Chapter 49 Transitions

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Polar Memories

Leonard sat in the very comfortable seat on the private jet with his feet up. He was staring at the white expanse of polar ice below as they flew on the polar route back to California. He sipped on the hot tea he was drinking and thought back to being down there with the guys all those years before. The little habitat they had shared had been spartan in many ways but as comfortable as it could be in others. It seemed humorous now but had been crushing in reality at the time. The best part of that memory was coming home. The way Penny had thrown herself at him when she opened her door. That had been the real start of it all. If there had been a turning point moment in their lives maybe that was it.

Leonard looked at Penny and Lisel sleeping on the couch opposite him. Tears started to well up in his eyes. The two people he loved the most peacefully resting together next to each other. It had been a long road from that snowy hell hole 15 years ago. They had been together then apart, together again. Then really apart both trying and never really succeeding in moving on never forgetting or forgotten. Leonard knew how the next few months would go. They'd enjoy the spring weather and live a normal life. There would be time with Howard and Bernadette, then Raj and his family and the Coopers when they came. Lisel would be turning 5 and going to kindergarten in the fall. Penny would be pregnant all summer, a very healthy pregnant he knew. They would be having a new baby sometime in late September. The fall term will have started and the new research project with Raj and Sheldon would be off the ground. That's the point at which Leonard would have to make a decision. He saw it as a crux of an argument he'd been having with himself. Do I stay at Caltech and keep my hand in the physics world and be a part time father and husband or hang it up and retire from academia. The timing was important as he really did want to do the right things for his friends and for Caltech.

He turned back to the window and the vast expanse of white beneath him. He felt her hand and arm slid behind his neck before the soft lips on his cheek. Penny slid into seat beside him curling her legs up beneath her. Leonard turned toward her and the kiss was extended from his cheek to his lips. It was passionate and soft but rather urgent as well. He pulled her as close to him as he could to continue kissing her. She finally pulled back and looked into his eyes.

"I saw you looking at Lisel and me sleeping, you had tears in your eyes. What's up?" He kissed her again and ran his hand through her hair down to her lower back. "I was just thinking about the two people I love the most. Then about what a long road to get back to you." Penny gave him her slightly crooked but sexiest smile. She looked out the window, "Where are we?"

Leonard looked out then just watched her, "Just about over the magnetic North Pole."

She looked at him funny and smiled again, "You were thinking about the snowflake."

He gave her his best smile back, "Actually when I gave it you and that kiss. Oh and this one"

The flight attendant who had been on the Paris flight as well smiled and went in the galley to give them some privacy.

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