itself was dark, but I was glad to see that we just looked like we were cuddling and nothing more. I quickly closed the message and opened my alarm to set it.

"Britt, where are you going?" Santana said, her voice a little strained into a soft whine. I looked up and noticed I had moved towards the door as I snapped my phone shut. I smiled and glanced back at her, my hand stretching forward and clicking the lock on her door. We had decided a while ago to start locking our doors. Rachel had an annoying habit of knocking and waiting only a millimeter of a second before opening the door, and Quinn sometimes didn't knock at all. Luckily, apart from today, none of those intrusions had happened while we were in bed.

"No where," I muttered, smiling sweetly at her. I crawled onto her bed and sat next to her, pressing my forehead against hers and wriggling my nose. She giggled and I linked our pinkies.

"We should change for bed," I said, kissing her lightly. Her free hand moved forward and tugged at my shirt as she leaned in for a longer, deeper kiss.

"Yeah, okay," Santana said. Her voice was low and raspy. I stared at her and she stared back. Neither of us made any attempt to move to locate our pajamas. Instead, Santana lifted her hand and let her fingers tickle my cheek.

"Are you tired?" she asked quietly. I was, a little, but I shook my head. She leaned into me again, curling her fingers back and around my neck as she brought our lips together again. I had been expecting it, and yet she still caught me off guard. I think it was because she pressed so much weight into me. I parted my lips to inhale and then let her catch my lip between hers. She unlinked her pinkie from mine and pressed her hand to my stomach, pushing me back a little while keeping her hold on my neck to let me fall backwards gently.

"Santana..." I whispered. I knew where this was going, but I wasn't sure if it was okay. She'd been so upset earlier, and she wanted this to be special. I wanted to make it special for her.

"Mm," she hummed into me as she crawled over me, letting her leg slide over mine so that she had one on each side of my hips. I don't know when, but both my hands were resting on her stomach at the base of her shirt.

"Is this okay?" I muttered as she started to leave little wet kisses down my jaw and back to my neck. She paused and then sat up a little, running her hand through her hair to brush it back.

"Yes," she said. "Are you sure you're not sleepy?"

I blinked a few times and then rose a little, resting on my elbows. She wasn't focusing on earlier at all; she was just thinking of me. I smiled, brought our lips together, and then started to tickle my fingers under her shirt.

"Mm-" she giggled. Her skin felt warm beneath my touch. I let my hands explore beneath her shirt as I pressed my tongue against her lips. She stopped laughing and parted her mouth to let me in. Her hands found their way behind me again and her nails dug into my back.

"Britt," she moaned quietly. I sat up even more, tilting my head to let my tongue delve deeper into her mouth. She was struggling against me, trying to stay in control, but I wanted her to know I was just as invested as she was. Her hands moved up from my back to the base of my neck. I was having trouble moving my hands with her shirt in the way, so I pulled them back down to the base of her tank and started to tug the fabric upwards. She hesitated. The pause only let me gain control over her tongue.

I smirked and continued to inch her shirt up by her sides until I had to pull away from her mouth. I looked down and moved a bit to force her arms away from my neck so I could pull it off. She lifted her arms up and helped me remove it, barely giving me a chance to see anything before she pulled me back into the kiss. She started to move feverishly with her hands and her lips, scraping her nails into my sides and started to claw at the bottom of my shirt. I drew my hands back and helped, because she was hardly making any progress in her frantic endeavor to undress me. I pulled back and removed my own shirt, tossing it to the side with hers.

Santana pressed into me again, her tongue darting out immediately to find mine. I smiled as she pressed all her weight into me and forced me onto my back. Her nails were scratching over my stomach and moving up. I pressed my hands against her waist to pull her closer. She was so warm, and it felt so nice to have her against my exposed skin. I slid my hands down and started to pull at the waistband of her sweatpants. She squirmed a little, inching up so that I could pull them down. She wriggled her feet and kicked them off and then her hands slide down to mine. She froze and broke from our kissing. She was breathing heavily and when I opened my eyes, I saw her eyes were clenched closed. Her fingers were trembling against my waist, and I felt her heartbeat thumping rapidly against my chest. She was terrified.

"Santana...?" I whispered. Her eyes fluttered open and darted back and forth, searching mine. Her brow crinkled and she rested her forehead against mine.

"Sorry... I'm sorry," she muttered, closing her eyes again and tilting her head back and forth slightly. She had pulled her hands back up to cup my face, but she barely had a grip on me. Her hands were still shaking. "I'm messing this up."

I leaned forward and kissed her as soft and sweetly as I could, lifting my left hand up to her right and pressing my cheek against it. I twisted my head and kissed her hand and held my lips there for a moment, moving my other hand up her back and holding her close.

"Santana, look at me," I said quietly. Cautiously, she peeked at me. I gave her a gentle smile.

"We don't have to. We can stop-"

"I want to," she said quickly. She was still panting, and her whole body would move against mine as she breathed in and out.

"Okay, okay," I whispered, kissing her softly on her nose, then her cheek, and then the corner of her mouth. My hand had risen up to the back of her head, stroking it softly. I moved up a little when I noticed she closed her eyes again. "Santana, I like this."

She opened her eyes and looked down at me.

"Its good," I nodded. "Its not too fast. Slow is good."

Santana smiled weakly, but she still didn't look convinced. I twisted a little under her and she let me move her to our sides. I kissed her nose again.

"Remember when we went mattress shopping?" I said. "We had to lay down in every single one, some of them multiple times, before we found the one I wanted."

She nodded and I pulled away from her a little.

"We just have to figure out what we want," I shrugged. She let out a soft chuckle and lowered her head.

"I want you," she mumbled.

"I want you too," I said and leaned forward. I kissed her cheek and moved to her ear.

"This is just like dancing, okay?" I whispered. "Don't be scared to mess up."

"'kay," she whispered back. I pulled the hand I kissed to our sides and tangled my fingers together in hers.

"Take my hand," I sing-songed. "I'll teach you to dance."

"Don't sing," Santana giggled. I smiled. If I could get her to laugh, then maybe I could distract her from being nervous. I leaned in and wiggled my nose against hers before connecting our lips again. She relaxed when I squeezed her hand and then let me push her onto her back. I sat up a little and used my free hand to wiggle my pants down. She giggled again and helped me pull them down to my knees and then I struggled for a second to kick them off without kicking her.

"Okay," I said, leaning down into her. She sighed when I kissed her neck. I let my tongue trace circles on her skin. I pulled my tongue back in my mouth and then gently nibbled just below her ear. She let out a small moan, so I stayed there for a second. I let my free hand comb over her stomach, letting my fingers tickle over her ribs. She wriggled and I stopped my hand and looked up at her.

"Mm, no, it's good," she sighed, turning her head and pressing her lips to mine. She let her hand slide down my side and then up over my back. I shuddered at how delicately her fingers skated across my skin. I pushed our lips harder together, inhaling through my nose before slipping my tongue back into her mouth. Her hand tightened over my back and pulled the rest of my body down. She had worked her one leg out from underneath of me without my noticing and pressed her thigh between my legs. I gasped in surprise, and I felt her smile before she ran her tongue over my open lips.

Santana seemed to have found her confidence, so I decided to brave some new territory. My free hand was still pressed against her stomach, so I slowly slipped it down lower. She hesitated her kisses when she realized where I was going.

"No?" I asked in a hoarse pant. She shook her head and grasped my hand. I thought she wanted me to stop, but then she helped guide my hand lower. I dipped back down and started to work my tongue at the spot on her neck I'd found earlier as she let my hand slide over her underwear. Her fingers moved over top of mine and pressed down and I felt her whimper when my hand pressed against her. I nibbled her neck again and slid my fingers down a little, adding a little pressure. She reacted by raising a little, rocking her leg up against me. That made me bite down a little harder than I meant to.

"Britt," she groaned. She squeezed our tangled hand together and pulled it up above her head. I moved my kisses down to the crook in her neck, sucking on the soft skin there. I started moving my fingers in a circular motion, and she let out a louder, sort of strangled sound. She wiggled her hand around and felt around until she found my thigh and started to move up.

"Mm," I hummed once she ran her fingers down over my underwear. She started to match my gestures, eliciting a moan from deep in my throat. It felt so good, her touching me.

"B...Brittany," she stammered, and I pulled my lips away from her neck. We were rocking our hips at a slow and steady pace, and I pressed my forehead to hers as she let out soft gasps. I was panting, too. I moved our connected hand a little as I pressed more into her, squeezing her hand tightly in mine. I found her mouth again with mine and held there, just so I could have more contact. Her heart was pounding against mine, heavily, but not frantic. I liked that we were so close. I'd never felt so connected to anyone before. I knew Santana was nervous about us being girls, but I didn't think anything felt so right.

"Mm..!" Santana's gasp was muffled by my lips. I opened my eyes a little to look down at her. Her brow was furrowed and she started squirming beneath me. I felt her underwear soaking beneath my fingers, and the way she was twitching made me pull my hand away. I fished for her other hand and held it still, pulling it up to her side and ensnaring it in mine. She was gasping for air, so I nuzzled my nose into her cheek to give her a little room and just held her still.

After a few moments of lying there like that, she drew her hands out of mine and wrapped them around my back. Her cheek was pressed to mine, but she rolled her head a little to press her nose against it. I picked my head up a little and looked down at her, and she offered me a weak smile. Her hair was messy and she had beads of sweat on her brow, but she still looked so pretty.

"Hey," I whispered.

"Hi," she grinned. I leaned forward and kissed her.

"Not so scary, huh?"

"Mm-mm," she shook her head. She looked sleepy and cute. "Did you...?"

"No, but it's okay," I said. "You still made me feel really good."

"I can keep going," she murmured, sitting up to kiss me.

"Don't, it was perfect," I smiled against her lips. I fidgeted a little against her embrace so that I could wiggle my body off her and curl into her. I ran my fingers up to trace her collarbone and then lower to where her heart was. I held my palm there like she had before she kissed me the first time. She rose her hand up to my wrist and played with the bracelet around it.

"You sleepy?" she asked.

"Uh-huh," I nodded. She let her hand fall away and pulled me closer to her.

"Me too," she whispered.



"I found the mattress I want," I mumbled into the crook of her neck. She giggled and kissed my forehead. She slipped her hand over the one I had on her chest again, and I fell asleep listening to her breathing and feeling her heartbeat fall back into its regular rhythm.

Something was tickling my nose. Whatever it was, it was light as a feather, ghosting over the bridge of my nose and now trailing down the concave to my eyelid. I shifted a little into Santana's shoulder and suddenly the touch was a little more prominent, coming to a stop at my cheek. I opened my eyes slowly and found Santana's immediately. She was staring at me with a soft smile on her face. I glanced over and saw her hand was resting on my cheek.

"What are you doing?" I mumbled, blinking my bleary eyes. She leaned forward and kissed me. Even though I closed my eyes when she did, it woke me up.

"Nothing, I was just being silly," Santana whispered.

"Tell me," I urged. "I won't think it's silly."

Santana's eyes shifted a little back and forth, looking at mine as if to detect if I was lying.

"Okay," she said after a long pause. She started to drag her fingers against my face again, down over my jaw and then sliding them slowly over my lips. She had closed her eyes again.

"I just wanted to know it better," she muttered. "So I wouldn't forget." She opened her eyes again, looking away timidly and bowing her head down a bit. I smiled.

"That's not silly," I said, leaning in and kissing her lips. "But I do think you're weird."

"How am I weird?" she said, opening her eyes and drawing back an inch.

"Why would you forget me?" I nuzzled her nose with mine. "I'm not going anywhere."

"It was hypothetical," she murmured.

"Is that an animal?" I mumbled sleepily.

"No... I think you're thinking of a hippopotamus," she shook her head. "It's like conjecture... speculation, maybe... how about a theory?"

"Theories are based on systems of logic," I said. "There's no rational reason for you to think that I'd be anywhere but here with you."

"You knew what hypothetical meant, didn't you?"

"Yeah," I mumbled against her lips. She smiled and sighed as she wrapped her arm around me and pulled me on top of her.

Santana stood behind the bar over a sink, drying a glass with a towel. She usually hated clean up duty and stocking. It was one of the reasons she usually avoided earlier shifts at the bar despite it being slower. In fact, she didn't like it when the bar was slow - it meant less tips.

Despite her distaste for afternoon shifts at Lucky Charms, Santana was humming quietly to herself as she placed the glass up on the shelf next to the sink. Her phone buzzed from her back pocket and she drew her hand back from the shelf to reach for it.

I miss you. - Britt-Britt

Santana smiled as she read the message and turned to lean against the bar counter as she tapped on the screen back.

Me too. How did your midterm go today?Are you still at work?

Santana set her hands down against the counter and looked up, jerking back at the close, smiling face of Tina.

"Jesus, the fuck, Tina?" Santana snapped, flipping her phone upside-down.

"What's got you smiling like christmas came early?" Tina said, her head propped up and tilted into her open palm.

"Nothing. What are you doing here? You don't work until later."

"I have to make up my shift too," Tina shrugged.

"Then go back to the hostess station," Santana said. Her phone buzzed and she picked it up and turned away from Tina.

Midterm was great. Still worried about my Kinesiology midterm, but I think my routine for Friday will be good. I'm just getting out. How's LC? - Britt-Britt

Santana tapped her response back, smiling broadly.

Boring. Hardly anyone is here. Please say you'll visit?

She looked up and rolled her eyes as she noticed Tina staring eagerly at her.

"What? You're still here?"

"Hey, I'm just as bored as you are," Tina shrugged. "And what, we're not friends anymore? We always talk."

"I'll talk to you when you stop giving me creepy looks," Santana said, furrowing her brow.

"I'm sorry, but I'm just intrigued as to why you're grinning from ear to ear," Tina said, leaning forward. Santana drew her hands back, pulling her phone closer to her chest, but then Tina grabbed an overturned glass and moved to the soda dispenser.

"Relax, I'm grabbing a drink," Tina said as she filled her glass. "Who are you texting?"

"Brittany," Santana shrugged. Her phone buzzed again, and she looked down.

"'Bout what?" Tina said quietly and sipped from her glass.

I can't. I have to study, and you'd just distract me. ;) - Britt-Britt

"-hmm?" Santana said, smiling as she typed a response. "Nothing, just wanted her to stop by 'cause it's so lame in here."

You can study here, I bet it'd be less distracting than if I were home. ;) - xo

"It'd be less lame if you'd stop texting and talk back to me," Tina said, straining a bit to look at Santana's iPhone screen. Santana turned and pocketed her phone.

"And what do you want to talk about then?" Santana said, leaning on her elbow as she rose her brow.

"How 'bout this?" Tina said, pulling out her own cell phone. Santana tilted her head to the side as Tina unlocked the screen and shoved the phone in her face.

"W-where- Wh-what?" Santana stammered. She looked back up at Tina, her eyes wide and a little panicked.

"Quinn sent it to me last night," Tina giggled as she pulled her phone back. Santana made a grab for it, but the Asian was too quick for her.

"What the hell was Quinn doing in my room?" Santana hissed.

"Checking on you, doofus," Tina said. "She told me you were pissed about Puck, but it looks like Brittany had it covered, huh?"

"Y-yeah, well, I was upset. It was just a hug," Santana said defensively.

"Looks more like a cuddle," Tina said, looking down at her phone and swiveling out of Santana's reach again when she tried to stretch her hand forward to swipe at the phone.

"Shut up, maybe it was. I was sleepy," Santana said in a low growl. "Give me your phone, I'm deleting it."

"Oh? But don't you want a copy?" Tina grinned. Santana flushed.

"No, why would I want a copy?" she huffed.

"Well, Quinn sent it to Brittany," Tina shrugged. "I figured you'd want one too."

Santana froze. She turned and pulled her phone back out of her pocket, unlocking the screen to text Brittany back, but noticed she had a message from her already.

I can't study in a bar. Plus, I'd be too tempted, and I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off you. xx - Britt-Britt

Santana gulped and shook her head. She had to concentrate.

Did Quinn send you a picture of us yesterday?

Tina was smirking when Santana looked back up, her one eyebrow cocked as she tried to read Santana's messages again. The Latina took a step back and leaned against the sink.

"You two certainly have gotten chummy," Tina smirked. "And don't deny it, we've got evidence." Santana's phone buzzed before she could reply.

Oh. Yes, she did. It's pretty innocent considering what else we were doing last night, don't you think...? - Britt-Britt

A second later, an image appeared beneath the text, the same one Tina had just showed her. Santana got a better look of it now and saw that, yes, they were cuddling, but her head as bent under Brittany's chin and their arms were tangled around each other. There weren't wandering hands lower than where they should have been and their lips weren't anywhere near each other. Another message appeared below it.

How did you know about it? Is Quinn there? - Britt-Britt

"Well, sure," Santana shrugged, trying to play it cool. "Haven't you ever just met someone and wanted to be their friend? Brittany is really cool."

She sent it to Tina. I'm like 50/50 sure she knows.

"I have," Tina said, smacking the counter as she pushed away from it. "With Mike."

Santana flushed. She was glad the lighting in the bar was terrible, because otherwise she was positive Tina would have noticed.

"I'm not talking about boyfriends," Santana said, shaking her head and furrowing her brow, trying to look intimidating.

Who? Quinn or Tina? Just ask her why I got it sent to me and you didn't. If you don't act freaked out about it, she won't think so much of it. It's really not a big deal. - Britt-Britt

Santana smiled at Brittany's message. It really wasn't. She had walked in on Quinn and Rachel snuggled up or passed out on the couch several times. And Tina always gave her hugs and even kisses on her forehead when she was upset. It wasn't really any different, except she didn't know Brittany as long as the others.

"How come I wasn't sent a copy?" Santana said, tilting her phone at Tina, showing her the picture on her own screen. "It's really cute."

"Oh?" Tina said, leaning back in her seat. She stared curiously at Santana for a moment, her head tilting to the side.

"Are you jealous?" Santana said with a sneer. "Britt pretty much knocked you and Quinn off the best friend title."

Tina opened her mouth to gasp. Her brow furrowed and she hastily grabbed her glass.

"After all I've done for you," Tina said in mock outrage. "You let some random stranger swoop in and suddenly we're nothing to you." She stood up from her chair and started to walk back towards the hostess counter.

"That's right, bitch," Santana called back. "Who needs you anyway?"

"Fine, next time you're upset, just call Brittany," Tina said, sticking out her tongue. Santana flipped her off, grinning playfully.

"I will," she shouted. She looked back down at her phone once Tina returned to her station and was attending to some new customers.

What happened? Are you okay? - Britt-Britt

Santana smiled and started tapping away at her phone.

You're a genius, as always. I think we're clear. :7

"Excuse me," a voice called, and Santana looked up. One of the girls from the end of the bar had walked up and was looking at her with an annoyed expression. Santana slipped her phone back into her pocket and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Yes?" Santana said, not bothering to feign a pleasant tone of voice. She would usually make more of an attempt, since she relied so much on her job, but the bitch was interrupting her text conversation with Brittany.

"If you're done taking advantage of hourly pay, do you think you could do your job and get us some drinks?"

Santana's brow rose. Yes, she hadn't really been doing her job, but it was a pretty slow night. She looked down the bar and noticed two other girls. They all looked similar, wearing their hair back in tight ponytails that reminded her of the strict policies Sue had for the Cheerios. One of the girls, the blonde one, sneered at Santana.

"Certainly," Santana said, forcing a smile and dropping her hands. "What can I get you?"

The first girl, a red-head, tilted her head triumphantly and stood a little straighter as she ordered drinks for the girls. Fruity cocktails that made Santana roll her eyes. She responded by telling the red-head the price of the drinks combined, and was thoroughly annoyed when she was handed exact change. Not even a tip? What a bitch.

Santana turned away and placed the money in the cash register, grumbling under her breath about how she hated Mondays and hated afternoon shifts even more. She was going to kill Puck for stealing away her Saturday shift and replacing with this crappy alternative. She was in the middle of mixing the drinks when she overheard some of the conversation that the three girls were having.

"-believe the difference?"

"She sucked last week," the red-head shook her head. "But her dance today was... like, ugh, I hate to admit it. It was really good."

"That makes me so fucking mad," the last girl said, a brunette. "I don't know where it comes from. She made it look so easy."

"Obviously, she had help," the blonde said. "There's no way she'd jump back from that terrible performance last week. I mean, our mid term was improvisation today too."

"No way that was improvised," the red-head sighed. "Pierce must have had some help."

Santana froze and almost spilled the fruit juice she was adding to the cocktail in front of her. She looked up at the bottles in front of her and at the mirror behind them to get a better look at the girls that were talking. They were wearing similar outfits to what she'd seen some girls in Mike's dance class wear. Shit. Where they really those girls?

"She got the song early," the blonde said. "That has to be it."

"Or maybe he helped her with a routine beforehand?" The brunette shrugged.

"Regardless, you know how she convinced him for help, right?" The red-head sneered.

"Do you think that's what she was talking about last week, Madison?" The blonde asked. "About the friends with benefits thing?"

"Hell if I know," Madison sighed. "That girl is such an idiot."

Santana slammed the bottle of juice down on the counter. She could see her expression in the mirror. Her brow was furrowed and she could feel and see the twitch that made her nostrils flare. She grabbed the cocktail she had finished making and turned to look at the other two she had set on the counter. She inhaled and slide the first two down the bar, and the girls looked up as she approached.

"Here you go," Santana said, her voice a miraculously pleasant as she slammed the glass on the counter in front of the girls. It splashed over the edge of the glass and drenched her hand, but also sufficiently spilled onto the counter top and onto the nearest, red-headed dancer.

"What the fuck is your problem?" The red-head spat as she jumped from her seat.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Santana said, pulling her hand back and reaching for the towel around her waist. She started drying off her hand quickly. "How clumsy of me. I'll make you another one?"

"Avery, come on, let's go to the bathroom, that's going to stain," the blonde said quickly as the red-head gave Santana a glare. She reluctantly let the blonde girl tear her away and Santana shot the remaining dancer a glare as she turned to make the cocktail.

"What's goin' on?" Rory appeared at Santana's side, seeing the spilt cocktail over the counter.

"Nothing," Santana hissed, slamming the towel into his chest. "Can you clean that up?"

"Yeah, o' course," he nodded. "Did they spill it? You don' have to make 'em 'nother one if they did."

"No, it was my bad," Santana snarled.

"Heh, that's not like ya, Santana," Rory laughed. "'scuse me, miss." He picked up the glass and pulled it behind the counter and then moved the other two glasses as he started to wipe the counter. Madison stared wide-eyed at him and then looked back to Santana. Her eyes narrowed in the mirror as she caught Madison's gaze, as if daring the dancer to say something. With the other two girls gone, the brunette looked terrified.

"You alright, miss?" Rory said, waving his hand a little distance away from Madison's face. She smiled weakly and nodded, looking away from Santana. He looked back at the Latina and shook his head as he approached her.

"Ya can't be fightin' with the customers, Santana," he whispered as he slapped the towel over the edge of the sink. "My dad'll kill ya."

"You're dad loves me," Santana said, rolling her eyes.

"I know. Yer like fam'ly," he said, patting her on the back. "But this is his business. He can't protect ya if someone complains."

"I know," Santana muttered. Her shoulders dropped a bit and she set the juice for the cocktail down gently. "I'll be nice."

"You want me to take over for ya?"

"Please," Santana nodded. "I can't handle any more idiotic debauchery - they sound like brainless Cheerios."

"Isn't that a cereal?" Rory asked. Santana cracked a weak smile and shook her head.

"Go back to Ireland, Rory," Santana said, raising her hand and ruffling his hair.

"I'm just wonderin' how that's an insult," he shrugged. "I mean, the bar is called Lucky Charms. You American's are always relatin' things to cereal."

"Rory, your dad named this place after a cartoon leprechaun," Santana rolled her eyes.

"Ye'd think we'd have more marshmellows, then," he finished mixing the drink Santana made and slide it down the counter. The girls had returned from the bathroom and he gave them a wink.

"Oh good, a new bartender," Avery sighed.

"Oh good, I'm going to leave now and get out of high school," Santana said as she walked away.

"Talk to Tina," Rory called out. Santana waved her hand lazily behind her and walked out from behind the counter towards the hostess station.

"-are you really going to bring up that picture, again?" Santana sighed, leaning against the hostess podium, bumping her hip into Tina's playfully.

"Look, though, c'mon," Tina said, shoving her cell phone towards Santana. "It's so cute."

"Ugh, stop," Santana said. "I think I'd rather deal with those bitches than talk to you."

"You and Britt are the cause of this sugary sweet cuteness," Tina said, taking her phone back and staring at the picture. "Ugh, I think I just got diabetes."

"Shut up," Santana rolled her eyes. Her phone buzzed in her pocket and she twisted as she pulled it out.

You get off soon~ 3 How long does it take you to get home? - Britt-Britt

"Who's that?" Tina said, craning over Santana's shoulder. "Who be textin' ya?"

"Stop being such a freak," Santana said, raising her shoulder and nudging Tina's face away. "It's just Brittany."

"You get off in like ten minutes," Tina said. "You two hang out too much."

"We don't," Santana said, puffing out her lower lip as she texted Brittany back.

"More like you can't get enough of each other," Tina winked, knocking her elbow into Santana's arm.

"Shut up, don't be weird," Santana rolled her eyes. "Sucks to be you, having to pull a back to back shift," Santana said, changing the subject.

"Ugh, I know," Tina whined. "Nothing happens on Monday nights. Why are we even open?"

Santana's phone buzzed again.

What do you want to do when you get home? ;) - Britt-Britt

Santana's cheeks flushed and she turned away from Tina to reply.

Maybe watch a movie? Get our cuddle on?

"You know the shifts I have without you are awful?" Tina continued and pressed her forehead against Santana's arm. "I mean, Rory's great and all, but seriously. It's like he lived in box, not a different country. Do you know he has no idea what peanut butter is?"

"Really?" Santana asked. "No, I didn't."

"And I can't ever convince Quinn or Rachel to come down here," Tina pouted.

"Yeah, they don't know how to have any fun," Santana rolled her eyes. "Quinn's always studying, and Rachel's always trying to get everyone to do vocal exercises all the time. A lot more, recently, it seems."

"That's because you're in the middle of your mid-terms. How is that going for you, by the way?"

"Eh," Santana shrugged and rose her phone to her face when it buzzed in her hand.

I was thinking we could do something more... like last night. ;P - Britt-Britt

Santana's eyes widened and she clicked the lock button immediately. Her cheeks grew redder and she felt her temperature rise from embarrassment.

"What?" Tina said, glancing at Santana's phone. The screen was black, so she looked back up at Santana's face.

"N-nothing," Santana shook her head, unable to quickly find a better response. "I'm uh, off the clock now."

"Uh-huh," Tina said, propping her head up with her hand against the podium. "That's definitely nothing."

"You're too nosy," Santana grumbled and stepped out from the podium.

"You're not even going to say goodbye?" Tina frowned. Santana rolled her eyes and twirled around.

"See ya tomorrow," she said and gave the Asian a quick hug.

"Have fun with Brittany," Tina winked. Santana jabbed her hand at Tina's waist in a harsh poke, causing Tina to jerk back in surprise.

"Stop it," Santana hissed. "You're reading too much into things."

"Fine, fine," Tina waved her hands in the air. "See you."

Santana waved lightly and walked to the back of the bar. She paused to give Rory a nod and a wave as well. She was glad those girls were gone now. The bar had fallen back into its usually Monday night drag of nothing eventful. She went to the employee area and grabbed her coat and her purse, struggling with the sleeve of her jacket for a second before finding the back exit. She opened the door with her arm as she fished for her keys from her purse and walked out into the back alley behind the bar.

"-and then, she told him-"

Santana looked up and saw the dancer girls from earlier. Two of them held cigarettes lightly in their hands as they leaned against the wall, and the third was standing in front of them. She had been talking, but Santana's appearance caused all three of them to pause and stare at her.

"Finally," the blonde said.

"I'm sorry, I don't do autographs," Santana said with a shrug.

"Funny," Avery said, pushing away from the wall and dropping her cigarette on the ground. "She thinks she's funny."

"Oh, hon, no," Santana shook her head. "I'm just a lot smarter than you."

"Tara, hold this," Avery said, smacking her purse into the blonde's hands as she stepped towards Santana. "Look, bitch. I don't expect trash like you to understand hospitality, but I do expect that if you're going to work in this country, that you know the basics of doing your job."

"Oh," Santana shook her head and tossed her purse down against the pavement. She rose her hand up to her head and started fumbling with her earring. She nodded her head and her mouth turned down into a frown. "I get it, alright." She pulled off her earrings and then pocketed them.

"I'll tell you what," Santana said, sniffing as she rose her hand to brush her nose. "I'll let that go if you just walk away. Right now."

"No," Avery said, crossing her hands over her chest. "Because I still want to know what the hell made you think you could spill a drink on me, ruin my clothes, and get away with it."

"Maybe I just don't like you," Santana said, raising her hands in the air. "Maybe you said something that offended me."

"And what, exactly, would that be?" Avery said, stepping closer.

"You and your duo of skanks here gots a problem," Santana said, nodding at Madison and Tara. "A problem with my homegurl, Brittany. And that just doesn't fly with me."

Avery leaned back a little and then glanced to the other dancers. When she looked back, she had a smirk on her face.

"So you're Pierce's friend," Avery said. "I didn't think she had anyone else."

"And yet girls like you will do anything to tear her down," Santana shook her head. "Why's that? Afraid you can't feel good about yourselves otherwise? Is she a threat to you? Too talented?"

Avery advanced forward and the other two girls stepped in closer as well. Santana didn't budge until Avery pushed her back towards the exterior wall of the bar. Santana snapped her hands up and out to push Avery's hands away and keep her from being pinned, stepping aggressively forward to keep from being cornered.

"Step off," Santana said. "I don't need to ugly your faces any more than they already are."

"Why do you care so much?" Avery said, pushing her hand at Santana's shoulder, knocking her backwards again. "You're 'homegurls', right? What, is that code? You peddle the street corners with her or something?" Avery sneered as she glanced back at Tara. Santana took the momentary distraction as an opening and swung her fist into Avery's face.


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