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"I'm not going to let you ruin your life my marrying Finn Hudson!" Quinn's voice was increasing in volume as she tried to talk some sense into Rachel one last time.

The brunette was standing in a wedding dress looking as beautiful as ever, but it was all wrong. Because she was about to marry someone who wasn't Quinn, and the blonde could no longer take it. "I just want you…I want you to love me back." She suddenly dropped her voice to barely a whisper.

Rachel's brows narrowed in confusion. "What did you just say?"

Quinn took a deep breath and was about to speak again when she felt something tugging on her arm. She shook her arm only for it to be grabbed more forcibly by someone. "Hold still or it will hurt more." A distant voice called to her.

Quinn idly wondered what would hurt more than watching the girl she loved marry someone else. She shook her head of those thoughts and tugged her arm away from the person grasping it.

That's when she felt a sting and winced in pain, her eyes shot open. An older woman was standing over her, tugging on tubes that were connected to…what were they connected to?

"Where am I?" Quinn's voice came out hoarse, but the woman must have heard her because she let go of her arm.

"You've been in an accident, you're in the hospital." The woman answered. "You must have had some kind of dream, because your arms were flailing around and you ripped out your IV."

Quinn tried to take calming breaths as she pinched her eyes shut. The hospital. The wedding! "How long?"

"Just now, I've already fixed it but you have to be more careful." The woman who Quinn presumed was her nurse replied.

Quinn shook her head. "No, how long have I been here?"

"Three weeks."

No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!

She moved to set up in bed but was stopped by the nurse. "What do you think you're doing?"

"I have to go. I was supposed to stop a wedding, I can't be here." She mumbled more to herself than to the nurse, who was now looking at her strangely.

"You're not going anywhere, anytime soon." She sighed, then looked at her patient with compassion. "Quinn, you've been badly injured…you're legs…"

Reality crushed down on Quinn all at once. "I can't feel my legs!" She screamed hysterically as she thrashed her arms around and ripped out the IV again.

Then she felt a small prick and she descended into unconsciousness again. This time when she dreamed, she wasn't dreaming about just losing Rachel but about losing everything. She just got back on the Cheerios, she wanted to win Nationals. And the Glee Club was going to Nationals again, and then Yale. And then Rachel. Rachel was married. She lost her chance.

When she woke back up, Santana and Brittany were sitting beside her bed. Brittany jumped to attention as soon as Quinn's eyes opened. "Quinn! You're awake!"

As Brittany dove in to hug her, Quinn winced in pain. The taller blonde pulled away apologetically. "Sorry."

Quinn remained silent; she really didn't want to talk to anyone. She didn't want to see anyone but Rachel, and even that would break her heart. So she just remained silent. She was silent every day for the next week, even though everybody but Finn and Rachel came to visit her. She cursed herself, as she thought about how maybe they are on their honeymoon or that they must be too happy to bother thinking about their friend, who was paralyzed and in the hospital.

The weeks turned into a month, and still no sign of Rachel. Though, admittedly, Quinn did sleep a lot. It was easier to not deal with her sea of visitors if she was asleep, so even when she wasn't she pretended to be.

The doctors came and talked to her about her paralysis. They hoped it would only be temporary and said that she would have to do lots of physical therapy. But really, what was the point? She had already lost everything.

She sighed loudly, as she opened her eyes. She didn't know what day it was or how long she had been there. But once again, what did it really even matter?

"I can't begin to imagine what you're going through, maybe Artie can, but I'll try. Please talk to me." Puck said as he walked across the room and over to Quinn's bed. He took her hand in his and squeezed gently. "Or talk to someone. Everyone is worried about you. We all care."

Quinn scoffed at that. "Really? Then where's Rachel? Or Finn?" She added his name as an afterthought.

Puck dropped her hand and began pacing across the room. "She blames herself."

Quinn's face contorted in confusion. "What?"

Puck stopped pacing and looked at her with tears in his eyes. "She's hurting and she also won't talk to anyone about it. It breaks my heart to see my two favorite girls so…broken."

Quinn released a strangled breath; she swallowed slowly before speaking in an uneven voice. "Why is she hurting? What does she blame herself for?"

"She was texting you…when you got in the accident. She knows it's all her fault and she hates herself for it."

Quinn sobbed out loud and Puck rushed to her bed, holding her as tightly as he could without hurting her. "She hasn't sang a song in glee since it happened and she hasn't said more than two words to anyone either. She's like a…"

"Stop!" Quinn wailed, she couldn't hear anymore. At least when she thought she was losing Rachel, it was because Rachel was happy with Finn. She didn't want to lose Rachel, and then see the girl so depressed.

She must have cried herself to sleep because when she woke up, Puck was gone. She sat in silence replaying the conversation in her head. Rachel was blaming herself for Quinn's…condition. How could Rachel hate herself when Quinn didn't hate her or blame her? Sure she was texting while driving, but that was her own fault not Rachel's.

"You look like you're having a serious internal monologue." Kurt's voice came from the corner.

Quinn jumped; she hadn't even realized he was there. She slowly brought her eyes up, leveling him with a questioning look. The last time they truly spoke to each other, they argued about Karofsky. She shook her head at the memory, but remained silent.

Kurt stood from his chair and took a few tentative steps forward. "Last we spoke; you said that nothing would ever make you feel so…depressed. Yet here you are, looking like you are giving up."

She glared at him before responding. "That was before I lost everything."

He took another step closer. "The doctors think your paralysis is only temporary. They think that you could be up walking again in time for Nationals. For graduation. And you're still going to Yale. You haven't lost everything yet, Quinn."

She looked away, unable to answer him. Kurt studied her, watching her closely. Realization hit him like a Mack truck going 80. "You are more like Karofsky than I wanted to believe."

Her eyes darted to his, wild panic in her hazel orbs. He slowly but deliberately continued. "You bullied her, called her names, and drew pornographic photos of her…" He paused to see if she would refute it but all he saw was her trembling lip and tears threatening to spill from her eyes. "You did all that…and you were against this wedding because you are in love with her. It was never about Finn, it was always about Rachel."

She closed her eyes, allowing the tears to fall freely.

"And you gave up because you think you've lost her forever." He whispered, suddenly closer than she remembered.

Her eyes shot opened. "Of course I lost her…she chose Finn. Every time she came to me for advice, I told her to wait. I told her to wait to sleep with him, to wait to marry him. But she never listened. I asked her point blank if there could be anyone else, but she said it was only Finn. "

Kurt was silent for several agonizing minutes before he replied. "They didn't get married."

Quinn's eyes narrowed on the boy. He better not be playing her, her heart couldn't take much more pain.

Kurt bit his lip before continuing. "She refused to start the ceremony without you, and they ran out of time."

Quinn's mouth dropped open and her eyes widened in shock. The boy smiled at her knowingly. "So you have to get better, get out of here and find a way to get the Rachel Berry that we both know and love back because her moping around is breaking my heart."

All Quinn could do was nod, though she did so resolutely. She once again had purpose. She was going to make Rachel Berry happy again, and she silently prayed that she would finally get the girl. That Rachel could be her perfect thing, the thing that she would never lose.

Kurt saw the transformation in Quinn's eyes, the steely determination that set on her features and he smiled to himself before walking away. Before he reached the door, Quinn's timid voice stopped him. "Do you think I have a chance? To be with her, I mean."

He took a deep breath before releasing it slowly. "I think that she refused to get married because you weren't going to be there. I don't know about you…but to me, that means something."

And with those words, he disappeared out the door. Quinn let her head drop on her pillow and allowed a small smile to form on her face for the first time since she last saw Rachel. As she closed her eyes and fell into darkness again, she dreamt of all the ways that she would bring Rachel Berry back into the land of the living. And at the end of the dream, she got her girl.

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