Chapter 48 Bending to a Conclusion

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Sleep or not

The suite was a nice one Penny thought. It was the furnishings that really struck her. It was dark old wood large and heavy like Leonard had in the apartment. She saw where the style of 4A was coming from now British comfort. When they had got there she had gotten Lisel into the pajamas Chelsea had packed. She put everything from the one bag she had Chelsea get from the house away. There was another pair of pants, shirt and under garments for Leonard that should match the jacket he had on this morning. Chelsea had packed pajamas for her and Lisel as well as two outfits for Lisel. Penny's clothes were in a separate bag that she started putting away. Leonard watched smirking as she brought out six pair of shoes, four tops and another pair of jeans.

"Wow Chelsea went all out for you"

Penny smiled back, "Not really I went by wardrobe at the studio and they loaned me a few things. I hope the shoes all fit."

Leonard just continued to smirk, "Very resourceful Mrs. Hoftstader"

There was a knock at the suite door which Leonard went to answer. He returned with several bags.

"Here are our toiletries I asked the hotel to get", he headed into bathroom. Penny peeked around the corner and saw that he was already shaving. That man could grow a beard in three days she thought. She drew the blinds closed and got into her pajamas. Pink shorts and a light pink camisole top and crawled into bed next to Lisel. She watched Leonard come in. He changed into some fresh Luke Skywalker boxers and pulled on a pair of sock. He turned off the bedside light and crawled in next her spooning her from behind and laying his left hand on her tummy.

She wiggled into him, "Thanks for getting us here honey, I love you"

Leonard kissed her head, "Love you too"

The Hoftstader family finally all got to sleep.

Holding Ties

Amy watched as Sheldon held Maria. They had lifted the gown restrictions that morning though she was still going back in the incubator between feedings. Amy didn't know if her milk would come in or not. She was always moved by how gentle Sheldon was with children. Amy really shouldn't be surprised he was a very gentle person in most things he did.

This morning Amy was thinking about the move back to Pasadena. They would need to make a trip back soon to look for a house. Arrangements would have to be made to pack and ship all of Sheldon's things. There were comic books, collectibles, trains, flags, costumes, and papers that he would obsess over. The detailed packing instructions and drawings would drive her and whoever she hired to do the work bat crap crazy as Sheldon would say. Leonard, Penny and Lisel hadn't been back yet but she knew they would be pretty disoriented from the time change. Raj had spent the night along with Sheldon and Tyler, Raj in the chair and her boys on the couch in her room. Howard and Bernadette had gone to the Double Tree and hadn't returned yet but it was early.

Amy smiled to herself. Just a few weeks ago she had been feeling very alone in her life. No real friends around just Sheldon and Tyler. She had been coping with it fine but now that they were all back in her life again she really didn't want that to end. She decided the move back was going to come sooner rather than later.

The Chapel

Leonard, Penny and Lisel had been up and down several times during the night. They had eaten in the room and entertained themselves and got back to sleep just after midnight. They slept past 9:00AM and Leonard had to keep reminding himself it was now Friday. They had basically lost a day in time. Penny was on the phone talking to Amy while Lisel was coloring in a book Chelsea had put in the bag with crayons. Leonard had been busy answering emails from the day before on his tablet. Penny hung up and gave Leonard a lovely smile.

"They took Maria out of quarantine and her APGAR is up to 9. They are keeping her in the incubator between feedings but she should be able to go home with Amy tomorrow. "

Leonard felt himself grinning, "That's great we'll head over in a few minutes but I'd like to make one stop on the way for a little while."

Penny gave him a raised eyebrow look. Leonard responded, "There are many wonderful things to see in Cambridge but you can't miss one thing. The Kings College Chapel it's on the way to the hospital and though you could spend hours looking around I just want you and Lisel to have a peek. Think Harry Potter meets Camelot."

Penny looked intrigued now, "Okay let's go then"

Penny got out of the cab with Lisel right behind her. Leonard got out the other side and came to stand beside them. It was chilly outside but bearable. Before Penny was the Chapel. Imposing would be the word she was looking for. The limestone towers at each corner of the long narrow rectangular building soared into the sky. Huge stained glass windows above the entrance loomed over them. Penny looked at Leonard, "Okay professor just give me the short version."

Leonard started talking as they walked toward the imposing structure.

"They started building it in 1444 and it didn't get finished until 1536 the roof went up in 1515 and they started using it. It took 4 kings and 2 wars before they completed it. "

Leonard paid the entrance fee and they stepped into the chapel. It was the ceiling and the stained glass that struck Penny at first. The sheer size of interior and the 12 tall stained glass windows down each side was incredible. The ceiling with it fan shaped vaults of stone so ornate and baroque. They walked down the large aisles toward the altar. "How big is it Leonard?" She looked over at him and saw him looking at his phone. "It says its 289 feet long 40 feet wide and the ceiling is 80 feet above us."

Penny saw a painting placed above the altar as they got closer it was beautiful with robed men staring at the baby held out by its mother. Two cherub angels hung above them watching over the child. Before she could ask Leonard spoke, "It's the Adoration of the Magi by Rubens. It's incredible isn't it?" Penny felt tears in her eyes as she turned and looked down at Lisel who had been very quietly taking it all in.

"Your right Leonard you certainly couldn't come to Cambridge without coming here. Did you come here when you were at Oxford?"

They started walking back down the aisle admiring the stained glass and sculptures.

"I gave some guest lectures here and at the University of Cambridge. This place made me want to explore the rest of Europe." He reached over and took Penny's hand, "We'll visit the other places together like I told you I need to see them with you there with me."

Penny stepped closer and leaned her head his shoulder, Lisel holding her other hand as they walked toward the door.

Confluence of Sharing

Leonard watched Lisel as she held the baby with Penny's help. He took the picture with his phone. Lisel was beaming at Penny who had a serious look on her face. This one's a keeper he thought and forwarded it to Tish. Amy had been up and walking with Sheldon's assistance but was back in her bed now. Sheldon and Tyler, Raj and the Wolowitz's had left to go to get something to eat in the cafeteria. The Hoftstaders now had free access to the latest Cooper offspring.

Penny took the baby back from Lisel and stood and held it rocking from one foot to another.

"See how you naturally rock back and forth like that Penny. Women do that by instinct, men have to learn it. They generally have the rhythm wrong at first it takes a bit of trial and error for us."

She smiled sweetly at her husband, "Already knew that one honey but thanks for the pedantic aside there. You want to hold her for a while."

Leonard stepped forward and took the tiny baby in his arms. The head cradled in the crook of his elbow. It brought back memories good and bad. He concentrated on the good but Penny must have noticed something. Or perhaps it was just her knowing in advance that some past memory would get triggered. She put her arm around him and kissed his cheek. "I can hardly wait to see you hold ours." She whispered in his ear. Leonard smiled and looked at the very small fingers clutching at the edge of the swaddling. The perfect little miniature fingers and nails. The flat little nose and wispy black hair on her head everything together made her adorable.

Leonard took Maria back over to Amy who accepted her gently onto her lap. "So what's the plan for you two? When are you heading back to the fun and the sun state?"

Penny looked over at Leonard, "I suppose tomorrow or the next day at most or we'll have to go shopping in London. Do you need any help at the house with Maria and Tyler?"

Amy shook her head, "We have the nanny and housekeeper prepared for me coming home. They'll both be there all weekend. I'd invite you to stay with us but our spare bedroom has been converted into model train heaven. I've decided as soon as this little one can travel we'll have to go out to Pasadena and look for a house."

Leonard smiled at her, "You can stay in the apartment while you're there. I'm sure Sheldon will find some issues with the way it is now but it's very comfortable."

Amy reached out to Penny who took her hand, "Bestie I can't say how happy I am that you came to be here. It so nice to have my friends back again it's been too long."

Penny started to cry, "I know exactly how you feel. From the moment I saw Leonard's face again to seeing you all in Paris I felt like I was whole again. Here were all my favorite people I thought I'd lost forever back in my life. It seemed like a miracle of the first order and it still does"

Amy patted her hand and Lisel took her other one, "don't cry mommy were going to have a baby too"

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