Chapter 50 Research Fishing?

Okay you've talked me into writing Part III. This is the beginning of that new set of chapters. To set the time frame for the readers: The last day of Part II was Saturday February 8, 2025. The first day of Part III is September 19, 2025 it's a pretty special day as you'll see. I'll let other people write the travails of Raj and his family and the Coopers moving back to Pasadena. They are there now unpacked and enjoying their relocation but we'll hear from them later. To be faithful to the past disclaimers which this hasn't become yet I'll posit the following question. At what point does something iconic become the property of the public rather than the creators. Sometimes, never, always? Once it's in the public domain it is changed and construed differently. Such it is becoming with TBBT as it has with their predecessors. From t-shirts to plush toys they have transcended a TV show. It is good to be a nerd or geek like never before because of the show. But the kid out there that gets the physics and excels in math is still struggling with connecting with people. Hug a nerd today they need it. Now back to Friday September 19th 2025. On this day five years before Lisel Penelope Hoftstader was born in Geneva, Switzerland and yes she carries dual citizenship.

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Penny struggled to get out of bed, she rolled on her side and slid her feet toward the edge of the bed. Then Leonard was there coming out of the bathroom in his robe to help her up. Penny felt like she was as big as a whale. She had worked very hard to have a healthy pregnancy for her and the baby. She had gained exactly 26 pounds. She had run everyday up until 30 weeks then had started walking the same distance. But now at 39 weeks just getting up was starting to become an issue. She took Leonard's hands and he helped her stand and get her balance. He went to hug her in a the roundabout way you hug someone who's huge belly you had to work around.

Penny kissed his cheek and held on for a few moments. He pulled back and gave her The Smile. It still worked she suddenly felt happy to be right there. He got her robe and helped her on with it over her pink long pajamas and pink XL t-shirt she had on. Her hair was still up in a bun on top of her head. It was so thick now her hair had always been on the thick side but now it was positively heavy. She figured she must look like hell. Leonard noticed the frown, "You look adorable as usual. A little tired maybe, did the baby kick you a lot last night?"

"I believe we have a soccer player here honey, and she has cleats on." She gave the best smile she could muster. Leonard offered her his hand which she took and led her out to the kitchen peeking in Lisel's door on the way by. The birthday girl Penny thought, her first birthday with Lisel, she was still asleep. They had gotten her two new outfits with shoes, a stuffed penguin from the latest Disney movie and a new paint set. There was also a baby doll that Leonard didn't know about with clothes and diapers for her. That gift was going to be just from her. The birthday party was set for that afternoon with some of her little friends from Caltech daycare, as well as Raj's children and the Coopers. Howard was going to do his magic tricks. Bernadette who was two to four weeks behind her in her pregnancy would be there as well.

Leonard got her settled on the stool at the kitchen counter and went to get her some juice. She couldn't wait to have coffee and tea again. But they had said to keep the caffeine consumption down. Penny decided that zero was the best amount. She had been that way throughout the pregnancy, eating very healthy, exercise, vitamins. Leonard had told her how much he was impressed by her resolve and will power. He cut back with her on rich food and had even cut back on the wine and scotch. She thought he looked a tad thinner around the middle but he'd always been slim. He brought her some carrot juice and a bran muffin. "Would you like some fruit as well? I've got apples, bananas, and pears." Penny shook her head.

He was spoiling her again. He'd been doing it since he started staying home last week. She had told him he didn't have to Chelsea would be there every day and the housekeeper was around most of the morning as well. He refused saying his place was at home with her. He would go in for Board of Regents meetings and do the rest teleconferencing via Tish. She had actually got to see him work and was really impressed. It wasn't physics but Leonard dealt with all those really smart temperamental people like they were fine horses and he was the trainer. A carrot here, a snap of the whip there as needed. But always gently he would never show angst or anger until the call was over. Then it was usually just shaking his head and muttered oaths.

The baby kicked, "Oh that was a big one, right in the kidney I think." Leonard came over and she took his hand and put it on her side their little girl kicked again. They'd known the sex since the 21st week's ultrasound Leonard had said he wanted to know. He had been very excited about having another girl. Though Penny had thought a little Leonard would be nice to have around she was happy too. They had the crib in their room at the moment along with a changing table and dresser full of clothes. Penny had the sitting area furniture stored and had a play pen and changing table there as well with shelves of diapers and supplies.

Leonard had never really experienced this level of nesting with Liisa. He had done what all expectant fathers should do when their pregnant wives start to nest. Take out the credit card, smile happily and get whatever she asks for. Many men have perished or came close to it by trying to reason with a nesting spouse. He had given Howard the same advice, having received this advice himself from one Sheldon Cooper. Though they were sure that Amy had the credit card to start with it was smiling and not trying to make sense of it. Sheldon had finally fessed up that the advice had come from his mother Mary.

The remodel plans for the new baby's room were in the works. A new bedroom would be built using part of their room and bath. They'd expand their bedroom toward the pool and add a new bath. They would add their own patio out next to the pool from the new bedroom. The plan was to stay in the apartment while the work took place next year. He had added the private entrance from the parking lot to the apartment building. Fenced in the lot and assigned parking, most of the tenants seemed pleased. Leonard found it interesting how they praised the management company for the improvements. The grants and funding for Sheldon and Raj's new research project had been accepted as he knew they would. The chance to get a Nobel laureate working on a project at Caltech had been an easy sell.

Leonard wondered if they came up with something then who would he have run the experimental portion of the project. He knew deep down he wanted to do it himself but had already ruled himself out. Leslie would have been perfect but she could never work with Sheldon. He also doubted if he could get her back from CERN. The truth was if he retired it wouldn't be in his purview anyway. Penny's voice roused him back to the present, "Whatcha thinking about"

He smiled at her, she really did look adorable pregnant. Those green eyes sparkled at him. Her hair piled on top of her head exposing her lovely neck. The crooked little smile and her high round cheeks made his heart melt. "I was thinking just how really beautiful you are and just how lucky I really am." Penny's smile widened, "Don't tell me then but you should come kiss me now after that nice remark"

He did just that sitting beside her sharing a very long and passionate kiss that was finally interrupted by the baby kicking. Penny set back slightly and gave him the raised eyebrows and lusty leer. She then looked startled and placed her hand on the baby. Leonard's look went from lustful to concern. She took his hand and placed it on her tummy. "She has the hiccups again."

The dogs which had been laying beside the counter suddenly both stirred and looked at the hallway. Leonard and Penny both swiveled to see Lisel emerge carrying the cat who had undoubtedly been sleeping in her bed with her. Penny and Leonard both said together, "Happy Birthday Lisel!"

Lisel got a huge grin, "I'm 5 years old today Schrodinger and I'm getting a birthday party." She shuffled over to her parents and was enveloped in a double hug from them. She kissed them both on the lips then crawled up in Leonard's lap. Penny looked into her face, "The baby has the hiccups again want to feel?" Penny lifted up her shirt and Lisel placed her hand on her tummy and laughed. The dogs were both there wanting attention. Lisel put the cat on the kitchen counter and got down with them. They each got pets and hugs. Einstein gave her a huge lick after which she made him sit. "You are so fresh Einstein be good like Leaky he's polite." Einstein didn't seem to care about being admonished but sat there and wagged his tail.

Leonard looked over at his wife, "Wonder where she got fresh?" Penny smiled back at him, "Chelsea tells Einstein that whenever he licks her face. Speaking of Chelsea she should be here any minute do you have anything for her today?" Leonard shook his head, "just helping out getting ready for the party really." He got up and moved to the kitchen for another cup of coffee. "Lisel you Grandparents are waiting for a video call we should do that shortly."

Penny looked over at Leonard, "Her Grandmother Beverly is also expecting a call." Leonard looked surprised and Penny just gave him a sly grin. "She called last week when you were on a conference call. We talked for a while she'd like to come out after the baby is born and visit for a few days." Leonard just shook his head, "Always the last to know. Anything else I should know?"

Leonard was surprised to see her blush, "Leonard my dad and maybe my mom want to come out next week to be here when the baby is born."

Leonard wasn't shocked but he was in logistical mode. "I'm not sure where we'll put them, will they stay at a Hotel if I book one for them?"

Penny shrugged her shoulders, "If it's just my dad then he'll want to stay here on the couch. If my mom comes too then a hotel might be okay."

Leonard was staring at the great room as he sat back on the stool beside her. Penny reached over and touched his arm. "Okay no more bull what are you thinking about this time?"

Leonard leaned over and kissed her forehead. "I believe we need to see the architect again and talk about a guest room too."

Penny laughed, "That's my pedantic over thinking genius husband." She leaned over with care and a bit of an effort and kissed him. She leaned back and sighed, "I'm so tired of being as big as a whale.

Leonard smiled at her this time, "I forgot a couple of Japanese sailors were by earlier with a harpoon asking for you, I told them you were covered under the International Whaling Convention. But be careful before you go outside you could be considered a research speciman."

"You are not funny Mr./Dr. Hoftstader, so not funny" She started giggling and reminded herself to send a check to Green Peace.

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