Chapter 52

The ability to make the right choices, some people must innately have this skill. Unfortunately the ability to make the wrong choices also may be just as instilled I suppose. We all have a friend who makes those wrong decisions over and over. Sometimes it's just the small things, bad food, ugly clothes, crappy appliances, bad chicken, cheap duct tape, or a stupid hat. Then there are those who always mess up the big decisions. The wrong house, the wrong car, breast enlargement, breast reduction, nose job, chin job, butt-tuck, cheek implants, (both high and low), tummy tuck, colored contacts, branding, tattoo on the forehead, that really odd place to be pierced, experimental birth control method, bad boyfriend, ridiculous girlfriend, poor lover, and horrid spouse. I think I have met people this week that have made all of these choices. Some at the same time it appears to me. So please split them up both the large and small then chose one from column A and another from column B. Put them in the sentence: Since my (Column A) and because of my (Column B), I cannot possibly own any characters from TBBT. I think my favorite so far is "new cheek implants" and "cheap duct tape". So its build your own disclaimer night. Add verbs and pronouns as required.

Poolside Rumors

Penny sipped her orange juice at the patio table by the pool. Lisel and Leonard had taken the dogs on their morning walk. She loved how peaceful it was out here, the glint of morning sunlight on the pool sparkling. Birds tweeting and chirping as a light breeze rustled the palm trees and shrubs.

A good way to spend a Monday morning if you could she thought, baby Matisse kicked and she groaned. Penny put her hand on her baby bump, she found that oddly funny. Bump? It was much more like my baby basketball than a bump at this point. Matisse didn't kick her again. Penny continued to rub the spot talking softly, "That's it baby girl just calm down, I'll see you soon enough." Penny stretched her legs out but could not quite see her toes. She had gotten a pedicure last week and still hadn't seen her toes. Leonard said they looked fine but what would he know.

Penny rubbed her tummy some more and started talking to the baby inside, "Yep, once you're out and mommy is up and about it's a spa day for mommy. Maybe your father will come along for a couple day, yeah that will be happening. I guess I'll take your Aunt Amy then we'll take Aunt Bernie when she's had her little boy." Penny looked up seeing a airliners contrails going across the sky.

Her dad was coming in later this afternoon into LAX. She wasn't sure she was up for the drive from Burbank. It just took too long for a woman with a bladder the size of a pea. Leonard would go if she asked, though he would loath leaving her here. They could send a town car for him and have him met at the arrival gate. Penny thought her dad might find that a little over the top though. Leonard would just have to go, she'd ask Chelsea to stay to placate Leonard that someone was with her and Lisel. Penny thought what a shame her mom couldn't come. She knew when her dad had told he'd try it wouldn't work. Mom didn't like driving into Omaha let alone get on an airplane and come to LA. She wouldn't even come when her dad offered to drive out. In fact she had told Penny on the phone that they would have never made it. She also told her that he shouldn't be allowed to drive when he was out there in her words, "He's a 74 year old maniac". Penny had promised to stop on their way to Europe after Christmas so she could see the baby. It had been good enough for her mom but she was sure to her mother's friends it would sound like something else. She looked back in the house at the sounds of dogs coming through the front door.

Not Happening

Leonard walked out on the patio to check on Penny. She already had her arm around Lisel who had ran out for a kiss. "I see you're where I left you, are you comfortable or just can't get up?" He saw a flash of annoyance cross her face then the little grin. "Probably a little of both, I'll need to get up soon enough to go to the bathroom again." Leonard sat down in the chair next to her. Lisel was heading back into the house talking to Tish in French. Leonard took Penny's hand, "She's been using Tish to work on her French." Penny squeezed his hand, "Oui ma chérie, she's been teaching her mother also." Leonard pulled her hand to his lips and kissed it lightly, "Well now you can call people sweetie in two languages. Want to know what is in Klingon?"

Penny shook her head, "Not really. Leonard how long will it take to pick my dad up at the airport? I want to go with you but I just don't know if I can ride in the car that long."

Leonard kept hold of her hand, "Nope you're not going, neither am I actually. I'm having a Limo and driver that will meet him at the airport and bring him here." Penny started to protest and Leonard held up his phone and handed it to her. "Read the text from your father before you go on."

"That sounds great Leonard I always wanted to ride in a limousine. If slugger gives you any grief just tell her I said you weren't leaving for my sake. Not Happening, No Way, No How!"

Penny looked pleased then put on her peeved faced. "So were going behind my back to my father. He still thinks he can tell me what to do and now you do too?" Leonard watched patiently as she held onto the character or part she was playing. She finally went back to the smile, "didn't work huh?"

Leonard leaned over and kissed her, "When you've seen the real pissed off Penny it's hard to get taken in by the fake one. Now had you played the vicious Penny I'd have worried"

Penny gave him just a moment of the wolfish grin then back to the smile. "I figured that was a little strong for the morning."

Leonard leaned over and held her head against his. "I'm going to get in the shower, want to come I'll wash all the spots you can't reach or see anymore, then give you a foot and calf rub after?"

Penny kissed his cheek and let him help her up. She thought to herself, "Who could pass up an offer like that. Beside I think he's right I might not have been able to get up."

Mr. Wyatt's Wild Ride

The knock on the door actually startled Leonard the house was so quiet. Penny was lying down in Lisel's room for their afternoon nap together. Lisel was staying home this week in case Penny went into labor so they could take her with them. The hospital was all set up, a very lovely birthing room for Penny and an attached room for the family with couch, chairs, private bath and double bed. Wyatt shouldn't be here for at least 20 more minutes. Leonard got up and went to the door. He opened it see a much older with all grey hair now and rounder by 30 pounds Wyatt. He strode right in offering his hand, "Hello my boy, didn't expect me so soon? I gave Nicolai in the limo a $50 tip to get me here in less than 2 hours. That little Russian really lit up the roads. Where's my little slugger?"

Leonard took the offered hand and grinned at his father in law. "She's lying down with Lisel they've been taking a nap together."

Wyatt held on to his hand for a moment and pulled him close conspiratorially. "We should probably keep my little wild ride over here between us."

"What wild ride would that be daddy?"

Penny was standing a step or two into the great room, "Momma told me to keep an eye on her old coot for her. What did you do?"

Leonard winked at Wyatt, "He just incentivized the driver to make an expeditious and rapid trip here."

Penny waddled toward her father now smirking, "Translation from pedantic, he bribed the driver to speed all the way here."

She held her arms out and her father gently hugged her. She was happy he showed restraint since she was little he had always lifted her off the floor with his hugs. He stepped back and looked at her, "Look at you all round in the middle. My skinny little girl with a lump in the middle", he embraced her again. When they parted it was Penny's turn she reached over and patted his tummy. "So when are you due, looks to be any day now?"

He laughed and let Penny lead him with her waddle to the couches by the TV. They sat close enough to talk Leonard took a seat on the other couch just watching. Wyatt and Penny started talking about family and friends, health, marriages, deaths and births. Leonard followed along as best he could. He even got confused once when it seemed that someone had married their uncle but they straightened him out. Leonard decided it wasn't so much a family tree as it was a bush. He chuckled at this to himself and totally missed who Billy married and if Billy was a boy or girl.

That was it, "Wyatt can I get you something to drink, beer or wine, something a little stronger or softer. Wyatt said a beer would be great. Penny shook her head no so Leonard went to the kitchen to get a beer. He thought how much older Wyatt looked when it hit him. Quietly he said, "Tish make sure you keep all the video of Wyatt why he's here. Oh and Tish give him access at level 10."

Tish responded and Leonard returned with the beer and a cup of herbal tea for himself.

Never a Simple Proposition

"So daddy what was Momma's excuse this time?"

Wyatt shook his head with a grimace, "She had several. There was the big church bazaar she was chairing. Then she said she gets air sick, not sure how she would know never having been on a plane. I offered to take the train but she said it took too long. I offered to drive and then she got down right insulting."

Wyatt thought it over for a minute, "Remember when we went to Florida when you were a kid. She hated that trip, too far from home she said. It's the last one she ever went on unless it was just a couple of hours away and we could stay with family. I gave up trying to figure it out a long time ago. But I think she just likes to be home so she doesn't have to worry about things."

Penny smiled sweetly at her father, "Well at least you tried and we'll stop in December after Christmas and she can see the baby then. I think you're right she just very uncomfortable leaving the farm and the animals."

Lisel appeared around the corner of the couch and crawled up next to Leonard. He wrapped the still sleepy five year old up into his lap.

Penny looked over at her dad and smiled again.

"Grandpa you should meet your other granddaughter Lisel"

Wyatt was beaming as Lisel smiled and said "Hallo Grandpapa".

A rather odd writing day most of this was done long hand today as I worked on other writing in my professional capacity most of the day. It's interesting to read my chicken scrawl of cursive, printing and abbreviations. Somewhere my 4th grade writing teacher is rolling over in her grave. She was a mean old bitty then, she could still be kicking I suppose.

Hoped you enjoyed this short chapter, reviews are very cool and really appreciated.