Avery recoiled from the force of Santana's fist against her cheekbone, crashing into Madison as she stumbled back. The red-headed dancer looked dumb-founded for all of the split-second pause before Santana dove forward again. Tara rushed forward and tackled her from around the middle as the Latina landed another punch with her other hand.

"Damn it," Avery spat as Tara and Madison moved to try to pin Santana down. She kicked and squirmed, but they had caught her arms. As Avery caught her footing, Santana cracked her forehead down on Tara's head. The blonde reeled back in pain and Santana managed to get her other arm free from the small brunette dancer.

"Dilo otra vez! Atrevete!" Santana tackled Avery again, and the girl screamed as they both crashed into Tara and Madison. It was chaotic, but Santana was determined to beat the crap out of them.

"Voy a joderte! ¿Tengo que decirlo en Inglés? I will end you. Nadie se mete con Brittany!"

There was a loud crashing sound. Rory looked up from the bar as Tina lifted a napkin dispenser off one of the tables while she moved to wipe it. Another bang, followed by a shout, caused her to look up. She and Rory scrambled towards the sound that was coming from the back exit.

"Fuck, get off!" Avery screamed. There were a tangle of girls, Santana at the top. She had her arm pulled back to make another swing at the girl's face. Her other hand was gripping hair.

"Shit," Tina dashed forward and Rory followed quickly after. Tina managed to pry Santana's hand off Avery and Rory stepped between them to keep the other girls back. The instant Santana wasn't death gripping any of them or pinning them down, the trio scrambled upright and fled. Santana was struggling against Tina and Rory had to step in and grab her arms. He hugged them tightly at her sides. She was shouting in Spanish, and none of them could understand her.

"Sí, es mejor que correr! Así es como lo hacemos en Lima Heights Adjacent!"

Rory held her tightly until she stopped squirming. Eventually she stopped screaming profanities and pressed her forehead into his chest, slumping completely in his arms. She didn't have the strength to fight his restraints.

"What the hell, Santana?" Tina said, pulling away once she wasn't poised to attack anymore.

"Tina, tha's not gonna help," Rory warned.

"No, shit, what the hell!" Tina said, running her hands through her hair and twirling around. "Are you fucking insane? Did they start this or did you? You could lose your job, Santana!"

"I don't give a fuck," Santana spat as she twisted her head away from Rory's chest. He was still holding her tightly in case she decided to turn on Tina. "They deserved it!"

"So you started it," Tina said, shaking her head. "What the fuck!"

"It doesn't matter," Santana shouted. "They're the bitches that made Brittany cry!"

Tina froze and Santana slumped into Rory again.

"They called her a slut," Santana murmured. "That's... That's not okay."

"Santana," Tina said cautiously. Rory rose his brow at her and shook his head. Tina sighed and looked around. Santana's purse was on the ground, and a few feet from them, where the brawl went down, was Santana's cell phone. Tina walked over and scooped it up. She dusted it off and accidentally hit the home button. A message appeared on the screen.

Are you coming home soon? - Britt-Britt

Tina's brow furrowed and she glanced back at Santana. Rory had moved her to set her down against the wall, and she had her hand pressed to her forehead. There was blood streaming down her arm, and as Tina got closer, she noticed that Santana had a deep cut in the middle of her left eyebrow. There were other areas that were scraped and puffy, but the worst were the cuts.

"Rory, get the first aid kit," Tina said and sat down next to Santana. She passed the Latina her cell phone.

"Britt texted you," she said softly. Santana looked up and took her phone from Tina. She looked too tired to care that Tina might have seen the message. She clicked the home button and swiped her thumb against the lock screen to read it. Tina looked away, giving Santana some space. The Latina clicked the lock button before bothering to type anything and sighed. She let her head fall back against the wall and ran her hand through her messy hair.

"I'm going to call her and have her pick you up," Tina said, sitting up a little to fish her phone out of her pocket.

"Don't," Santana shook her head. "I'm fine. I'll make it home by myself."

"If you can get up by yourself and make it to your car, I'll let you drive home," Tina said, glancing back at Santana. The Latina made an attempt to sit up, but winced as pain jolted up her arm. Tina rose her phone to her ear.

"Seriously, don't," Santana whined.

"Look, you're bleeding all over the place, I'm not letting you go home alone. Stop being such an idiot-"


"Brittany, it's Tina," Tina said into the phone.

"Who's an idiot?" I said. I knew it was Tina, I had her in my contacts. Why did she sound upset?

"No, not you. Santana-"

"Santana's not an idiot," I said defensively. I sat up from my bed. Lord Tubbington shifted uncomfortably in my lap as I moved.

"Okay, she's not. Calm down - look, I need you to come down to Lucky Charms."

"Why? What's wrong?" I said. She had told me to calm down, but her tone of voice sounded just as concerned.

"Santana got in a fight-"

"-shut up, Tina," I heard Santana grunt. "I'm fine, Britt."

"No, you're not," Tina spat back. "I don't want her to drive herself home. Can you come down and pick her up? She needs her car to get to school tomorrow - if she can even get up tomorrow."

"What happened?" I said quickly, shoving Lord Tubbington off of me as I scrambled up. He growled and hissed at me, but I was already putting on my boots. "Where is she hurt? Is she bleeding?"

"Yeah, a little bit. Her arm and one of her eyebrows is busted open. I don't know what all happened, Brittany. Oh, Rory, good, you found the first aid kit."

"Yeah, but I don' know how to do firs' aid," Rory said. He was quieter, but I still heard him.

"I don't really either. We can just put a band aid on the cuts, right?"

"I know first aid," I interjected.

"You do?" Tina sounded surprised.

"Yes, don't do anything, I'll be there in five minutes, ten, tops," I said, racing down the stairs and grabbing my keys off the hook next to the door.

"Where are you going?" Rachel said from the couch, a mouthful of food. I glanced back at her and shook my head.

"Picking up Santana," I said and left.

I ran into Lucky Charms and Rory met me at the doors. He led me quickly to the back, gesturing for me to quiet when I opened my mouth to speak. He grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to him.

"My dad'll kill us if 'e finds out 'bout this," he murmured. "An' we don' wanna get Santana in trouble."

"Okay," I said as he lead me to the back. When he opened the door, I was greeted by Tina, and she pulled me through the doorway. I saw Santana slumped against the wall, but the moment she saw me, she tried to sit up a little and not look as pathetic. I sat down next to her and looked up at Rory.

"Can you get me a towel and some water?"

"Hot or cold?" He asked.

"I guess, hot," I shrugged. I turned back to Santana and placed my hand under her chin. She kept squirming and pulled her head away.

"I'm fine," she grumbled.

"Stop it," I swatted her hand away gently when she tried to push me away. She quieted and let me lift her chin up. I tilted her head to the side and ran my other hand over her cheek as gently as possible. It was already getting a little blue. The cut on her eyebrow was definitely the worst that I could see so far, but I didn't know what all happened.

"Sit up, come here," I said, pulling her forward as slow as I could so she didn't hurt herself. I helped her remove her jacket and then got a better look at her arms. Her right arm had a long gash with rocks and debris mixed in the blood. I pulled her other hand forward and noticed her knuckles were covered in blood.

"Not mine," she assured me with a grin.

"That's nothing to be proud of," I scolded and her grin vanished. "What happened?"

"Remember those girls from your class?" Santana said, twisting and spitting at the ground next to her. I saw that it was red, and put my hand back on her cheek.

"Open your mouth," I said and she complied. She'd bit her tongue. Blood pooled on it as she held it up for me to see. "Close."

"Well, guess who showed up here tonight?" Santana sighed. Tina rolled her eyes and knelt down to open the first aid kit.

"And they just attacked you?" I said, my brow furrowed. Santana didn't even know anyone from my classes. Not that I was aware.

"No, I spilt their drinks on them," Santana shrugged.

"Why?" I asked, moving my hands down to inspect her knee. It was scuffed and bleeding a little, but not nearly as bad as her arm or her eyebrow.

"They were talkin' smack about you," Santana said. "Then I beat them up."

"You shouldn't have done that," I shook my head. "How many were there?"

"Three. I got 'em good though," she grinned again. I rolled my eyes and pushed her back a little.

"Does anywhere else hurt? You're ankles okay? Wrists?"

"I'm fine, Brittany," Santana said. "Tina is just being a big wuss 'cause I'm bleeding."

Rory appeared from the bar exit with several towels and a pot of water.

"Here, miss," he said as he sat down. "Brittany, right?"

"Yes," I said and gave him a nod. "Thank you."

"She's not fine," Tina sighed. "I think you might need stitches on your eyebrow."

"It's not a big deal," Santana groaned. I gripped her hand tightly and she looked up at me.

"The more you complain, the longer this is going to take," I said. "Because I have to clean that and bandage it before anything gets in it. So, does it hurt anywhere else?"

She shrugged. I sighed at how noncompliant she was being and then moved my hands up to her shoulders. I pressed down on her collarbone on each side.

"This hurt?" I said. She shook her head. I let my hands slide down lower, and her eyes widened a little. I rose a brow, but she shook her head, and then I pressed lightly high up against her rib cage, just under her arms.


"No," she mumbled. I let my hands slide down, pressing at each rib lightly. She shook her head and didn't say anything until I reached the bottom of her ribcage on her left side. She winced.

"Here?" I said. It came out as a whisper.

"Just a little," she murmured.

"Rory, can you turn around?" I asked. He looked at me puzzled, and then I started to pull up the hem of Santana's dress. He quickly shuffled around when I did that. I rolled it up and inspected her side. Nothing was bleeding, so I poked her bottom rib again gently with my fingers. She didn't wince, but she let out a little grunt.

"Does it hurt when you breath?" I asked.

"No, not really," Santana said. "Is it broken?"

"I don't think so," I said, pulling her dress back down. I noticed Tina was watching us intently. I wasn't sure if it was because she had no idea what to do or for some other reason, but I suddenly felt a little weird for pulling Santana's dress up like that.

"It's probably bruised. I can take you to the hospital if you want to get x-rays done," I said and let her sit back again.

"That's okay. Can you just bandage me up?" she asked. I looked up at her and she had her lower lip puffed out a little. She looked absolutely pathetic, and I nearly leaned in to kiss her.

"Yeah, just sit tight, okay?" I smiled. I had Tina help me find the right sized bandages from the kit and then went about trying to clean the cuts. I prayed the kit had enough disinfectants. The cut on her arm took the longest to take care of because of its size, but I made sure to take my time with her eyebrow. It wasn't as deep as I thought, the blood just pooled over it and made it look worse than it was. I had Tina help me find a butterfly adhesive strip.

"Don't," Santana pulled away from me as I tried to place the bandage on her forehead. "It hurt enough when you cleaned it."

"Just relax," I said. She squirmed again when I tried to place it down. I pushed my knee down on her legs and forced her still.

"I swear, if you don't let me put this on," I hissed. She gave me a look and tried to raise her brow at me and then winced when she did.

"Fuck," she grimaced.

"Look at me," I said softly. She looked up and I smiled. Her eyes were dark, and I stared at her for a moment until she smiled back at me. I waited another second and then pressed the adhesive strip down on the cut.

"Ouch!" she hissed.

"Whatever, it's on," I said, patting her knee gently as I sat up. "C'mon, let's get you to your car."

Tina helped me walk Santana to her car. I was surprised at how quiet Tina was over the whole ordeal, especially because she had sounded really upset on the phone. I understood why - if Santana lost her job over this, it would really hurt her financially. I didn't know what Santana's relationship was with her parents, but I got the feeling she paid for everything herself.

"Drive home carefully," Tina said to me once we had Santana in the car. "She'll kill you if you wreck her car."

"It's not far," I said. I wasn't even sure why Santana drove to work, but maybe it was because of this weird shift she had picked up, because she had come straight from class.

"Hey, Brittany?" Tina said as I walked around to the other side of Santana's car. I paused at the door and looked up at her.

"Do you...?" She started, but shook her head. I tilted mine to the side, twisting Santana's keys in my hands.

"Do I...?" I asked cautiously.

"It's nothing," Tina waved her hand as she headed backwards towards the bar. "Just look out for her, okay? You obviously know better than I do about first aid and all, but if she's feeling worse in the morning, take her to the hospital, okay? Or call me, if you have class."

"Will do," I nodded. I looked after her as she turned around and walked away, and I wondered for a second if I should have said something more. Santana had been worried earlier about the picture Quinn had sent Tina and I, but it seemed so unimportant now. I opened the door to Santana's car and slide into the driver's seat.

Santana moved her hand up and over to reach for mine once I started her car. I looked over and saw her look weakly up at me. Her expression was hard for me to read, and I wasn't sure if she was sad or lost in thought. I held her hand tightly and brought it up to my lips.

"You shouldn't have done that, Santana," I said quietly.

"I'm sorry," she mumbled. "I just got so mad."

"What if you lose your job?"

"Why does everyone keep saying that? I don't care," Santana shook her head. "I wasn't going to let them talk about you like that." She sighed and looked down at our hands. "They made you so upset last week."

"And you think they'll stop because you beat them up?" I said, furrowing my brow. "Santana, if they knew you did this because of me, what makes you think they're going to be nicer to me? If anything, it'll make things worse."

Santana slowly looked up at me. Her lips pursed together and her eyes were a little wide. I stared at her a moment, trying to figure out what the look meant. Then, I realized what it was. Santana looked guilty.

"I just wanted to defend you. They're so wrong about you," Santana shook her head. "I'm so sorry. I didn't think that through. What if...what if I come to your school and pick you up? Then they won't bother you, right?"

"Santana," I squeezed her hand lightly. "I'm not a child. And they're not going to beat me up or anything. They're rich, spoiled jerks, but they're not going to risk violence. Not at Juilliard.

"I'm used to how they treat me. Besides, you have class whenever I do."

"Not on Friday. That's when you have class with them again, right?" Santana leaned over and pressed her head against my shoulder.

"Yeah..." I looked down at her. She strained to look up at me.

"Maybe my presences will instill fear in them. Make them step off," Santana said, and then let out a small chuckle. "It'll be like high school."

"What?" I didn't see the connection or why she was laughing.

"I forget sometimes you went to an all girls school. No one ever picked you up between classes?"

"No, not really."

She sat up a little, but winced as she did so. I stretched over to pull her seat belt over her, but she snatched my lips in hers. She lifted her hand to cup my cheek, but it was her bandaged arm and her fingers were trembling, so I pulled away and kissed her hand. I finished buckling her in her seat and then turned back to the steering wheel.

"Are you mad at me?" Santana whispered. I froze for a second and looked back at her.

"No, never," I said as my brow wrinkled. "I was just really worried, Santana."

"Please don't be," Santana said, lifting our conjoined hand up and bouncing it against the center console. "I'm okay. And whatever happens with my job, I'll figure it out."

"But you need your job, Santana," I mumbled. "You were saving up, right? For your grandmother to visit?"

Santana tensed. I could tell by her hand.

"Don't worry about that," she said softly. "If it doesn't happen this year, maybe I'll go home for Christmas or something." She smiled weakly at me, and I knew she was just trying to make me feel better. It wasn't one of those smiles she normally gave me. It looked forced.

"Brittany, please trust me," Santana said. "I got you a free mattress, right? I'm good at figuring things out. I'm a fighter."

"I wish you didn't have to fight so much," I mumbled. I lifted my hand out of hers to shift the gears of her car into reverse and then slowly backed out of the parking spot. Once we were driving forward again, I felt for her hand. She gripped it tightly and sighed.

"Do people really bully you a lot?" Santana asked quietly. I glanced at her quickly and looked back at the road. It wasn't that late, but there weren't really any other cars around us.

"I try not to let it bother me," I shrugged. It was half-hearted, and I knew it. I could feel Santana staring at me, and for once I wished she wouldn't. I felt like a sheet of paper and she could see right through me.

"I wish you'd gone to McKinley," Santana murmured.

"Your high school?"

"Yeah...but I guess we had it bad too," Santana shrugged. "Bullying was a huge problem. We got slushied a lot for being in Glee club. And poor Kurt...he was harassed to the point he got death threats. He switched schools for a while."

"Really? That's awful." I came to a stop at a traffic light and looked at Santana. "Why did he get bullied so much?"

"...he was the only out gay kid in our school," Santana shrugged lightly. She looked away from me, and I could tell she didn't want to talk more about that. I squeezed her hand.

"At least you guys had each other," I said softly. "Your Glee club sounds like it was a really supportive group. I get what Mike said about you all being a rag tag bunch."

"He said that? When?"

"When I talked to him on the phone about moving in with you guys," I shrugged. "It's still awful you guys got bullied so much, but...you guys were really lucky to have each other. You all are still really close friends." I turned my attention back to the road as the light changed and turned down the street our apartment was on. Santana was silent for a little while, and then she brought my hand up to her lips.

"All the more reason I wish you'd have gone to my school," Santana mumbled.

"McKinley was a big school, right?" I said, trying to recall what I could remember about Lima when I lived there. I knew that a bunch of collective middle schools in the area ended up pooling together into one large school. If we hadn't moved, I think I would have gone to that school.

"Yeah, I think it was the largest in the county," Santana nodded.

"We probably wouldn't have even known each other, let alone been friends," I said quietly. I pulled up to our apartment building and parked in Santana's parking spot.

"What? No, we totally would have been friends," Santana said, sitting up more as I turned off the car. I shook my head and looked up at her.

"You said you were a cheerleader. You were really popular and stuff," I shrugged. "I would have just fallen back into the crowd. Maybe it would have been just the same. I'd probably still be picked on - I was in middle school, too. There's no difference."

"It would have been," Santana said, shuffling with her seatbelt and then leaning in to grasp both my hands in hers. "Different, I mean. We would totally have been friends. Best friends."

I smiled sheepishly, because she tinkered with my bracelet as she said that.

"You would have joined Cheerios with me and Quinn, 'cause we didn't have a pom squad, or anything like that outside of dance classes," Santana said, grinning at me. "And then you'd have been in Glee club, too. I wouldn't have let anyone make fun of you, ever. We would have definitely been friends, Brittany."

"How do you know?" I said. As enthusiastic as Santana was about something we could only speculate, I wasn't convinced.

"Because... I knew the moment I met you that I liked you," She said softly. Her fingers ran up my arm and slid back down. I slowly looked up at her and held her gaze. Even though she was bruised and scuffed up, she was smiling at me.

"What, when I came in for the roommate interview? I still don't get that. I was so awkward," I shook my head and broke our gaze. She lifted her bandaged hand to my cheek and gently made me look back at her. I think she knew I couldn't resist against her hurt hand.

"I mean when I first met you," Santana said. "That day you bumped into me at Mike's dance class."

"You...you remembered that?" My cheeks flushed. She leaned forward and pressed her forehead to mine. I was scared I'd bump her cut on her eyebrow, but she didn't seem bothered.

"I remember sitting in the back of the room waiting for class to start, and you were so focused on dancing, you didn't notice anyone else was there," Santana said quietly. "I thought for a second you were going to be the instructor - I didn't even know Mike taught there."

"I know," I giggled. "You were mad at Quinn about that."

"I was!" Santana smiled. "But I thought you were really sweet. And how you panicked when you read the clock wrong. It was cute. And funny."

"Oh my god," I drew back, trying to hide my face in Santana's hand. She laughed and pulled me closer.

"Brittany...you caught my attention by the way you danced, and I liked you the moment I heard you talk," she whispered. She kissed me lightly. It was so soft and gentle, I closed my eyes. "Can I tell you a secret?"

"Yes," I whispered back. I slowly opened my eyes when she hesitated.

"I bumped into you on purpose," she smiled and wiggled her nose against mine.

"I felt so bad about that," I muttered. I placed my hand on her hand and kissed her again. I think I got lost in kissing her, because after a few seconds, I had moved into her and she winced.

"Sorry," I squeaked. She laughed and gave me a soft peck.

"Can I tell you a secret?" I whispered.

"Please do. I want to know everything about you," Santana murmured.

"I liked you the moment I met you too."

"I know," Santana grinned. "You stayed and watched us dance."

"I stayed to watch you dance," I mumbled. My eyes felt heavy, and I stretched forward to grasp her lips with mine. I was careful not to press too hard, but I couldn't help myself. I don't think I could not kiss her now.

"I'm glad," she said when she pulled back a little to catch her breath. "I'm glad we bumped into each other, then."

"Mm," I hummed, holding my lips against hers for a moment. Maybe Santana was right. Whether or not I had gone to her school, I think we were destined to meet. She intrigued me so much just from a chance encounter like that. The moment I set my eyes on her, I couldn't keep them off her. We would have been friends in high school. More than friends. Best friends. Friends that did...whatever this was.

"Do you think we would have gone to prom together?" I whispered, kissing her again. She paused.

"We didn't have a prom," I murmured. "At my school." Santana leaned forward and pushed me back a little with her lips.

"Definitely," she mumbled into me. "I know how much you like to dance."

Quinn was on the phone when I walked in with Santana's arm draped over my shoulder. Rachel got up and hurried to Santana's other side to help me carry her in.

"Tina called," Rachel said. "Santana, are you okay?"

"Fine," Santana said, smiling lightly. "Just a few scratches."

"You're so stupid," Quinn shook her head as she got off the phone. I looked up from helping Santana to the couch. I furrowed my brow at Quinn.

"A fight? Seriously? How old are you, Santana?" Quinn said, tossing her cell phone at the couch. Santana barely avoided being hit by it.

"The fuck, Fabray!" Santana spat. I leaned forward and placed my hand on her shoulder to keep her still. She looked and opened her mouth, but I shook my head before she could speak. She closed it and pouted.

"You could lose your job," Quinn said angrily. "Or worse, what if they press charges? Do you ever think anything through? You're such an idiot."

"Stop it, Quinn," I said sternly. "Sure, she made a rash decision, but that doesn't give you the right to call anyone stupid."

Quinn froze, and the way she looked at me made me realize everyone in the room was giving me the same puzzled expression. I looked down and saw that I had risen to my feet, and my hands were balled up at my sides. I wrung my hands at my sides to unfurl them, trying not to look so mad.

"...just stop yelling at her," I said, quieter. "She's had enough to deal with today, and she was just defending me."

"Brittany," Santana murmured. I looked down, and she reached for my hand and pulled me back into the seat next to her. "Quinn didn't mean it like that. She's just worried. They're all worried."

"No, she's right," Quinn said, sliding into the recliner. Rachel finally sat down as well, looking a little too scared to say anything.

"I'm sorry, Brittany," Quinn sighed.

"Me too," I nodded. We sat in silence for a while. I noticed Santana was still holding my hand, but I didn't dare move to draw attention to it while we were all so quiet.

"Did you guys eat yet?" Rachel said softly. "I made pasta. It's vegan, but...I still think you guys will like it."

"It's good," Quinn nodded.

"Alright, fork it over," Santana sighed. She sounded like she was trying to be mean, but she smiled after she said it. Rachel brightened and got up to scramble into the kitchen. Quinn got up to help, and once she did, Santana leaned into me and pressed her head against my shoulder.

"Thanks for standing up for me," Santana mumbled.

"You did for me, why wouldn't I do the same?" I said quietly.

"Did you still want to watch a movie?" she whispered. I pulled my hand out of hers and swatted it gently.

"You're not in any state for that," I hissed. She retracted and looked at me innocently.

"I really did just mean a movie," she giggled.

"How much did you want, Santana?" Rachel called over to us.

"How much is left?" Santana grinned.

"Okay, if you're that hungry, you can't possibly be that hurt. Get off your lazy butt and come here and get it," Quinn rolled her eyes. Santana pouted, but I smacked her thigh and pulled her up. She wobbled and fell into me. I had the feeling she did it on purpose, because when I caught her, she grabbed my waist instead of my arm.

"If that's the case, maybe we can still watch something," I whispered in her ear before pulling her forward to the kitchen with my arm looped in hers. I glanced back and her cheeks were crimson.

"Santana!" I moved to my window and unlatched it. She had a mischievous grin on her face until she tried to scramble in and bumped her arm against the window sill. Then she let out a small cry of pain, followed by what I was sure was the Spanish word for 'fuck.' It seemed to be her favorite English profanity, anyway.

"I was going to come over to your room once I picked a movie," I mumbled, helping her upright. She nuzzled my neck with her nose and wrapped her arms around me instead of replying right away. I gave her a light squeeze and then just held her for a while.

"I couldn't wait," she murmured.

"How are you feeling?" I asked, even though I had just helped her up to her room not five minutes ago. She pressed her lips softly against my neck and then pulled away a bit to look up at me.

"Tired," she admitted. "I'm feeling better than I was."

"So you admit you weren't fine?" I said, raising my brow. I sat down on my bed and pulled her into my lap. She scooted a little closer to me, and rested her head on my shoulder.

"Maybe," she said softly. She nuzzled her nose against my neck and I lifted my hand up to her chin and tilted it up to kiss her. She smiled against me and wrapped her arms around my back. I tilted my head a little and we playfully exchanged several small kisses until I ran my tongue along her lower lip. She moved to press her tongue against mine, but then recoiled from the contact.

"Ow," Santana winced, sticking her tongue out at me and trying to look down at it.

"Ouch, yeah," I said softly, raising my hand to hold her chin to keep her mouth open so I could get a better look. It had stopped bleeding, but the puncture in her tongue was visible enough for me to see it. I wondered how she managed to eat dinner without complaining about the pain.

"I' i' ba'?" she said while trying to keep her tongue out. I let go of her jaw.


"Is it bad?" she repeated.

"I think you'll live," I said. "But I don't think we're going to watch a movie tonight." I winked.

"But Britt-Britt," Santana whined. She dragged her fingers across my back and to my sides as she sat back a little. "Can't you just kiss it better?"

"I would if I thought it would help," I said, laying back into my bed and pulling her gently to rest on top of me. She sighed and snuggled her forehead against my neck. She started to trace my collar bone with her finger tips and I lifted my hand to play with her hair. It was the only thing I could think of doing that wasn't going to lead to something else.

"Are you disappointed?" I whispered.

"No. I mean, I'm mad that it hurts to kiss you," she said and I felt her jaw move against my chest. It made her sound a little muffled and cute. "And I mean, yeah, I had played out tonight a lot differently when you were texting me at work...but I'm content just cuddling."

She twisted her head and rested her chin on my chest to look up at me. I strained to look down at her and had to lift my hand up behind my head to hold it up.

"Are you disappointed?" Santana asked.

"Of course not," I smiled. I let my hand slide from behind her head and down to her lower back. She exhaled and I felt her relax against me. I liked having her lay on top of me. I knew this way I wouldn't accidentally bump her, and she wasn't too heavy either. I kind of liked the feeling of the weight on top of me though. Plus, she was warm - I didn't feel the need to wrestle my blanket out from underneath us. Hugged her close and closed my eyes.


There's no song for this chapter. :( I'm sorry. I hadn't intended to have the two chapters be separate. I'll suggest the song I'm listening to right now if that helps, because it could vaguely relate. Not really. Part of Me by Katy Perry. I've not got a link. I'll try to write chapter 21 as soon as I finish my homework tonight so we can keep up frequent updates, but no promises. I kind of messed up my outline with this chapter, so I have to figure out how to fit in Brittany's exams before Spring Break. Maybe I'll post more drawings for you guys in the future. I thought about making chapter headers, but that sounds like a lot of work. - Heebee


"Say that again! I dare you!"

"I will fuck you up! Do I have to say it in English? I will end you. Nobody messes with Brittany!"

"Yeah, you better run! This is how we do it in Lima Heights Adjacent."

(I should really have someone go over my Spanish for inaccuracies. I just use google translate. :S )