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Quinn was in her old bedroom back in Lima, re-packing her belongings when her mom walked in. They had all just gotten back from their annual visit to the gravesite of Russell Fabray. Judy watched her daughter in silence for a minute or two before she made her presence known.

"It went better this year, I think." Judy barely whispered.

Quinn whipped her head around at the intrusion. "Mom! You scared me."

Judy smiled gently before making her way further into the room. "Sorry dear."

The younger blonde studied her mother. "I thought it was harder this year."

Judy's eyebrows furrowed. "Really? Why? You seemed so happy these last few days.

"I was just thinking of how differently everything could have been if he just accepted who I am."

Judy sighed but before she could say anything, Quinn continued. "I think…I know it's really selfish of me but…I always pictured my wedding day…" She trailed off.

"You pictured your father there. Supporting you and maybe even crying about how all grown up his little girl is."

Quinn nodded wordlessly.

"And it makes you feel guilty because if he were there…then Rachel wouldn't be." Judy spoke slowly, carefully treading in rough waters.


"You know as well as I do that had your father still been around, you'd still be trying to please him. You'd never have accepted your feelings for Rachel and you would have married some nice upstanding young man."

Quinn furiously shook her head. "No. I…" She looked at the floor and absent-mindedly realized that she needed to vacuum before she left. "I just want it all. I want Rachel and I really wish…I just wish things would have been different."

Judy was unbearably quiet as she looked around the nearly empty bedroom. "I just got you back and now you're leaving again."

The younger blonde sat on the edge of her bed then looked up at her mother. "You're being so dramatic. I'm going to have to grow up someday."

"Yes, but does that day have to be today? I don't see why you two have to stay away all summer." Judy sighed before joining her daughter on the bed. She cupped Quinn's cheeks in her hands and kissed her forehead. "If I had my way, you'd have stayed 10 years old forever."

Quinn scoffed at that. "I was a miserable 10 year old. I hated who I was."

Her mother nodded in understanding. "You were always beautiful to me, Lucy."

Quinn swallowed thickly. "Thanks mom."

"But you're right; I've never seen you happier than since you've been with Rachel."

Quinn smiled at the thought of her wife.

"See, that's what I'm talking about." Judy chuckled before noticing her daughter's look of confusion. "The mere mention of a certain big hearted, small statured brunette is enough to bring a smile to your face."

Rolling her eyes, Quinn stood up. "You're exaggerating again."

"I don't think so." Judy looked up at her daughter and then at the fully packed suitcases. "Why are you going to New York so early?"

"I already told you, Mom. Rachel's preparing for her Black Belt test."

Judy nodded then set her gaze back on her daughter. "That explains why Rachel is going early, but why do you have to go with her?"

Quinn met her mother's gaze. "I didn't want her to be alone all summer. I'd miss her too much."

Judy's fingers traced patterns along Quinn's mattress. "Hmmm."

Quinn rolled her eyes again. "Stop being passive-aggressive, just say what's on your mind."

There was a long silence before Judy spoke hesitantly. "This thing about your…Russell, is that why you and Rachel decided to elope?"

The newlywed was speechless. Her mouth flapped open and closed but no words came out. Judy laughed at the stunned expression on her daughter's face.

"I've only seen you this happy four other times. When you were given another chance with Beth, when you got into Yale, when you realized you'd be able to walk again, and when Rachel told you she loved you." She smiled brightly at her blushing daughter. "Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me that your Vegas trip was simply four girls celebrating Spring Break."

Quinn swallowed loudly. "You're wrong."

Judy raised an eyebrow and it made Quinn shudder.

"We didn't elope in Vegas." She sighed before confessing everything. "That had been the plan but Rachel decided that I deserved better than a clichéd quickie wedding by some fat, Elvis wannabe."

"I knew I loved that girl." Judy smiled before gently nodding her head to get Quinn to continue.

"It was perfect, Mom. She surprised me by having the ceremony at Knapp's castle. We decorated the area with candles and she even had gardenias and stargazer lilies. And she had a CD with all of our favorite songs; the ones that we discovered from each other when we exchanged iPods. And she sang to me and the sun was just setting and we had a picnic. Everything was perfect. Even the fact that Santana was the one who married us." Quinn was crying at this point. "I didn't want to keep it from you, but we didn't want you and her dads to feel like we intentionally left you guys out. We're still having the big wedding; we're doing that for you and the Berry's. But this…this was for us. Just us."

Judy wrapped her daughter in a hug and whispered gently into her ear. "Shh. Hey, I understand. I know how anxious you were about a big wedding, and you really don't have to do it just for us. I…I just wish I could have been there. It sounds perfect."

"It was everything I didn't even realize I wanted."

They sat in a comfortable silence for a while, holding each other. When Judy pulled away, she asked. "Did you even go to Vegas?"

Quinn released a watery chuckle. "That was a honeymoon of sorts." Then her eyes lit up. "We have a photo album!"

She shifted around in one of her suitcases and pulled out the album. "Brittany took a bunch of photos of the ceremony, and even some video of our vows. She just made these for us, as a gift for…today. Something happy to cancel out the…sad."

She handed the photo book to her mother then pushed a few buttons on her phone until a video played. Judy listened as tears streamed unchecked down her cheeks.

"She sang to you." Judy spoke in awe.

Quinn nodded and smiled proudly. Then she sat down beside her mother and started to flip through the photos. She explained each one in detail. She even told stories that were left out in the censored version that they told all their family and friends.

"You got kicked out of a casino!?" Judy screeched horrified by the revelation.

"The dealer at the blackjack table thought Brittany was counting cards." Quinn explained. "It was all very mobster-esque. We were taken in a back room and interrogated. It soon became clear that Brittany was not some criminal mastermind."

Then she laughed out loud. "She even got the Al Capone wannabe to pose with her stuffed unicorn." She pointed at the photo in question before turning the page. "This is the club that Santana negotiated our way into. She didn't want to wait in line so she told the bouncer that Rachel was some Bruce Lee superhero and would kung fu their asses."

Judy shook her head but couldn't hold back the smile.

"Turns out they didn't believe her so Rachel had to do a demonstration." Quinn played another video. "She knocked the beer bottle off that guy's head with a back spin kick. It was so hot."

Judy replayed the video. "How tall was he?"

"An inch or two taller than me."

Judy flipped to the next page before quickly shutting the book, her whole face bright red. Quinn abruptly took the album away. "Yeah, I may have attacked Rachel in the alley after her demo. But I swear I didn't know Britt was taking pictures of us."

"Why don't we keep this from the Berry men? They don't need to see you defiling their daughter." Judy whispered, still fully blushing.

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?" Quinn replied with a raised brow.

"Something like that." Judy cleared her throat awkwardly. "Do I want to know about the rest of the trip?"

"Brittany got a job offer as a go-go dancer." Quinn stated with a smile.


"I can't believe you told her?!" Rachel whisper shouted.

"It wasn't like I could deny it when she flat out called me on it." Quinn pleaded. "Besides, your dads keep giving me the thumbs up so don't even try to tell me they don't know."

Rachel visibly deflated. "I tell them everything. So when they asked about the trip, I caved and just told them."

Quinn stared at her incredulously. "They didn't even suspect the truth and you still offered it to them?"

Rachel nodded sheepishly.

"You are the worst secret keeper ever." Quinn replied, shaking her head. Then her eyes widened. "And Shelby?"

Rachel bit her bottom lip and looked away.


"But she promised to let you be the one to tell Beth. Which means you'll also have to tell Puck because you know Beth will if you don't."

Quinn pinched the bridge of her nose. "Does anyone else know?"


"Rachel, it isn't a question. He either knows or he doesn't."

"He wanted to come back to New York early too, so I calmly explained to him that we wanted to spend some time alone."


"And he said that he was fine sharing the place with you, so I may have mentioned that he'd be imposing on our honeymoon."

Quinn stared at her. "So, it's safe to say that in the very least Blaine, Mercedes and Finn also know."

"No, he promised not to tell Finn. It isn't his business."

"At least one of you has some sense." Quinn muttered.

"You're mad."

The blonde sighed. "Not mad."

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Really?"

"Fine, I'm mad. We agreed that we wanted this to be a secret so that no one would feel left out."

"Look on the bright side, our friends in New York and New Haven still don't know. And Fran, she can still…"

"I told Fran." Quinn whispered.

Rachel stared at her wife in silence.

"I had to. Mom said I couldn't hide something like this from my own sister."

"How'd they take it?" Rachel asked quietly.

"Both were disappointed that they weren't there but they understood our reasons."

Rachel nodded. "Same here. When I told my dads and Kurt about the whole fairytale scenario they were just glad that I was so happy."

Quinn calmed down and took a deep breath. "So, they don't hate me?"

"Of course not."

"And Shelby?"

"I showed her a few pictures, she cried."

Quinn smiled. "I guess one good thing happened out of all this."

"What's that?"

"We learned that we are horrible at keeping secrets."

Rachel smirked. "We also survived our first fight as a married couple."

Quinn quirked an eyebrow. "Does that mean that we get to have make-up sex now?"

"Absolutely not." Hiram Berry's voice echoed from behind the blonde.

Quinn jumped as her whole face flushed. She whirled around to face a very stern looking Jewish man. "Sorry Mister Berry."

Leroy's boisterous laugh filled the room. "Hear that honey, you scared her back into calling us Mister Berry." He slapped Quinn on the back a bit harder than she felt was necessary. "As I understand it, Daddy is now the appropriate title oh daughter of mine."

"Yes, sir." Quinn whimpered.

"Relax Quinn." Hiram said gently.

The blonde exhaled deeply, visibly relaxing.

"Rachel informed us that congratulations are in order." The shorter man stated before wrapping Quinn in a hug. "She tried explaining why we weren't invited to the wedding of our only daughter, but I'd like to hear your explanation."

It was apparent he wasn't upset, but he did expect an answer. Quinn glanced over at Leroy, who was smiling encouragingly at her. "Well, Dad." She emphasized the title. "We thought we'd save you the trouble of faking a seizure in case you decided to try and stop us."

Leroy burst into laughter, Rachel stared wide-eyed, and Hiram cracked the smallest of smirks. "I knew I liked you better than that Hudson boy." Then he turned to Rachel. "Did you hear that he joined the army but got discharged because he shot himself in the ass?"

Quinn couldn't hold in the chuckle that slipped through her lips. The blatant distaste that dripped from Hiram's lips made her day. It was nice that she wasn't the only one who despised Finn so much. And really? He shot himself in the ass? Who does that? How is that even possible?


Their last day in Lima was spent running interference with their friends who continuously wanted details about what Kurt dubbed, 'the wedding of the century.' The girls gushed and the boys feigned boredom after giving the proper congratulations. Quinn was nervous about telling Beth, but the little girl simply asked if she was still going to be the flower girl in their 'real' wedding. Apparently in Beth's eyes, the mountaintop wedding was just a dress rehearsal for the real thing and Quinn was fine with Beth seeing it that way. In fact, that description helped the Berry men and Judy swallow their elopement a little easier.

Soon, they were on their own in the Big Apple. Living with Rachel was a dream come true for Quinn. Well, being married to Rachel was a dream come true. Living day in and day out with Rachel took some getting used to.

Day 8

Quinn groaned when the sound of a shrieking alarm rang through the darkened room. "Are you going to sleep in at all this summer?" She grumbled.

"Nope! I refuse to become compliant."

"Compliant to what?"

"Laziness." Rachel replied as she hopped out of bed and began dressing for an early morning workout.

"Are you calling me lazy?" Quinn wondered as she snuggled back under the covers.

"Maybe. I ask you to join me every morning as a way to spend some quality time together before we have to go about our busy routines and you always refuse."

"Because it's frickin' 6am, Rachel!" Quinn growled.

"Yes, but…"

"But what? You go to Tang Soo Do classes every evening and sometimes we go rock climbing together on the weekends." Quinn was crabby. "I'm asking my beautiful and sexy wife to just lie in bed with me a little longer each morning." Her voice dropped to a seductive tone. "If you still want to burn some calories, I would willingly oblige…just come back to bed."

To Quinn's surprise and immense pleasure, Rachel rejoined her in their bed. The blonde made sure to show her wife how pleased she was with Rachel's compliance.

Day 20

"Quinn, if you use the last of the toilet paper, it's imperative that you replace it." Rachel whined.

"I know, but I forgot."

"This is the third time you forgot."


"Sorry doesn't fix it Quinn."

"What do you want me to say?"

"Say that you won't forget again. And then, don't forget again."

"Okay. I won't forget again."

Day 27


Day 29

"What's up?" Santana greeted from the other end of the line.

"How do you get out of the dog house?"

Quinn had to pull the phone away from her ear because of the sheer volume of Santana's laughter.

"Are you done?" Quinn asked with annoyance when she no longer heard the Latina laughing. "She made me sleep on the couch for two nights." This time she was whining.

"What'd you do?"

"Forgot to replace the toilet paper." There was silence. "Four times."

"Do you remember when you lived with Puck and you would get so upset when he left the toilet seat up?" Santana asked.

"Yes. I fell in twice, and it wasn't very easy to get back out because I was pregnant."

"Okay, now imagine realizing that after you…you know…go, that there isn't anything to wipe with. I'll bet it's sort of like falling in the toilet when you're pregnant."

Night 29

Quinn was sitting on the couch watching TV when Rachel walked into the room and cuddled into her.

"There's like 24 rolls of toilet paper in our bathroom right now." The brunette stated.

"Huh?" Quinn replied nonchalantly.

"Yeah." She weaved their fingers together and kissed the top of Quinn's hand. "Someone bought one of those containers that hold four rolls, which is quite magnificent. And then there are extra rolls in the cabinet under the sink as well as the towel closet."

"I didn't want to risk forgetting again." Quinn shrugged.

Rachel kissed Quinn's forehead. "Thank you." Then she stood up and pulled Quinn up with her. "Come to bed, I missed you."

As Quinn eagerly followed her, she thought to herself that she definitely owed Santana some 'thank you' cookies. Maybe she and Rachel could do some baking tomorrow.

Day 35

"I don't know what the big deal is, I thought you liked Cara." Rachel stood defensively with her hands on her hips.

"I did! But then she told me that she had a girl crush on you!"

Rachel rolled her eyes. "So you just announce that we're married?! Is that how you broke it to Syd and the others from New Haven?"

"No. I didn't tell them. Puck told Sydney and she told everyone else and now Tess wants to kill me for being the worst friend best friend ever."

"Awww! You're Tess's best friend."

Quinn pointed accusingly at Rachel. "Don't change the subject! We were discussing Cara's inappropriate crush on you."

Rachel sighed deeply. "She admitted to once having a girl crush on me. Kahlan said the same thing about you; I don't see what the big deal is."

"The big deal is that I knew she liked you."

"She's straight. She said she had a girl crush. Kind of how you're gay and have a boy crush on Anderson Cooper."

It was Quinn's turn to roll her eyes. "I don't hang out with Anderson Cooper and if I did, you could bet that us both being gay wouldn't stop me from trying to seduce him!"

They were both silent for a moment before Rachel burst out in giggles. Quinn tried to remain upset, but she couldn't keep a straight face. She begrudgingly smirked.

"Cara's never tried anything and you know it, Quinn." Rachel took a bold step closer. "Besides, even if she did, do you think I'd cheat on you?"

Quinn bit her lip and shook her head.

"Then what's the problem?"

"Just knowing that someone else has a crush on you…"

Rachel closed the gap between them and wrapped her arms around the blonde's shoulders before whispering in her ear. "No one will ever take me away from you. I love you and we're already married, you know. That means I chose you. I will always choose you." Then she stepped slightly away and raised an eyebrow at her wife. "Do I have to worry about Anderson Cooper?"

Quinn grinned. "If he were straight, maybe. But then I'd just persuade him to join us in a threesome."

Rachel scoffed. "As if you'd share me, even with him."

Quinn smiled and blushed because Rachel was right.

Day 47

"How's the training going for your Black Belt test?" Quinn asked when Rachel got home late for the third day that week.

Rachel sat down on the couch and Quinn immediately began messaging her shoulders. "Thanks baby." Rachel hummed contently. "It's brutal. I've perfected my forms and my breaking technique, but now I'll also have to spar multiple opponents and I can't seem to grasp that concept. On top of that, there's the sudo chop that has to break three free standing boards."

"The karate chop thing? How do you break through three boards with that?"

"Three free standing boards. You have to have flawless technique as well as hitting your target with precision. It's actually what I'm most worried about."

"You'll be fine, baby. I have faith in you." Quinn kissed the top of Rachel's head. "How many more late nights do you think you'll be having?"

Rachel shrugged. "The test is in three weeks, I plan on practicing every day until then."

Quinn became quiet and her hands stilled their ministrations.

"Baby?" Rachel turned on the couch and faced her wife. "What's wrong?"

"I miss you. I know that you're working hard and this is a big accomplishment. With me working part-time and you performing regularly with the band as well as working so hard for your Black Belt, I feel like we never see each other anymore. I moved to New York to be with you this summer and suddenly, it's like we're still miles apart."

Rachel sighed. "Things will slow down after the test. Then we'll have two weeks to spend so much time together that you'll get sick of me again."

Quinn quirked an eyebrow. "Not possible."

Day 59

The smoke detector was still beeping when Rachel sat down a plate full of burnt food in front of Quinn. The blonde smiled politely before shoving a scolding hot spoonful in her mouth and immediately spitting it back out.

"That bad huh?" Rachel groaned as she plopped down on the seat next to Quinn.

"No, baby. It's just hot is all." Quinn made a show of blowing on it before shoving another spoonful in her mouth and forcefully swallowing it.

"It's hot because it was practically on fire, Quinn. I nearly burnt the apartment down…again. I can cook vegan food but your food is a bit harder for me."

"I keep telling you that I can eat what you eat."

"But I like trying to make something nice for you everyone once in a while."

Quinn rested a hand on top of Rachel's and squeezed it encouragingly. "You'll get better, it just takes practice. You're excellent at baking and you make awesome pancakes…"

"Quinn, if we lived on pancakes and 'I'm sorry' cookies we'd both weigh 500 pounds."

"And remember, I told you that I'd love you even if you weighed 500 pounds."

Rachel rolled her eyes. "I remember." She sighed. "I miss reading with you. I've been so busy that the last book we read together was Every Day."

Quinn smiled sadly because she missed reading with Rachel as well. It was that book that prompted the wacky conversation in which Rachel asked Quinn a series of questions. (Would you love me if I was fat? How about taller than you? How about if I were ugly? If I took after my Daddy and was African American? If I wasn't Jewish? If I were a boy?) Quinn answered 'yes' to every question. She loved Rachel for who she was and not what she looked like on the outside.

She never returned Rachel's questions with some of her own because she never saw the need. Rachel loved her knowing she used to be ugly Lucy Caboosey. Rachel loved her when she couldn't walk. Rachel loved her when she had been a complete bitch to her. Rachel loved her even though Russell nearly ruined both of them. She didn't need reassurance that Rachel would love her no matter what, she had the proof.

"How about we go out to eat and stop by the library? We can pick out a book to read together."

"Sounds perfect."

Day 71

Quinn was probably more nervous about Rachel's Black Belt test than the brunette was. She had been pacing around the apartment for over an hour trying to calm her nerves while the brunette was getting one more round of practice in with Kahlan. Even with the arrival of some of their friends and family, Quinn couldn't calm down.

"Whoa, Q. Calm your tits." Santana spoke up for everyone who was thinking the same thing. Well, maybe not the exact same thing.

"What if she forgets a step in one of her forms? Or what if…" She's snapped out of her rant when Santana shook her.

"When has she not been perfect?"

Quinn looked around the room in silence. She saw all the people in their lives who were there to support Rachel and took a calming breath. Rachel didn't have to be perfect today; these people loved her no matter what. Sure, Rachel will hate herself if she screws something up but these people won't. Quinn won't. This test suddenly meant even more in that moment. It made Quinn realize just what it would mean to Rachel. She understood that today wasn't about them, it was about the brunette. Today Rachel was doing something for herself. Something she loved. It wasn't like performing, where you do it for the audience and revel in the applause.

This step, this achievement was personal. It was about Rachel never giving up. It was about Rachel regaining her confidence, and it was about Rachel finding a passion that rivaled her passion for singing. She knew what was at stake and how much work Rachel put into this (puts into everything) but it was only now that she realized how much this day truly meant to Rachel. Now she understood the significance of the sacrifices she made all summer, even though the time spent training took away from some of their time together.


They all arrived at the dojo early, just like Rachel instructed them to. However, the brunette didn't have time to greet them. Quinn led the group into the room quietly and they sat in silence as they awaited the start of the test.

Rachel was testing with five other students, all of varying ages. Master Harris called everyone to attention and proceeded with their traditions. The testing students lined up and awaited instruction.

"You've all come here to test as our ancestors have, in public and among your peers?" Master Harris questioned them.

"Yes Sir." They replied in unison.

"Before we begin, I ask you each to give me a token."

Stunned, the students looked at each other in confusion.

"Do none of you have a token to offer me?" He asked again and stood in silence as they shamefully shook their heads.

"Shit." Quinn breathed under her breath. They're about to fail before the test even took place.

"Does anyone have a token to give me on their behalf?" He asked again; this time looking expectantly to any of the students in the room.

Kahlan stepped forward. "I do, Sir." She handed a token to each of the five students before returning to her position beside Master Harris.

In turn, each student stepped forward and handed the small gold piece to their Sensei.

After collecting each token, he addressed them. "Remember this day. Someone came to your aid because they had something that you did not have. They gave it to you without expectation of reward or praise, and because of that kindness you were able to complete what was asked of you. You are to remember this day, because one day someone will be in need of a similar kindness and you will be the one who can help them. Without expectation and without question. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir." Was the automatic response of the group, though you could see how deep his words resonated within each of them.

"Now that you have passed the first test, let us begin the second." He said with a small smile.

The testing went by without a hitch. Rachel and another woman, Gina, were flawless in their forms. They even looked synchronized in their movements which came from the time they spent practicing together under Kahlan's tutelage. Sparring came next as each student took turns taking on the other four. Rachel did well, but it was apparent that a boy named Logan excelled in this area.

After sparring, each student performed their board breaking axe kick, which looked impressive as each kicked well above their own head. Then came the time that Rachel was nervous about; the sudo chop. Master Harris set up three boards on top of a raised surface. Each student took turns stepping up to break them. The first three students were only able to break two of the three boards and Gina took two tries but she broke all three boards. Then it was Rachel's turn. She stared at the boards in concentration, controlled her breathing and swung through fluidly. She broke all three boards at once while showing no emotion.

When each student finished picking up the broken boards, Master Harris called them back to attention.

"The test is done. The only way you will receive your Black Belt is if your peers vote for you to do so. That is the final process. So will the five of you leave the room?"

He waited for them to exit before turning to the rest of his students. "Being a Black Belt is more than learning forms and perfecting our kicks. It's about being the type of person that someone else will want to look up to. In order to even be eligible to test today, those five students completed a number of tasks. They each wrote a paper about themselves and what Martial Arts means to them. They have performed community service as well as have given a gift to this school.

Being a Black Belt means that you are in service to others and so they have begun that step. They also completed a written exam. The final process was to test publicly which they just accomplished. Now, it is up to you. Are those five people the kind of people you wish to learn from? Do you think they are deserving of the title of 1st Dan? If you vote yes, that will be a title that no one will ever be able to take away from them. And if you say yes, they will have to live every day of their lives bringing pride to what it is to be a Black Belt. They will forever be looked up to and will have to make decisions accordingly. Do you think there is a reason why any of them do not deserve that responsibility?"

The students unanimously voted in favor of all five participants receiving their Black Belts. This was a good thing because Quinn was sure that Santana would threaten to go Lima Heights Adjacent on anyone who denied Rachel that honor.

When Rachel and the others were called back into the room and given the news, they were dismissed and allowed to greet their guests. The brunette came bounding over to Quinn, nearly tackling her with the intensity of the hug.

"I did it!"

"I'm so proud of you." Quinn whispered reverently.

"You won't have time to jump her in the bathroom this time, Quinn. We've got some celebrating to do." Puck teased from behind the girls.

Quinn rolled her eyes even as they darkened. Because that thought had crossed her mind…

Day 78

Rachel was curled up against Quinn on the couch as the blonde was reading to her. They were starting the book 'Ash'. Apparently, it was a Lesbian Cinderella story and Rachel loved her fairytales. Not that Quinn minded; she was a hopeless romantic herself. But what was even better than the book, was the domestic aspect of what they were doing. They were alone in 'their' apartment just spending time together and keeping one of her favorite traditions alive.

Day 84

The book had been abandoned hours ago as the girls enjoyed their last day in domestic bliss; tangled up in each other and refusing to leave their bedroom. Both girls knew that this next school year was going to be tough now that they knew what they were being kept from. No more late night confessions over ice cream (vegan of course), no more lazy Saturday mornings nestled in bed together, no more shared baths or spontaneous love-making. Instead, they were both planning on sticking their noses to the grindstone and finishing up their senior year. Quinn was within sight of making her dream at graduating at the top of her class come true, and Rachel was planning on auditioning for Quinn's play (which she lovingly dubbed it) as soon as auditions were open to the public. The brunette was also looking forward to teaching more Tang Soo Do classes now that she was officially a Black Belt.

As they wordlessly held each other and prayed for sleep to elude them, their minds filled with how much they looked forward to getting through this year so the rest of their lives could start.

A/N: One more chapter and then the epilogue. Hope you liked this chapter, I wanted you to get a small glimpse into their everyday lives but I hope it wasn't too choppy for you all.

Ash is a book by Malinda Lo