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Chapter 3

Grim sighed as he stepped through the portal, looking around the room he appeared in. Noticing that Kenny wasn't there, he walked over to the computer on the desk. With a few waves of his hand, his powers quickly hacked through the security system, allowing him to figure out where the blond was.

"This could get me into trouble should that pesky Section 31 find out, but I need to speak with him." Grim told himself, watching as the display indicated Kenny was at some kind of meeting. Deciding to risk it, he used his scythe to disguise himself and walked along the corridors and lifts.

"These pathetic mortals, not noticing that they have now have one more person than necessary."

Arriving at the bridge, he posed as a Starfleet security officer, waiting patiently for the conversations to be over. He didn't have to wait long, stepping to the side to avoid a crazed teenager dragging a laughing woman and annoyed man out of the room and into a nearby turbolift. He stepped in and carefully avoided another trio of people discussing about something finding Kenny waiting on the side.

"Lieutenant Ambrosio, we need to talk privately."

Kenny raised his eyebrow, not recognizing him.

"Excuse me ensign? Do I know you?"

Grim looked to see that the other group was not paying attention and then grabbed Kenny's hand, whisking him away through a portal back to the man's room. The blond dropped to the deck with a thud, glaring at the reaper as he took off his disguise.

"Grim? What are you doing here?" He growled, picking himself off the deck and brushing off his uniform.

"Well I did say that I was going to check up on you from time to time."

"You said that years ago." Kenny replied, running a hand through his hair as he flopped onto the bed. "Oh, and thanks for hiding the damn portal to Megaville! Every time I was able to find a way to access it, it disappears to somewhere else!"

Grim shook his head.

"You may have that stupid blade of yours but the scythe still controls permanent access to my realm. If my scythe fell into the wrong hands and the portal left unguarded, no one will be able to survive there. Now do you not wish for me to be here?"

"I have enough problems here already! Anyway, I haven't told anyone about the war yet some evidence is starting to appear!"

Grim frowned at the news.

"Evidence of the war? Like what?"

"Earlier I met two time travelers who apparently knew who I was, and then all of a sudden we have a wormhole to the damned Star Wars universe here! My crewmates are going to get suspicious Grim!"

The reaper rubbed his jaw, taking in the information.

"This is serious…I would want you to stay here and keep an eye out."

Kenny huffed and glared at Grim.

"I kind of already guessed that. Anything else you wish to tell me?"

"Actually I did come here to show you something…"

Grim rummaged through his robes and pulled out a small picture. Handing it to the Starfleet officer, he grimaced slightly as the man looked at the picture, his expression changing dramatically.

"Is this…?"

"Yes, he is your son…I was able to convince Mandy to keep him, however…"

Kenny looked down at the picture of the bony skeleton, tears slightly forming in his eyes.

"He has my sister's hair color…though a bit out of style…" He observed, looking down at the picture.

"You know the supernatural works in weird ways. Not only does he have your sister's hair, he also has your knack of getting into trouble...and temper." Grim said, trying to prevent more waterworks.

Kenny just chuckled. Standing up, he returned the picture and checked the time.

"What the? Grim! I've been gone for nearly half an hour!"

"Well, I wasn't really paying attention when I opened that portal…" Grim shrugged sheepishly.

Kenny ignored him as he rushed out the door.

"Computer! Where is Captain Kagami?"

"Captain Kagami is currently in transporter room 3"

Grim merely watched as the man ran around the corner out of sight.

"Typical" he complained.

Gliding back into the room and letting the door close behind him, he thought about what he was told. Deciding it was best to be prepared, he used Kenny's computer to install an extra program. Closing the display, he disappeared through another portal.


"Clockwork, this is getting serious. They are going to become aware of the war!"

The elderly ghost sipped on some tea as he watched the reaper pace around the room.

"These people already knew about the war Grim, they just don't remember much. However, you do what you have to do to protect Megaville. We are only thankful that no one here has been able to find out anything." The ghost replied, setting down the cup and grabbing his staff.

Gliding over to his display, the ghost brought up a map causing the reaper to stop his pacing and look up. Upon it were thousands of icons, all connected by a web of lines of varying thickness.

"The war is getting worse." The ghost explained, watching as a small icon disappeared in a tangle of thin lines. "You just saw that didn't you? He is going to get even stronger now."

Tapping the glass with his staff, the map zoomed in to an arrowhead shaped icon. Surrounding it was several thin lines branching off to others, the thickest lines running between it, an icon of two crossed swords of light and one shaped like a blue box.

"It seems that you sending Mister McCormick there may be for the best. Although placing him in that universe has bound him to the universal time stream, we may just be able to win a few more revolutions of this war.

Grim shook his head.

"I can't even pretend to understand what you are talking about."

"Patience, Grim, patience." The ghost of time replied, observing the two large icons in the center.


Georgia 'George' Lass snapped up as an ice cube was put in her collar, waking her from her strange dream.

"Damn it Mason!" she swore to her British companion, trying to fish the cube out of her shirt.

"Well nice to have you up and awake." An African American sarcastically remarked, taking a bite of her breakfast. "It may be Sunday for everyone else but we still have reaper duty to do."

The blonde woman next to her merely shrugged. "Hopefully it was a good dream and not the usual sappy ones that you hear about all the time."

George shook her head and pulled out a small notebook from her bag, handing out sticky notes to her coworkers.

"I am not sure if you could call it 'happy' or 'usual'. It seemed to involve some stereotypical grim reaper and an old floating guy….there! You have your reaps so take care of them as soon as you're finished."

With that, George left the restaurant to get more sleep, ignoring the complaining Mason who received back to back reaps.

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