Chapter 56 Compazine Conundrum

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Canine Collaboration

Saturday October 6th 2025

Einstein and Leaky sat very patiently watching Lisel as she held and fed the baby a bottle. Her mother Penny sitting right beside her coaching and smiling. Lisel father was standing on the other side of the couch watching with a large grin on his face. The bottle of breast milk was almost empty and Lisel mother reached over and adjusted how she was holding the baby very gently.

"Try to keep head and neck a little bit higher honey.

Penny was dressed in her black tights, pink running shorts, a black t-shirt and hat. Lisel knew her mother was going to take the dogs on a run this morning leaving her, daddy and baby Mattie at home. Her mother looked over at her father. "So what are the guys going to be doing while Bernadette stays over here?"

Her father looked over and smiled, "They are going to the comic swap meet at City College. Stuart will be there and a lot of comic book collectors. I'm sure they'll all come home with treasures."

Her mother frowned back, "And why is the king of the nerds not going?"

He shook his head smirking, "Because he has his rare comic book collection behind glass in the bedroom. There's the 1938 Action Comics Superman #1, The Amazing Spider man #1 a double comic from 1963, Flash Comics #1 from 1948, and Sensations Comic #1 Wonder Woman's first cover 1942. Hard to top those that's why I have them. Oh and never sell them to Stuart or anybody, take them to an auction house and have them auctioned."

The baby had finished the bottle. Her mother put a soft blanket on Lisel's left shoulder and showed her how to burp the baby by rubbing her back gently. She then looked back over to Lisel's father.

"I understand the first three but I never could see the Wonder Woman comic. She was never one of your favorites I would think Batman would have been more your style?"

Her father's face had a much larger smile, Lisel thought of it as his happy face, "New Year's Eve."

Her mother's face looked a touch distraught for a moment, "I thought I hurt you that night."

The smile was still on his face as he nodded his head, "You did but it was the night I realized you still cared for me. It kind of stayed with me so when I put that together it was actually the first one I chose."

She smiled back sweetly, "So how much are they all worth?"

Her daddy was blushing and didn't answer.

Mommy walked over to him put her arms around his neck, "What are you hiding?"

He still was blushing, "It's the Superman that's worth all the money, about 2 million. I got it for a steal at 1.1."

Her mother's mouth was hanging open she closed it and kissed him. She then turned and walked toward the door whistling for the dogs. She got their leashes and looked back at daddy.

"She's ready to go down for a while but change her first I'll be back in 30 minutes or so. A steal?"

She was shaking her head as she let the dogs out the door.

Minke Whale

Leonard was sitting in his spot on the couch with Matisse beside him. He had her swaddled and between to couch pillows so he could see her. Lisel was on the opposite end of the couch with the cat in her lap reading on his pad. Penny had returned from her run with the dogs and headed for the shower. "What are you reading Lisel?"

She looked at him with a lovely toothy grin. "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Tish recommended it after the Hobbit. Did you know there is a whole bunch of Harry Potter books?"

Leonard smiled, "I've heard that and I heard they made the books into movies also."

Tish interrupted this conversation, "Leonard, Howard, Bernadette and Raj are coming to the door."

Leonard stood, "Lisel sweetie can you keep an eye on the baby for a minute why I let Aunt Bernie in?"

Lisel put the tablet down and moved over closer to the baby. "Okay daddy".

Leonard moved to the door to let their friends in. Bernie led the way, "Hi Leonard where's my little Lisel and Matisse?"

"Over here Aunt Bernie we're on the couch together."

Bernadette gave Leonard a quick hug and headed for the couch. Howard and Raj came in together. Leonard reached for the purse Raj was carrying. "Hey dude that's my man bag, Howard has Bernadette's purse."

Leonard laughed, "Sorry but yours looked the more feminine of the two." Leonard accepted the purse from Howard and put it on the kitchen counter. He loved jerking Raj's chain occasionally just like the old days.

Howard walked over to see the baby with his wife. Leonard talked in a low voice to Raj. "It's been all week have you seen him have another tremor or any other symptoms?"

Raj just shook his head, "He's been spending a lot of time doing computer models this week. That and working out some different formulaic techniques to do the math."

"Well you'll get to see him at the swap meet just keep it up."

Raj looked really upbeat, "You should really come with dude, it's going to be the happening place today."

Howard was walking back up as Raj said this, "He's right you really should come leave the house work here to the women folks."

Leonard shook his head and smirked. He loved Howard every chauvinistic misogynistic short inches of him. He just had no filter sometimes oh hell most of the time. Leonard handed a piece of paper to Howard. "If you can find this for me buy it, it's a surprise for Penny so don't tell Bernie."

Howard looked at the paper and raised an eyebrow, "Are you sure about this it's going to run as high as 700 or 800?"

Leonard nodded, "I'll cover it."

Howard waved to Bernadette on the couch and the guys were out the door.

Penny came out a few minutes later dressed in black jeans and light blue and pink shirt. "Hi sweetie stay put I'll come give you a hug. "

Penny came over and gave Bernadette a hug then turned to Lisel. I'll take the baby for a while honey you play. Lisel smiled and picked up the pad to go back to reading. Penny cradled the baby and looked over at her friend.

"You look wonderful Penny, have you lost all the weight back it's only been 8 days."

Penny laughed, "No I'm up about 9 pounds and 7 of those are boobs. I'll take it all off eventually got to stay in shape for my man." She gave Leonard a raised eyebrow pursed lip adolescent leer." Leonard just rolled his eyes and moved toward the kitchen.

Penny laughed and touched her friend's hand. How are you doing? Your certainly look very healthy but uncomfortable. The last week was the worst, I just wanted to have the baby and see my feet again."

Bernadette moved around and tried to stretch her back. "Your right about that I'm not even sure I have knees down there any more, I just assume something bends when I walk. Is Amy coming over?"

Penny nodded, "She's bringing the kids after she drops Sheldon off at their comic book meet"

Leonard walked up and sat on the arm of the couch behind Penny. She looked over at him, "Any word from Raj?"

Leonard shook his head, "I'm thinking about talking to Amy anyway when she's here today."

Bernadette looked confused. Leonard looked at her, "We think that Sheldon might have something wrong with him. He's getting hand tremors that he can't control, we're worried its Parkinson's."

Bernadette was clearly shocked. Leonard filled her in on Raj keeping an eye on him this week with nothing new to report and his conversation with Sheldon's mother.

Remarkable Clarity

Amy walked up to the front door carrying her 6 month old little girl Maria with Tyler her 2 year old son holding her hand and walking slowly beside her. She was just getting to the door when Leonard opened it. "Hi Leonard, we need to get a Tish to let us know who's coming to the door."

Amy walked in and saw her bestie and Bernadette sitting on the couch. "Hi Bestie, Hi Bernadette."

Lisel came running up and took Tyler's hand, "Can I play with Tyler Aunt Amy?"

Amy smiled down at Lisel, "Sure take him to your room and have fun, does that sound good Tyler"

Tyler was all smiles as Lisel led him toward her room.

Amy sat down with Maria in her lap when she noticed everyone was staring at her.

"What's up? Is this an intervention? What have I become addicted to?"

Penny smiled at her friend, "No sweetie we're worried about Sheldon."

Amy looked a Leonard, "What about Sheldon?"

Leonard had a very serious look on his face. "Amy have you ever seen Sheldon have a tremor in his hands, freeze up or lose his balance."

Amy's neurobiologist mind kicked in very quickly, "Do think Sheldon might have Parkinson's or another neurological disorder. What symptoms have you seen, wait a minute. You saw him have a hand tremor?"

Leonard just nodded. Amy smiled at him, "Sheldon doesn't have a Parkinson's Leonard and I'll bet he hasn't had any symptoms since Wednesday. That's when he quit taking his Compazine he had a tremor in his office and looked it up for side effects."

Leonard was relieved he reached over and touched Penny's hand then looked back at Amy.

"Why is Sheldon taking Compazine that's normally for nausea Liisa took it when she was getting Chemo?"

Amy shook her head, "That's actual the second use of Compazine, the first usage is as an anti-anxiety and anti-psychosis medication. One of the side effects over time is hand tremors. When Sheldon had his break the doctor with my agreement prescribed it for him to take twice a day for nausea."

Leonard saw it now, "By telling him it was for nausea he wouldn't know you were treating him for anxiety or was it psychosis?"

Amy frowned, "Leonard I'm still not sure what the break was but he's off the medication now so we'll see if he has any new symptoms. I'm not sure we could get him take one of the other benzodiazepine type drugs. They have no other usage"

Leonard thought about it for a few moments, "Why don't we just talk to him about trying one of the other ones. I'll talk to him with you, even better we'll get his mother to talk to him with us. Should we wait and see how he reacts to not being on the medication?"

"I already have he's been off Compazine since Tuesday and I haven't seen any changes in his mood or stress level. In fact he seems a little happier. I think we should just watch and wait."

Leonard nodded and excused himself and went toward the bedroom.

Penny leaned over and gave Amy a hug, "I'm so relieved. Leonard and I have been so worried. I need to go check on him"

Bernadette was holding Matisse when she headed back to find where Leonard had got to. She found him sitting out by the pool having exited the patio door from the bedroom.

"Hey Honey are you okay?"

Leonard looked up at her and smiled, "I certainly could have handled this whole thing better. I should have dealt with this like I would any other faculty. Instead I worried you, Raj, Mary and myself half to death. Not my best moment I'm afraid."

Penny's sat next to him and wrapped her arm around him.

"Sheldon's not just any other faculty. He's one of our dearest and oldest friends and he has special needs. I don't see how you could have done this any differently you're just being hard on yourself. I bet Sheldon has some Compazine left over should I get you some?"

She smiled at him kind of sideways. She could tell he had decided to let her cheer him up. Penny hoped he wouldn't over think this too much.

"Come on Dr. Hoftstader I think we should open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate and you should really text Raj to tell him everything is okay."

They moved back into the house and though Bernadette could not have any Champagne she did have a nice carrot juice.

The Acquisition

The guys got back to Leonard and Penney's a little after 5:00. Leonard had steaks going for everyone on the grill with a few chicken breasts for Raj's wife who would be there with their three girls soon.

Howard came in and Leonard looked over expectantly. Howard nodded and handed him a flat paper bag. "How much?"

Howard shook his head, "It's between good and very good, $600"

Leonard knew that was a little high but within reason he supposed.

Penny came in and saw the bag, "I see you got something from the swap meet after all."

Leonard shook his head, "Not me, you. It's for you, the first comic in you collection of classic comics."

Penny slid the comic book out of the bag. It was sealed in a plastic sleeve, The Justice League of America #1 with Wonder Woman sitting in center seat of the table. "Ah Honey just like how we dressed to win the contest. This is so sweet can I take it out and read it?"

Leonard looked around to make sure the guys weren't too close. "Sure but wait for the guys to go home or they'll have a fit"

Penny leaned over and kissed him. He smiled back at her, "Ah my little Nerdette"

Again all is right in the world, or is it.

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